The interesting history of High Wycombe chair making

chair making

An introduction to the history of chair making in High Wycombe

When you look at the town of High Wycombe today, you may not be aware of the rich history the town has in the furniture-making business and, in particular, chair making. High Wycombe, however, was once incredibly famous for chairmakers - known as turners - who had the ability to create and send out beautiful chairs in record time. Many of the disused factories in High Wycombe today were once home to chair making teams. The earliest records of the Windsor chair appears in church records in 1732. This month, RBF take a look at the history of High Wycombe chair making and what happened to this popular industry.

During the 1700s, many chairmakers lived in the town that is now known as High Wycombe, with many more living in neighbouring parishes. Among these early chairmakers, William Treacher was known for his fancy chairs. Focusing on creating chair pieces from the local woodland, these pieces were manufactured before being sent to London, where the frames were put together to be sold. Within 50 years, however, landowners made premises available to take on the creation of the chair pieces as well as the chair frames so the projects could be housed under one town roof.

The use of Chiltern Hills wood for chair making

During the 1800s, the chair making trade grew from strength to strength, and by 1860, the number of workshops around the town had grown to 150, with an estimated output of 4700 chairs per day! High Wycombe and the surrounding areas became the largest producer of chairs in the country, and this grew the population and the economy.

One of the most beautiful parts of the surrounding Chiltern Hills is the abundance of trees and wood types. During the 19th Century, this wood came in very useful to local wood artisans, known as bodgers, who would use the local wood from the Chiltern Hills to create beautiful chairs. Often purchasing stands of trees from auction houses that were then felled and converted into chair pieces, bodgers worked in sheds close to their homes and used manual tools to create the desired effect.

The Chiltern Hills timber used for crafting chairs:

  • Beech
  • Elm
  • Cherry
  • Yew
  • Ash

High Wycombe Chair Museum

Nestled in High Wycombe, you will find the High Wycombe Chair Museum, holding all the history of furniture making throughout the town since its humble beginnings. Here you will learn more about the history of the town and its connection to furniture-making, as well as be able to view the early chair types, including the Windsor chair. This museum has a curation of photos, art pieces, and information about families related to High Wycombe's chair-making history. Set in a beautiful grade II listed building and surrounded by gardens where you can take your family to run off some steam, this museum is worth a visit.

The decline in High Wycombe chair making

After the war, many furniture making companies saw frustrating changes, including the utility scheme, which was set to last ten years. Although the demand for domestic furniture and chairs was on the rise, fuel and materials had a supply issue. This left factories having to follow the utility range for chair making. Although the shortages and controls lifted eventually, furniture workers were depleted, and many companies were forced to relocate due to the rising housing prices in the local area. This was due to London companies initially moving to High Wycombe during the war and giving the market a considerable boost.

Although there were still furniture companies within High Wycombe, many were now located in the surrounding villages, including Stokenchurch. With advances in machinery and wood treatment, fewer employees were needed to offer the same output, and employment steadily fell throughout the 1990s. Buckinghamshire New University, based in High Wycombe, still has strong links with furniture making and timber work and has gained an excellent reputation for training with woodwork.

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Recycled Business Furniture offers chairs a new lease of life

From ancient beginnings to functional and practical design, chair making has seen massive changes since the rise of High Wycombe furniture factories. Whilst Recycled Business Furniture does not make its own chairs, we are proud of being able to give secondhand office furniture a new lease of life. Our vast showroom based in High Wycombe offers businesses and domestic clients the chance to find their perfect office furniture for a fraction of its retail price.

Whether you are looking to revamp your office or you need to purchase a new set of chairs for your boardroom, you are sure to find everything you are looking for at Recycled Business Furniture. Give us a call today and book an appointment to come and find your perfect recycled office furniture.

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Choosing the right office chair for your physical and mental health

office chair

Choosing the right office chair to support your mental health

Many of us who work from a laptop spend at least 8 hours a day in front of our screens. We work from our desks, often eat at our desks and may even spend some break times at our desks. When it all adds up, a great portion of our working week involves sitting, and it's for this reason that your office chair could be the most important piece of equipment you own.

It is clear that the wrong office chair can have a detrimental effect on our bodies which could then affect our mental health. Aches and pains, weight gain and brain fog are just a few of the issues you can expect if you're chair is not right for you, so it's no wonder your mental health will be affected by these issues.

This month, RBF help you find the perfect used office chair for you, that not only supports your working week but also benefits your physical and mental health. As an experienced recycled office furniture company, we have the knowledge and expertise to help you find the chair that fits in with your lifestyle and supports your body.

