RBF is committed to avoiding landfill where ever possible.


Firstly we try to resell or donate any furniture that we clear so extending the life of the furniture. This accounts for more than 95% of the furniture that we collect and is perfect recycling with no waste and very little energy used, unlike most reycling. For the year 11/12 we recycled and estimated 140 tonnes that would normally of ended up in landfill sites.

Where it is not possible to reuse the furniture it is broken down into its constituent parts to assist recycling.

The steel is sent to local steel merchants to reuse

The wood is sent to be used as fuel as it is very costly to try and reuse chipboard but this way we ensure that it is used as efficiently as possible.

Finally, sometimes it is impossible to recycle everything. RBF is as conscious of this as the rest of our policy and are Registered Waste Carriers so you get the peace of mind that we go through the appropriate channels to dispose of everything.

updated: 9 months ago