Employee Well-being at heart of Uxbridge Business Development

Employee Wellbeing at heart of Uxbridge Business Development

Back in 2017, plans were approved to boost the local economy of Uxbridge. £2.5million is being invested to improve the district, making it a more attractive place to live and work.

One of the main developments is Uxbridge Business Park. This is designed to provide a complete work environment. Beyond adaptable office space, the buildings are surrounded by landscaped outdoor space where employees can relax, eat lunch or even take part in exercise classes.

This focus on employee well-being is part of a widespread shift towards attracting and retaining talent. Modern businesses understand that by investing in the health of their staff, they can reap the rewards of a motivated, productive and skilled team.

Office Furniture for Employee-friendly Workplaces

Providing an employee-friendly workplace encompasses many factors, including flexible working hours, access to natural light and even the office furniture.

Sitting in front of a screen for hours on end is no good for anyone; we need to move. From a lunchtime walk or HIT class to adjustable sit-stand desks, the ability to alter our position can help to alleviate backache and other physical discomforts. This results in a healthier workforce and lower absenteeism rates.

Stress reduction is another concern. Sometimes, your team need to work in collaboration, but there also needs to be quiet spaces that allow individuals to focus on tasks or take calls without disruption. Acoustic seating can be all it takes to create that separate space in an open plan office. Supplying your team with the resources they need to excel sounds great, but what are the options if the budget is tight?

Second-hand Office Chairs Provide Cost-effective Solution

Recycled Business Furniture has supplied a number of Uxbridge businesses with quality office furniture that helps their team to work in comfort. As you might guess from our name, the items we supply are not new, but they are in top condition. We even supply leading designer brand second-hand office chairs, desks and break out room furniture.

When companies relocate, rebrand or close down, they often have used office furniture that is excess to requirements. It can be in good as new condition but risks ending up in landfill. By collecting, cleaning, checking and in some cases, reconditioning second-hand office chairs, desks and other equipment, we make a difference.

If you are looking to reduce your environmental impact, boost employee well-being and get a great deal, why not take a look at our latest stock online. Uxbridge is just a short drive along the M40 to our second-hand office furniture showroom, in High Wycombe.

Come along to see the quality and choice that we offer. With thousands of second-hand office chairs in stock, we are confident that you will find the style, quantity, colour and quality that will enhance your workplace. In addition to pre-owned ergonomic task chairs, we stock acoustic seating and sit-stand desks.

You might find that there is still money in the kitty to splash out on a few oxygen-boosting pot plants!

updated: 3 years ago