How can the wrong office chair affect you?

It was reported in 2019 by the British Heart Foundation, that office workers typically spend 75% of their waking hours sitting down. From the commute to work, sitting at a desk, sitting to eat lunch and the commute back home again, it's easy to see how this percentage has come about. So what does this mean for your body and mind if your chair is not supporting you properly during your sitting hours?

Poor blood circulation

Believe it or not, your chair and positioning can greatly affect the blood flow within your body. Sitting incorrectly or not using the right office chair could affect blood flow to your neck, back, legs and shoulders. This lack of blood flow can lead to serious issues such as DVT and blood clots. Whilst exercise can alleviate some blood flow concerns, if you are spending a great deal of time sitting at a desk, then chances are your chair sitting will take its tolls eventually.

Digestive issues

Digestion plays an important role in keeping your body fit and healthy. Food will only reach your cells if it is dissolved properly in the bloodstream. When you are seated for long periods of time, however, your digestion is slowed down and this can lead to indigestion and stomach issues.

Weight gain

You may have been told that sitting down for too long will make you put on weight and this is the unfortunate truth. Moving your muscles releases molecules that help to process the fats and sugars that you eat. When you are sitting at a desk for long periods, however, your muscles don't move as much and the molecules are not released, so weight gain occurs.

Decreased concentration and fatigue

We have all been trying to go to sleep at night, only to struggle as we cannot get comfortable. It is a similar thing when you are sitting in an uncomfortable chair. If you cannot get comfortable, you are likely to get distracted and your work output will be reduced. It is also thought that if your spine is not aligned to the rest of your body, you will overcompensate, leaving you and your muscles feeling fatigued and foggy.

Body aches and pains

Probably the most common issue, when you use the wrong office chair, is aches and pains, particularly in your back, shoulders and neck. Many of us will have experienced these pains before and may have even seen a professional to ease the pain. According to Unison, around 12 million days are lost every year due to sickness through back pain and it is one of the biggest causes of work absence. These aches and pains are often a result of working in uncomfortable positions or for long periods of time without a break.

Office chairs and ergonomic designs for your body

Ergonomics is a field of study that looks into how we use things. It studies how people interact with products and technology. This includes how people sit, stand, walk, sleep, etc. When we look at ergonomics in office chairs, we are focusing on the way we sit, in relation to our desks and screens, how long we are sitting in our chairs and how they can benefit our bodies.

Before you buy a used office chair, consider these questions to help you find the perfect solution:

  1. Do you currently have any pain in your body or have you had any operations?
  2. What is the current setup for your desk and screen?
  3. How high is your desk?
  4. How long will you be sitting in your chair each day?
  5. What adjustments would you like your chair to include?

At Recycled Business Furniture, we will look at all these questions prior to finding the perfect chair for you and your office. Everyone is unique and therefore you cannot just assume that what works for someone may work for you. We will take you through the chairs we have available, their different functions and how they could work for you.

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Your office chair is as important as the work you are doing. After all, if you aren't comfortable, your work output will reduce and you will end up facing the consequences. Avoid the issues we discussed above and consider getting a new chair for your desk today that supports you and your work. At RBF, we think your work is as important as your health and that's why we won't just sell you any chair, we will work with you to find the best fit for you.

As a reputable secondhand furniture company, not only do we work with you to find the perfect furniture, we can do this at cost-effective prices and with the environment in mind. The secondhand furniture we have in our large Wycombe showroom is of the very best quality and could suit your office perfectly. Visit our showroom or call us to find out more about how we can help you find the perfect office chair.

her than Recycled Business Furniture. Conveniently located in High Wycombe with close links to the M40, our showroom is open and ready for you to pick out some great recycled statement pieces for your environmentally conscious business.

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The environmental benefits of using secondhand office pieces

Secondhand office pieces

The benefits of buying secondhand office pieces to the environment

Unbelievably, over 3 million tonnes of office furniture get sent to various landfill sites across the world every year. More often than not, the furniture that gets sent to landfills goes unnecessarily and creates extra pressure on the environment when it could have been cleverly upcycled and used in offices elsewhere.

Due to its components and materials, Office furniture often takes many years to break down in a landfill site, which results in extra energy used in trying to decompose it. Air pollution is created when new office furniture is manufactured. This all has a detrimental effect on our environment and goes against many corporate environmental strategies that businesses have put together in recent years.

This month, RBF look at the environmental and economic benefits of using recycled office furniture in your home or business office and the positive impacts of recycling your current furniture to companies like Recycled Business Furniture.

