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Employee Well-being at heart of Uxbridge Business Development

Employee Wellbeing at heart of Uxbridge Business Development

Back in 2017, plans were approved to boost the local economy of Uxbridge. £2.5million is being invested to improve the district, making it a more attractive place to live and work.

One of the main developments is Uxbridge Business Park. This is designed to provide a complete work environment. Beyond adaptable office space, the buildings are surrounded by landscaped outdoor space where employees can relax, eat lunch or even take part in exercise classes.

This focus on employee well-being is part of a widespread shift towards attracting and retaining talent. Modern businesses understand that by investing in the health of their staff, they can reap the rewards of a motivated, productive and skilled team.

Office Furniture for Employee-friendly Workplaces

Providing an employee-friendly workplace encompasses many factors, including flexible working hours, access to natural light and even the office furniture.

Sitting in front of a screen for hours on end is no good for anyone; we need to move. From a lunchtime walk or HIT class to adjustable sit-stand desks, the ability to alter our position can help to alleviate backache and other physical discomforts. This results in a healthier workforce and lower absenteeism rates.

Stress reduction is another concern. Sometimes, your team need to work in collaboration, but there also needs to be quiet spaces that allow individuals to focus on tasks or take calls without disruption. Acoustic seating can be all it takes to create that separate space in an open plan office. Supplying your team with the resources they need to excel sounds great, but what are the options if the budget is tight?

Second-hand Office Chairs Provide Cost-effective Solution

Recycled Business Furniture has supplied a number of Uxbridge businesses with quality office furniture that helps their team to work in comfort. As you might guess from our name, the items we supply are not new, but they are in top condition. We even supply leading designer brand second-hand office chairs, desks and break out room furniture.

When companies relocate, rebrand or close down, they often have used office furniture that is excess to requirements. It can be in good as new condition but risks ending up in landfill. By collecting, cleaning, checking and in some cases, reconditioning second-hand office chairs, desks and other equipment, we make a difference.

If you are looking to reduce your environmental impact, boost employee well-being and get a great deal, why not take a look at our latest stock online. Uxbridge is just a short drive along the M40 to our second-hand office furniture showroom, in High Wycombe.

Come along to see the quality and choice that we offer. With thousands of second-hand office chairs in stock, we are confident that you will find the style, quantity, colour and quality that will enhance your workplace. In addition to pre-owned ergonomic task chairs, we stock acoustic seating and sit-stand desks.

You might find that there is still money in the kitty to splash out on a few oxygen-boosting pot plants!

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Protect the Environment with Recycled Business Furniture

Protect the Environment with Recycled Business Furniture

Environmental protestors causing disruption in the capital and children walking out of school to protest; it is clear that concerns are growing about our global impact.

The challenge may seem insurmountable, but we can all make changes to collectively make a difference. Recycled Business Furniture is playing a part in saving perfectly good used office furniture from ending up in landfill. The question is would you consider buying high-quality, used office desks, chairs and reception seating for your next office refit?

What Puts People Off Buying Second-Hand Office Furniture?

We all love to grab a bargain, but there is still this sense that used items are going to be inferior. The truth is, buying second-hand office furniture can make it affordable to purchase leading brands that may otherwise be out of your financial reach.

Top quality goods are expertly designed to optimise comfort and they are built to last. A second-hand ergonomic chair may have twice the lifespan of a new, cheap model. Recycled Business Furniture only selects used office desks, chairs and associated items if they are in mint condition.

We check that they are fully functional and give them a good clean before they reach our showroom. In many cases, you would never know that they were not brand new – come and see for yourself!

Stylish Collection of Used Office Furniture

If you have an image in your head of a mismatched workplace; a muddle of different styles, shapes and colours, you can dismiss that idea.

In many cases, Recycled Business Furniture will have multiple stock of the same item. In used office chairs alone, we could equip your workplace with:

  • Ergonomic Task Chairs from leading brands
  • Canteen Stalls in a choice of colours and designs
  • Reception Seating
  • Chairs for your meeting and break-out rooms
  • Stackable chairs for conferences and events

We may be able to offer items that perfectly complement your brand image and colours.

