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Meet Our Penguin

Piglet - Our Famous Penguin!

Piglet - Our Famous Penguin

22nd April 2015 - Piglet has new friends. 8 new Humbolt penguins have been introduced to the enclosure having been born in the Isle of Wight. It means that there are now a total of 20 penguins in the enclosure. Whether Piglet stays faithful to Gonzo remains to be seen....

In other big news the enclosure has been upgraded with more places for them to jump off to keep their feet in good condition, 50% more water area for them to swim in a load of other details to make their life nicer. As for the humans they now have a new walkway so that the penguins can get closer to them. But given that some of the humans haven't been so good to them, means that maybe they are not so keen!

6th February 2014 -
The penguins are in the news again. This time they have been trumatised by the wind and rain of the North East of England and had to be prescribed anti-depressants!

The centre's display curator Lyndsey Crawford told the Guzelian news agency: "Humboldts in the wild on the coast of Peru and Chile can be subjected to some pretty wild extremes of weather. What they don't get though is weeks of almost daily downpours and high winds.

"After the first week out birds were just a bit subdued, but after over a month now, they are thoroughly fed-up and miserable, much like the rest of us."

Wednesday 7th April 2010
- Piglet is like all children who are away. She takes your money and never keeps in contact! But we have had news from friends that the keepers at the Sealife Centre think that she is about to have some eggs. Here's hoping that she is going to and maybe we will get some pictures of her babies. Watch this space but don't hold your breath!

Sunday 4th October 2009 - We have been to see Piglet and can report that she is still alive and has mated with Gonzo. Definately. But being the fickle world of kids, who knows what this will end up as. One wrongly worded text message and it could all be over. So here's hoping that Nokia have made a flipper sized keypad. As an aside, she didn't recognise us but looked heathy. Must be those Omega 3 fish oils!

Tuesday 11th December 2007 - We have received our Christmas letter from our penguin and there isn't much to report in Piglet's world. But there have been things going on in with her friends. Her friends, Dick and Dougal (yes the Sea Life Centre had trouble working out what sex they were too!), have a very demanding chick, Paris. Paris is now 4 months old and still demanding to be fed by her parents. Despite the best efforts of the staff this has not stopped so they have had to put Paris in 'prison'. Here she has her own rest area and shallow pool but due to her constant food cravings the other penguins were getting very angry and the hope is that the prison will keep her safe and make her learn to fend for herself...

Friday 19th October 2007 - We realised that time travels fast in the world of kids and we hadn't heard what was happening to our little penguin. So we phoned the Sea Life Centre and got some updates. Most importantly it has been established that Piglet is a girl. And although Piglet was given the cold shoulder and has managed to find love in the fins of Gonzo. Gonzo is the biggest of the penguins at a wopping 5kg. We don't know whether this means that he is muscular or just 'big boned'! He is supposed to be a fine figure of a penguin and who knows, maybe we will hear the flip flap of little flippers some time soon. Imagine how big the eggs will be! Ouch!

Saturday 21st October 2006 - We have received the most recent update on our penguin, Piglet, and it seems that the Sea Life Centre are as confused as we are! They are shortly to do genetic testing on the penguins to see what sex they all are. What is not in doubt is that Piglet's partner, George, has had three babies who are still to be officially named. It also looks as though Piglet has been dumped for Krusty. Whether this is because Piglet and George were just good girlfriends rather than lovers we will probably never know but it seems that he/she is on his/her own! We will attempt to find out more when we visit Piglet in the Spring.

Wednesday 28th July 2006 - We have seen the following story about Piglet becoming a Dad. BBC News story - Happy ending for plucky penguin Obviously this has confused us as we had been told he was a she! Anyway, best of luck to Piglet and George and their new offspring - who ever hatched them!!

April 21st 2006 - RBF have sponsored Piglet, a penguin with a story

Piglet is a humbolt penguin who lives at the Scarborough Sea Life Centre in North Yorkshire.

A couple of years ago, Piglet was 'penguin-napped' by some lads who reached over the fence to her pen, picked her up and then passed her over the wall to some waiting friends. A couple of days later she was found walking round the roughest estate in Scarborough. Obviously in distress. Penguins are animals that bond for life and her partner, George, and her had to be put on a course of antibiotics to recover.

She has since made a full recovery but in her latest news letter we were disappointed to hear that we will not be hearing the pitter patter of tiny flippers! Some of their other penguin friends have been more successful.

If you would like to sponsor a penguin, or many other sea life have a look at the Sea Life website as well.

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