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Recycled Office Furniture Helps us Work from Home

Recycled Office Furniture Helps us Work from Home
The current concerns over the spread of Coronavirus mean that social distancing is advised. The Government has urged businesses to consider the option of home-based working where possible. Are you in this situation? Many office workers are supplied with laptops and work mobiles. This makes it viable for employees to stay at home. With cloud storage and business software, it is still possible to manage projects, maintain customer service and plan the business strategy. Technology can be incredibly useful, however, to remain productive, you may also need to create a suitable workspace. A place where you can operate effectively with minimal distractions.

Are you Home Working for the First Time?

Across the UK, around 1.5million people undertake full time or part-time positions from home. These include business support freelancers, e-commerce businesses, private tutors and childminders. Over the coming weeks, this number will swell as more individuals self-isolate with Covid-19 symptoms. For thousands of people, this will be the first experience of home working. They are unlikely to have a suitable office set up. The kitchen table might work for a day or two, but it is not a long-term option. The reality is that it could take months before it is deemed safe to return to work. Preparing your house with the right equipment can help maintain a sense of normality.

Recycled Business Furniture for Home Offices

Recycled Business Furniture could provide a solution. Our office furniture showroom is stocked with top-quality used office chairs and pre-owned office desks. Whilst some are suited to large workspaces, many would be ideal for home working. We are currently offering second-hand home office furniture package. We will supply a pre-owned office desk and ergonomic task chair for £140 +VAT. We also offer an executive package, which includes a Herman Miller task chair. This used office furniture can be delivered to your door. Alternatively, you can come and try before you buy. We have free parking outside the High Wycombe showroom to make it easy to load your car or van. Ergonomic chairs are designed to offer good back support and natural body movement. When your home office is equipped with your desk and chair, be sure to adjust it to the appropriate levels. The advice is to ensure that you can use the keyboard with your forearms and wrists parallel to the floor.

Where does this Used Office Furniture Come From?

You may be wondering how we have thousands of second-hand office chairs and desks in stock. Recycled Business Furniture offers a clearance service. When companies relocate, upgrade their interiors, rebrand or need excess stock removed, we collect. With a ‘zero waste to landfill’ policy, our team supports sustainability. We thoroughly check the condition and functionality of all used office chairs, desks, storage and other business furniture. A significant proportion has barely been used. With a good clean, they look new. Other items might need a small repair to be fit for sale. The desks and chairs that are not up to our high standards are donated to charity or disassembled. We can use some parts for spares and others are suitable for recycling. As a registered waste carrier, all items are fully traceable.

Why Buy Second Hand Furniture for a Home Office?

We provide the means to get a branded home office desk and chair for a budget range price. There is no compromise on quality and this is the environmentally sustainable option. You can order and collect on the same day. Then you are all set to crack on with your ‘to do’ list. This unexpected situation may prove challenging. Equally, you might really enjoy avoiding the long journey time, crowded public transport and traffic jams. Going forward, this may prove a viable option part of the time, work-life could be about to change. Your home workspace could provide the means for greater flexibility or even a chance to earn extra money. If you are interested, you can browse our selection of second hand office task chairs, desks online. Our website also shows our home office furniture packages.

updated: 4 years ago