You can view a selection of our latest stock online. Alternatively, you are welcome to visit our Buckinghamshire used office furniture showroom. Located in High Wycombe, we just a short drive from London, Slough and Reading. We are open from 9am until 5pm Monday to Friday and free parking is available right outside the door.

Environmental Awareness Drives Second-hand Purchasing

As David Attenborough provides another televised warning about our environmental impact, it seems that interest in pre-owned goods is on the rise.

A survey by Business Waste identified that 45% of consumers were open to the idea of buying second-hand clothes, even if they hadn’t yet made a purchase. This shows a shift in perception that will hopefully be reflected in all consumer purchasing. We should be open to the reuse of high-quality items that help to save money and the environment.

Whether you work from a home study or are growing a sizable enterprise, take a look and see if Recycled Business Furniture can help you be a little greener. If you have any questions, please get in touch on 01494 801066.

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Office Furniture Trends 2019

SecondHand Office Furniture

Scandinavian style has driven clothing, lifestyle, food and interior design trends for several years, so if we are keen to understand the office furniture trends for 2019, the Stockholm Furniture Fair is a great place to start.

Held in the Swedish capital in February, there were two leading factors which influenced office furniture design; privacy and well-being. If you have a passion for bringing colour into the workplace, the trend for 2019 is inspired by autumn; think deep red and rusty orange.

Considering Privacy in Office Furniture Design

Open plan offices have modernised workplace interiors and encouraged greater inter-departmental collaboration, but there is a compromise. It can be incredibly difficult to remain focused when there are endless distractions. If you can’t find a quiet space to take a call or concentrate on a task, it can become frustrating and stressful.

Rather than rebuilding walls, designers are making good use of noise reducing panels, desk dividers, hooded chairs and pods. These items of office furniture all help to manage the acoustics and create separate spaces where people can take more control over their environment. They enable the team to operate productively, without losing the option of collective working.

When considering design trends, you might instantly assume that any options are going to be beyond your budget. If you are willing to consider quality second-hand office furniture, you can provide your workers with what they need without breaking the bank.

Recycled Business Furniture has an extensive stock of used office chairs and this includes pre-owned acoustic seating. All items have been thoroughly checked to ensure that they are in great condition. We’re talking top brands, in great condition, for the same price as cheap office chairs. We also hold a selection of second-hand desk-dividing screens in a variety of colours.

The Role of Sit-stand desks and Ergonomic Chairs Workplace Well-being

Remaining in one position throughout the day is detrimental to our health. We need to move in order to remain both physically and mentally healthy. Office furniture design is now influenced by a growing awareness of the benefits of at least being able to regularly change position. These include increased productivity and reduced absence.

Adjustable Sit-stand desks, along with ergonomic chairs and stools, provide the option to shift position through the day. This combination of office furniture can encourage your team out of their seats for an extra hour or two every day, which is all it takes to reduce the health risks.

The Recycled Business Furniture showroom is stocked with fully operational used Sit-stand desks, along with second-hand task chairs from top brands including Herman Miller, Vitra and Steelcase. You are welcome to visit us in High Wycombe, Buckinghamshire and try them out for size and comfort.

Visit our Used Office Furniture Showroom in High Wycombe

Our High Wycombe used office furniture showroom is just a short drive from the M40 and we have free parking outside the door. If you are looking for a specific item, get in touch on 01494 801063 or keep tabs on the latest updates on the Recycled Business Furniture Facebook page.

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Top Location for your Head Office

Top Location for your Head Office

As a supplier of pre-owned office furniture, we deliver to industrial estates, town centres and business hubs across the South East. It got us thinking, is London still the dream location or is there a rival for the top spot?

If you are looking to set up an office in the South East, a favourable location must include affordable rent, good transport links and a skilled local workforce. With this in mind, we sat on our quality second-hand chairs and undertook some research.

It seems that whilst London still has a considerable draw, the cost of renting both office space and living accommodation is prohibitive. There are great transport links, but driving and parking in the capital is a challenge. This has an impact on employees, suppliers and visitors. London was not at the top of any poll we could find.

