Why it makes Good Business Sense to Buy Used Office Desks

Why it makes Good Business Sense to Buy Used Office Desks

From converting the spare room into a home office, to fitting out the company headquarters, office desks are essential items of business furniture. Should you splash out, or are there advantages to opting for second-hand office desks?

Well-made office furniture can last for decades, so purchasing second-hand office desks doesn’t mean that you are compromising on quality. In reality, it means that your budget might stretch to a more superior style or brand than if you were buying new.

Visit a Pre-owned Office Furniture Showroom

Companies such as Recycled Business Furniture are selective when they source used office desks. They check that all fittings and fixtures are in place and functional and the desktop is thoroughly inspected for damage. By visiting a pre-owned office furniture showroom, you can also inspect and measure, to ensure that you buy a used office desk that meets expectations.

You needn’t be restricted on the selection either. The Recycled Business Furniture showroom includes over 1000 used office desks including work stations, bench systems, sit stand desks and even boardroom tables. If you have a particular idea in mind, call to ask if they have what you are looking for in stock.

Recycled Business Furniture is located in High Wycombe, just a short drive from Slough. Beating other Berkshire rivals, Slough has recently been ranked 6th in Informi’s ‘Best place to Start a Business in the UK 2018’. The town offers a skilled workforce, digital connectivity and a supportive business community. If you are planning to set up shop in Slough, Recycled Business Furniture will help you to get things off the ground.

If you find the ideal items, you will be saving perfectly good, used office furniture from heading to landfill. We live in a disposable society, but we know this attitude is having a detrimental effect on the planet. Opting for second-hand office furniture can be one of many ways in which your company promotes a commitment to sustainability.

What does your Office Desk say about your Personality?

Psychologists have been analysing desks to gain an insight into the personality of employees. A cluttered and full desk can indicate that the worker is innovative, non-conventional and creative. Having said this, if the desk is unclean, with unwashed mugs and food wrappings, it highlights a lack of care, which may be a sign of depression.

Ordered desks, where everything is in its place and there is a sense of order shows an employee who likes to make plans and follow a routine. They are likely to be reliable and conscientious, yet a little less adaptable to change.

Those who stack books, papers and other resources around the edge of their desk are creating a private sanctuary. They may be introverts, who value their privacy. In contrast, extroverts are likely to have knick-knacks, such as photos, slogan mugs, toys and other items which could spark ideas and conversation.

What’s clear is that, no matter what personality types make up your team, it is rare to see an empty work station. For this reason, even if there was a light scratch or mark, why not consider used office desks? In short, it makes good business sense to opt for second-hand desks because it preserves your budget and the environment, without the need to compromise. Contact Recycled Office Furniture to find out more on 01494 801067.

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Top Tips for Buying Used Office Desks

Used Office Desks

If your company are on a recruitment drive, or are preparing for an office upgrade or relocation, used office desks may prove a highly cost-effective and environmentally responsible option.

In almost every work environment, a desk is essential. This relatively simple item of office furniture can take the form of a small standing hot desk or a highly personalised workspace with plenty of room for documents, technology, potted plants and photos of the cat.

Check out our tips to ensure that you end up with the ideal second-hand office desks.

Tip 1 – Consider your requirements

A used office desk can take many forms, so it is important to clarify exactly what you need. Are you looking for single desks or a bench system for a number of employees? Is a rectangular office desk suitable, or would you prefer an ergonomic wave desk? Do you need integrated drawers for storage?

Also consider whether a desk sufficient or are you also looking for dividing screens, task chairs and other related equipment? Be clear on your requirements as this will help you to make the right decision.

Tip 2 – Measure and measure again

Before you go any further, equip yourself with a tape measure. When you are in a sizable furniture showroom, the perception of scale is distorted. If you have accurate measurements of the available space, allowing room for office chairs and passage, you can make an informed decision.

Also be aware of access to the office. If you are limited by narrow stairwells or tight corners, you’ll need a used office desk where the legs and feet can be easily removed and replaced once in-situ.

Tip 3 – Visit a used office furniture showroom

You can order second hand desks online, but there is a risk that the condition and suitability will fail to match expectations. If you visit a used office furniture showroom, you will benefit from much greater choice and the opportunity to check measurements and condition for yourself.

Tip 4 – Check for damage

A few small scratches may not be of significant concern, but it is important to ensure that the desk is safe. This means checking to see if there are any missing fittings and fixtures. Are sharp edges exposed, can you spot any missing screws or does the desk wobble? Such issues may be straightforward to fix, but it is best to be informed.

Tip 5 – Transportation

If your chosen second-hand desks are too large for your company vehicle, check whether the used furniture company offers a delivery service. You don’t want to make great savings on your purchase, only to spend it all on van hire.

High Wycombe Furniture Showroom

Just a short drive from Slough, Reading, Maidenhead and West London, Recycled Business Furniture has a well-stocked showroom in High Wycombe. With free parking outside the door, over 1,100 used office desks in stock and a delivery service, we offer cost-effective convenience.

Our website shows a selection of options, but we advise you to visit our High Wycombe office furniture showroom. For further information, call us on 01494 801063.

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Should Office Furniture feature in your Waste Management plan?

used office desks can save money

Should Office Furniture feature in your Waste Management plan? When you think of office waste, you might introduce measures to minimise paper use or provide an alternative to disposable cups. We suggest that you should also consider your office furniture. When new office chairs or desks are required, could you source pre-owned furniture? When items are no longer required, could you donate or sell them for reuse?

Used Office Desks

You might be surprised to hear that over 200,000 used office desks are bought in the UK every year. These second-hand desks are in great condition and buying second-hand results in considerable cost savings for the business. What’s more, the company that donate or sell their used desks can save on disposal costs.

According to the Waste Resource Action Programme (WRAP) data, the purchase of used office desks, in place of new, helps to avoid around 3,600 tonnes of CO2 entering the atmosphere. It also means that fully functional office desks are given a second lease of life, rather than being dumped in landfill.

Whilst this is good news, the fact is that 200,000 represents just 14% of the potential volume of desks that are no longer required each year. This means there is scope for many other businesses to benefit from donating, selling or buying used office desks.

Resized Office Desks

You may have concerns that second-hand office desks might not fit into the available space. By showroom, such as Recycled Business Furniture, High Wycombe, you can specify your measurements and see if they have suitable sizes and styles in stock.

If you have a particularly tight space, or a requirement for unusual dimensions, it might be possible to ask for a used office desk to be cut and resize. With the careful application of an outside strip, you might never know that an adjustment had been made.

Plastic Free Status for High Wycombe

It’s great to hear that High Wycombe, along with the nearby community of Penn and Tyler’s Green are officially working towards Plastic Free Status. The focus of this initiative is to minimise our reliance on single-use plastic items, but it does get individuals and businesses thinking about wider waste management issues.

If your company is looking to embrace sustainable practices and purchase used office desks, High Wycombe based Recycled Business Furniture invites you to visit our showroom in Sands.

Come along to see a wide selection of pre-owned office desks including:

  • Workstations
  • Bench Systems
  • Rectangular or Wave

With free parking outside the door, it’s convenient to pop in, find what you need and load your van. Alternatively, for details of our latest stock, visit the Recycled Business Furniture Facebook page.

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