Recycled Business Furniture




Herman Miller Graphite Mirra task chair £275+VAT 9 in stockHerman Miller Graphite/lime Mirra task chair CE £275+VAT 15 in stockHerman Miller brown Mirra task chair CE £275+VAT 33 in stockHerman Miller graphite Aeron task chair CE £350+VAT 14 in stockBoss Design NEO task chair RECOVERED IN YOUR COLOUR £125+VAT 80 in stockReupholstered Fred Scott Supporto task chairs £185+VAT 25 in stockRoyal Blue Senator Dash task chairs (CE) £95+VAT 20 in stockBlack Senator Dash task chairs (CE) £95+VAT 10 in stockBlack Rim Anatom task chairs £80+VAT 314 in stockRH Logic black high back 24 hour use task chair £225+VAT 6 in stockLight blue Orangebox Joy highback task chairs £85+VAT 2 in stockOrangebox ARA purple/black task chair (CE) £120+VAT 10 in stockBlack GDB Team task chair with adjustable arms (CE) £75+VAT 38 in stockWhite leather/mesh Haworth Comforto Zody (CE) £165+VAT 3 in stockBlack mesh back task chair £65+VAT 1 in stockBlue Verco ELX297 task chairs £65+VAT 9 in stockFunky black and green task chair £75+VAT 9 in stockDark chocolate brown Orange Box Joy chair CE £85+VAT 50 in stockBlack Orangebox DO mesh back task chair CE £90+VAT 17 in stockBlack mesh back task chair £95+VAT 9 in stockGiroflex DO task chars  (CE) £85+VAT 2 in stockBlack Connection Function task chairs (CE) £115+VAT 1 in stockVerco Salt & Pepper terracotta task chair  (CE) £85+VAT 7 in stockVerco Salt & Pepper light brown task chair  (CE) £85+VAT 8 in stockVector mesh task chair (CE) £65+VAT 11 in stockBoss Lily Task chairs £115+VAT 28 in stockRoyal blue high back task chair, no arms £55+VAT 1 in stockComforto BL task chair  (CE) £120+VAT 300 in stock