The economic benefits of using secondhand office pieces

With the ever-increasing costs of new office furniture, many companies turn to the secondhand market as a more cost-effective option. But how do you know that used office furniture is a good idea? As long as you're willing to put in some time to find the right pieces, you could be saving your company a lot of money. There are some great benefits to using secondhand office furniture. Not only will you be helping the environment, but you'll also save your company money, which will, in turn, allow you to be more efficient with it.

One of the most apparent economic benefits of using secondhand office furniture is that it costs you much less! Generally, clients can save up to 50% by purchasing secondhand, and they don't compromise on the quality of your purchases. By increasing our secondhand purchases, we could be reducing greenhouse gas emissions by up to 4 million tonnes in the UK alone (

Often, in reputable recycled office furniture companies like RBF, you will be able to get your hands on big brands, such as Herman Miller and Kusch & Co, for a fraction of the price you would pay if you bought new. As discussed earlier in this article, the manufacture of new furniture creates further air pollution by sourcing and creating raw materials to packaging and shipping the furniture to your location.

Gone are the days when people used to fret over the quality of purchasing secondhand! When you buy secondhand furniture from a business that specialises in recycled furniture, you can be sure that the quality is very high. Recycled furniture goes through standards and expectation checks before being added to the showroom or website, and anything that needs fixing or replacing will be done before a sale is made.

Recycling your old office furniture to support the environment

One significant way you can help the environment is by recycling your old office furniture. This has several advantages for your business, as well as the environment. The benefits of recycling office furniture include:

Reducing waste

Recycling office furniture reduces waste in landfills and protects the environment. With so many new office pieces being made each year, it can be hard to dispose of old furniture. As previously mentioned, many of our office furniture pieces end up in a landfill each year. It results in a build-up of debris from the materials being unable to break down and decompose efficiently.

Staying green

Recycling old office furniture is a great way to reduce the amount of waste your business produces. By recycling your furniture, you can help your business to become greener. If you have an environmental strategy in place, recycling your old furniture and purchasing secondhand furniture will support your strategy and reduce your business carbon footprint.

Saving money

By recycling your office furniture, you can save money. If you have office furniture that you would like to refresh but don't want to throw it away, get in contact with Recycled Business Furniture today. We specialise in large offices who have a lot of office furniture they would like to get rid of. We will collect your unwanted furniture and bring it back to our factory where it will be assessed and either repaired and placed on the showroom floor or recycled in an environmentally-friendly way.

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As a company that cares about the environment, we want to help our customers make environmentally-friendly decisions. We've been doing that for years — since the beginning, we've made it our mission to reduce the amount of waste created by the office furniture industry. In our earlier years, we offered used office furniture from companies upgrading their office spaces or that had gone out of business. We have a much more extensive selection of used office furniture for sale in our warehouse. We're also committing to the environment by offering our customers used office furniture made from recycled materials.

If you are looking to recycle your current office furniture or looking for high-quality secondhand office pieces, look no further than Recycled Business Furniture. Conveniently located in High Wycombe with close links to the M40, our showroom is open and ready for you to pick out some great recycled statement pieces for your environmentally conscious business.

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Ergonomic furniture from RBF is the only way forward in 2022 | Recycled Business Furniture

Recycled Furniture

Ergonomic furniture from RBF is the only way forward in 2022

Choose ergonomic for your office team in 2022

Do you have a workforce who always seem to be complaining of back pain or RSI? If you're spending more on staff sickness and injuries than anything else, it may be time to consider the furniture you have in your office and how this could be doing more damage to your staff than you realise.

This month, RBF look into the benefits of ergonomic furniture and the importance of workstation comfort that will increase productivity and reduce staff sickness.

Your office furniture could be doing more damage than you think

Many of us who work in an office will spend prolonged periods sitting in an office chair, typing at a desk and using technology to support us in our roles. These 3 elements can put huge pressure on our bodies and if we have poor posture, can lead to health complications both immediately and in the future. Neck pain, high blood pressure, DVT and heart disease can all be attributed to sitting incorrectly as many of us do.

A study in 2019 by Contour of 2000 UK professionals shows that 78% of non-manual office workers suffer from RSI, backache and neck pain (to name but a few) as a result of sitting incorrectly. This number seems only set to increase as many of us opt to work from home where our desk space isn't monitored. For this reason, it's important to ensure your staff have comfortable and body-friendly workstations where they can sit in a position that will support their bodies and health.

Ergonomic furniture that is better for your mind and body

Ergonomic furniture is a great way of supporting your staff to reduce the stress on their bodies whilst they are at work. Ergonomic chairs provide support and comfort and far from being a luxury in the workplace, should be a necessity.