The Office

In 2018, Slough hit the top of the leader board in a report compiled by Glassdoor, beating London, Milton Keynes, Oxford and Cambridge. This report looked at a range of factors including the cost of living, job opportunities and worker satisfaction.

Just a 30 minute train journey into London Paddington (and half an hour’s drive from our used office furniture showroom) Slough has fantastic facilities on the doorstep. The town is one of the most affordable in the Thames Valley and has a highly successful local economy.

The town boasts an active business community, including over 400 companies located on a single trading estate. This thriving economy attracts companies to set up in the town. It also has a strong allure for skilled employees who are looking for great opportunities and competitive salaries outside of London.

If Slough ticks all of the boxes for your business, you’re in good company. The town has the UK’s highest concentration of Global Headquarters outside of London.

Furnishing your Slough Office

Renting an office is the first step, but then you need to equip it. Recycled Business Furniture in High Wycombe, has the solution. If you are open to used office furniture, Slough is just a short drive along the A404 from our showroom. This is stocked with good as new, second-hand office furniture offered at affordable prices.

We purchase used office chairs, desks and other items of office furniture that are excess to requirements, but still in top condition. All items are cleaned and thoroughly checked by our team before being added to our office furniture showroom.

Top brand ergonomic task chairs and pre-owned Sit-stand desks will ensure that your workspace looks the part and your workforce can operate productively. We also offer canteen stools and reception seating amongst the 2,200+ used office chairs in our stock. Visit us and see for yourself. Try the chairs out for comfort and check out the quality! Our stock is constantly changing. You can view a selection of new acquisitions on the Recycled Business Furniture Facebook page. Alternatively, if you have a specific requirement, get in touch on 01494 531600 and we will let you know if we have what you need in stock.

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All I want for Christmas is an Ergonomic Office Chair

All I want for Christmas is an Ergonomic Office Chair

Many of us spend more time sitting at our desks than sleeping in our beds. It is, therefore, no wonder that we want comfortable office chairs.

The human body simply isn’t designed to sit down for prolonged periods of time. In a standard chair, pressure is placed on our backs, hips and thighs when we remain seated. Our muscles are put under tension and this can result in mild aches, through to severe pains.

Ergonomic Office Chairs

Ergonomically-designed task chairs are adaptable. The height of the seat, head and arm rests can be adjusted to fit our individual dimensions. The back rest has some flexibility, allowing the worker to lean back with support. In addition, castors ensure they can rotate the chair and our body with ease.

By investing in ergonomic office chairs, a company can help to keep their employees comfortable and reduce the risk of back problems which can result in long-term sick leave. What’s more, when they are sitting comfortably, they can focus on the job and remain productive throughout the day.

The challenge with providing everyone with an ergonomic office chair is the cost. Built to last, with built-in support and adjustable features, this isn’t a piece of cheap office furniture, especially if you have a large team. The solution is to find your local second-hand office furniture supplier.

Second-hand Office Furniture

As previously mentioned, ergonomic office chairs are designed to last. Company relocations, mergers or a business going into administration are a few reasons why office chairs are no longer needed.

As a specialist in second-hand office chairs and desks, Recycled Business Furniture, High Wycombe sources quality items that are surplus to requirements. We ensure that perfectly good pre-owned office chairs can be reused, rather than ending up in landfill.

We undertake thorough checks to ensure that any second-hand office chair is still fully adjustable and functional. Visual inspection also determines that the fabric or mesh is undamaged and that there are no missing levers, screws or other vital parts.

Ordering Office Chairs Online

Whilst it is possible to order office chairs online, the advice is to try before you buy. You want to compare the options based on comfort, rather than simply price or brand name. For this reason, Recycled Business Furniture invites you to visit our High Wycombe office furniture showroom.

We always have a wide selection of second-hand office chairs in stock. Come and check out the quality and comfort for yourself. Were located in the Sands area of High Wycombe, close to the M40 junction and with free parking outside the door, it couldn’t be more convenient to visit.

Make the wishes of your team come true by investing in quality office chairs. You’ll reap the rewards of them being comfortable and productive throughout the New Year.

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