How Used Office Chairs Could Enhance your London Office

How Used Office Chairs Could Enhance your London Office

Personalisation is at the forefront of current marketing and customer service strategies and it should also form the foundation of your office interior design. We explore how personalisation with colour, pre-owned furniture and acoustic features can enhance the potential of your team.

For years, the design of office interiors has focused on fitting as many people into the space as possible. Fortunately, things have now shifted to a more staff-centric approach.

Evidence suggests that when employees are provided with a pleasant work environment, motivation, energy levels and productivity are increased. In addition, a personalised workspace helps to promote your brand, whilst helping to attract and retain the best talent. This all sounds promising, but what has it got to do with used office chairs?

Office Interiors in Line with Brand Values

Growing awareness and consumer pressure have encouraged many brands to adopt environmentally-friendly policies and practices. One way in which an office interior can be personalised is by ensuring it fits the brand values.

Recycled Business Furniture collects quality office furniture which is excess to requirements, yet still in top condition. We save thousands of used office chairs, desks and other office furniture from ending up in landfill.

Our stock is thoroughly checked to ensure it is fully functional and almost as good as new. It includes leading brands of used office chairs including Herman Miller and Vitra, all at a great price, so there is no need to compromise when going green.

Adding Character to Office Interiors

Another way to personalise your workspace is to showcase the original features of the building. From industrial construction to a period property, the spirit of the building should be embraced. Successfully combining old and new is a skill, but when it works, the effect is often inspiring and original. Could pre-owned office furniture help you to create the desired effect?

An Injection of Colour

Bland interiors are never going to enthuse the workforce, but a splash of colour can be instantly uplifting. The best effects are often achieved when a signature colour is used to add focal points and consistent visual appeal to an interior.

A colour in keeping with your brand identity is a great place to start. If that colour is not available in the latest collections, Recycled Business Furniture may have the answer. With a range of pre-owned reception seating, canteen stools and tub seats in all colours, our used office chairs could be the perfect colour for your London office.

Creating Adaptable Office Spaces

We are all familiar with the pitfalls of open plan offices, but, in modern office interiors, pods, screens, acoustic seating and break out zones are more popular and adaptable than walls. You’ve guessed it, acoustic seating is part of the Recycled Business Furniture used office chair collection. We can offer your staff a little more privacy when it is most needed.

When looking for used office chairs, London companies can order online from Recycled Business Furniture. Alternatively, their Buckinghamshire showroom is easily accessible from Wembley, Harrow and other West London locations.

If you have a particular style, colour or volume of used office chairs in mind, give us a call on 01494 801066 to find out whether we have what you need in stock.

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Save Money with Used Office Chairs

Used Office Chairs

Ergonomic design, quality materials and precision finish are not going to come cheap, but if cost is a deciding factor, buying used office chairs is the ideal solution.

As the local supplier of used office chairs for businesses, Recycled Business Furniture has helped hundreds of start-up companies and SME’s to get great value for money.

From Reading to Luton, Oxford to Milton Keynes, workers are benefitting from our quality office furniture. We are not talking about filling your work-space with a random collection of odds and ends.

Tell us what you are looking for and the quantity required and we will endeavour to source the full package. With thousands of options in stock, it is possible to find exactly what you are looking for, at a fraction of the cost of buying new.

When the office furniture is installed, you really won’t be able to tell that it has been pre-owned. We only sell the best quality used office chairs, desks, tables and storage. Every item is cleaned and checked for signs of wear and damage before leaving our High Wycombe warehouses.

Extensive Range of Used Office Chairs

With over 30,000 sq.ft. of storage capacity, we have thousands of second-hand office chairs in stock, we can help you equip a small home office or a sizable, open-plan interior. We can help you find:

  • Reception seating or canteen stools to compliment your interior colour scheme.
  • Task chairs - our stock of used office task chairs includes designer brands. We are certain that your team would benefit from the ergonomic features that help to protect them from back, wrist and neck pain
  • Smart and comfortable seating for a meeting room or training facility.
  • Stackable chairs that can be conveniently stored between events.

Our stock is regularly updated, so follow the Recycled Business Furniture Facebook page for a first peek at our latest selection. You can also call us on 01494 448913 to ask if we have specific items in the quantity you require.

Take a Seat

We welcome individuals, teams, architects and designers to visit our showroom and believe it is beneficial to come and try before you buy. See the quality of our used office chairs for yourself! Whilst you are here:

  • Test that all the features are fully operational
  • Ensure that all fittings are in place
  • Spend time in all contenders to evaluate comfort and support
  • Check the condition with your own eyes
  • Be convinced that our used office furniture looks as good as new!

Collection or Delivery of Used Office Furniture

With free parking directly outside our Buckinghamshire showroom, you can bring a van and easily load your purchases. High Wycombe is located close to the M40, A404 and M25, so we’re a convenient drive from many business hubs and enterprise zones in Buckinghamshire, Oxfordshire, Berkshire and Greater London.

Alternatively, Recycled Business Furniture offers a delivery and installation service, bringing used office furniture to your door. There is no need to blow the budget and buy low-cost, quality items from your local second-hand office furniture supplier.

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Top Tips for Buying Used Office Chairs

Used Office Chairs

The cost of buying new typically requires an investment of between £150 and £1500. If you are refitting your office, this soon mounts up. Buying pre-owned office chairs is a cost-effective and environmentally responsible means of equipping your business, but you still need to be selective.

Our bodies are designed to move, however, the vast majority of workers spend many long hours sitting in an office chair. In order to ensure that your employees are comfortable, productive and have a reduced risk of pain or injury, it is important to buy good quality office chairs.

Tip 1 – Research

Before heading to a used office furniture showroom, undertake a little research. Look at the leading brands, read reviews and get to know what makes one task chair stand out from another. This will help you to distinguish the best value buys.

Tip 2 – List your requirements

Write down exactly what you need. Are you just looking for second-hand office chairs, or would a cupboard, desk or filing cabinet help to complete your office interior? A list will help you remain focused when shopping and prevent the Ikea effect – when you return with a lot of additional items that you weren’t expecting to purchase.

Tip 3 – Visit a Used Office Furniture Showroom

It may be more convenient to search online, but to see the full range of stock you need to head to a showroom. A visit will help you to get a better idea of dimensions, quality and condition. Remember to refer to your research and list. Let quality brands take president over the temptations of a vibrant colour or a funky design.

Tip 4 – Try before you buy

Ideally, you want to sit in a used office chair to see how it feels. Is your back well supported? Is the seat comfortably padded? Task chairs often include adjustable features; these allow each individual to raise or lower the height, the tilt and even the armrest position. Take time to check that these are fully operational and if the chair has casters, do they move freely?

Also, take a good look at the condition. If all seems to be in good working order, you can feel confident that you are making a considered decision.

Tip 5 – Ask about a Warranty

Quality office chairs will have been bought with a warranty. As these can last for up to 5 years, it may be supplied with the chair if still in date. It shouldn’t be a concern if the date has expired, as the chair will be designed to last for many more years. Just knowing that a warranty had been issued at the time of purchase gives you some indication that this is a quality chair.

High Wycombe Furniture Showroom

Based in High Wycombe, Recycled Business Furniture is conveniently located for companies based in Slough, Reading, Maidenhead and West London. We have free parking outside our showroom and over 2,200 used office chairs in stock, including task chairs, stackable seating, canteen stools and reception sofas.

Our website will show a selection of options, but we advise you to visit our High Wycombe office furniture showroom. For further information, call us on 01494 801063.

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What Happens to Used Office Chairs?

used office chairs

Every office needs to offer employees and visitors a place to sit, but what happens to those office chairs when the interior is redesigned or they become surplus to requirements?

You might be pleased to know that around 295,000 pre-owned office chairs are donated or sold to charities, start-ups and more established businesses every year. This saves the original owner the waste disposal costs, as well as providing the new owner with a considerable saving in comparison to buying new.

Let’s face it, new office furniture isn’t cheap, so it’s satisfying if you can purchase high quality used office chairs, which are still fully functional. The other benefit is environmental. The Waste Resource Action Programme (WRAP) reports that reusing this volume of chairs prevents 12,000 tonnes of CO2 being released into the atmosphere.

This is all very positive, yet 86% of all used office chairs are still sent to landfill. Whilst some may be truly redundant, there is considerable scope for businesses to embrace the opportunities offered by office chair re-use.

Plastic Free Status for Maidenhead and Windsor

We’ve just learnt that communities in Maidenhead and Windsor have signed up to a Plastic Free initiative. Individuals and businesses are taking action to minimise single-use plastics, whilst considering other aspects of their waste management.

Building on the good practice of eliminating plastic cups, straws and bottles, we invite you to consider other plastics within the workplace. This includes office chairs.

Office chairs are typically formed from a variety of materials including plastic, metal and textiles. It’s simply not viable to separate the materials, so taking them apart for recycling isn’t an option. If you are really looking to become a sustainable Maidenhead or Windsor company, the purchase of used office chairs would support your agenda.

Recycled Business Furniture

The great news is that just a short drive from Maidenhead and Windsor is a large showroom stocked with high quality pre-owned office chairs, desks and related items. Based in High Wycombe, with free parking outside the door, Recycled Business Furniture offers a convenient and affordable means of sourcing exactly what you need.

Our used office chair and seating selection includes:

  • Task Chairs
  • Canteen Stools
  • Meeting Room Seats
  • Reception Sofas

The stock of second hand office chairs is constantly changing, but we always offer a great selection of colours and styles, so you can find a suitable match for your requirements. We may also offer the chance to buy a premium brand for a bargain price.

You can check out the Recycled Business Furniture Facebook page for recent acquisitions. This will provide you with examples of our quality stock before you make the journey from Maidenhead or Windsor.

We look forward to helping you adopt a sustainable approach to all aspects of your business.

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