Reasons you should be upgrading your office furniture to an ergonomic design:

Support - traditional chairs, due to their lack of support, can often leave your body feeling unsupported and will put unnecessary strain on your spine. This will lead to bad posture as a result of having to overcompensate to avoid pain. Ergonomic chairs have an adjustable lumbar, meaning your staff members can align them perfectly to their comfort and workstation whilst ensuring they remain supported.

Back pain - nearly half of the participants of the Contour study reported lower back pain as a result of sitting incorrectly at work. Office chairs that have ergonomic design support your spine with a backrest that (unlike traditional chairs) go all the way up the spine offering support throughout.

Neck pain - Whilst this is more optional, modern designs of ergonomic chairs feature head support. Supporting your neck and head whilst you work will relieve and reduce the risk of neck pain and stiffness in the neck and shoulder region.

Hip pressure - We all know how it feels to sit on a hard chair for a prolonged period. Your hips, the bottom of your back and your coccyx ache, you feel stiff and this pain doesn't alleviate immediately after standing. An ergonomic chair has the padding and depth needed to support your hips and reduce pressure.

Blood circulation - by adjusting your seat to a 90-degree angle, you will get proper circulation in your legs which will prevent swelling, numbness and tingling - another big injury featured in the Contour report.

Key health benefits of ergonomic office furniture

As an employer, you should want to provide the most supportive office furniture to your staff that will increase their productivity, provide a comfortable space to work and ultimately save on costs relating to staff sickness due to injury in the workplace. Here are some top benefits to replacing your furniture with ergonomic designs:

Posture support - as discussed above, posture support is paramount to a healthy workforce and having ergonomic office furniture can support this. With a full-length design, aimed at supporting your whole body, your posture is corrected and enhanced, leading to fewer workplace health issues.

Increased productivity - your staff's workstation is where they spend up to 8 hours each day. It makes sense, therefore, that if this is a comfortable well-designed space they are likely to work more productively and more successfully.

Reduced pain - With an ergonomic chair, bodies are correctly supported throughout the day and this will lead to reduced pain as pain points will be supported and corrected. No manager wants their staff members to be in pain whilst they are working and an ergonomic position will work to reduce this.

Staff retention - If your staff feel taken care of whilst in the workplace, they are more likely to stay with you and your company. Incorrectly designed office furniture leads to workplace injuries, time off sick and a workforce that doesn't feel comfortable returning to work.

Cost-effective - Similarly to the above point, it costs employers millions of pounds every year in staff sickness due to health issues. Make sure your furniture is not the cause of this by providing the correct support to your workforce.

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At RBF, we believe that the support and comfort of your workforce are paramount to your business success. For this reason, we have a huge stock of ergonomic chairs and supportive desks all designed to provide reduced pressure and increased comfort to your staff. We guarantee you will find a design that fits perfectly with your office and team in our large warehouse based in High Wycombe, just off the M40.

RBF has been supplying offices and teams with well designed secondhand furniture for over 18 years and during this time has helped over 5000 customers with their office spaces. From standing desks to breakout furniture and conference tables, RBF has the perfect solution for your workspace.

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A recycled furniture year in review 2021 | Recycled Business Furniture

Recycled Furniture

A recycled furniture year in review 2021 | Recycled Business Furniture

This year has been a great one for giving advice and guidance as businesses look into various ways to support their staff and the environment. Recycled furniture is a flexible option to not only create a working space at home for those of us that could go into the office due to Covid, but it also supports the environment by reducing carbon emissions and reusing where possible.

This month, Recycled Business Furniture looks back over the year at some of the unique tips and tricks we gave our customers.

Getting ready for home working with your recycled furniture

This year saw a rise in working from home, with many turning their spare home areas into an office space with affordable prices at Recycled Business Furniture. As many of us didn't know how long we would be working from home, it made sense that we purchased recycled furniture rather than buying brand new off the shelf pieces only for them to gather dust in the corner eventually.

Used furniture is certainly something that most of us should consider using or looking into when creating a working space in our homes. It is no mystery that certain furniture brands can make a noticeable dent in our bank accounts, both for the house and the office. For many of us, this cannot be warranted, both within and outside of a pandemic.

Many people were impacted financially by the pandemic and needed to look for cost-friendly ways to find secondhand office furniture in excellent condition, such as office desks and chairs, to create a home office. By browsing selections of used office furniture from businesses such as Recycled Business Furniture, you are sure to find a wide range of quality recycled furniture to buy that will suit the space that you are looking to fill.

Recycling your office furniture to declutter and refresh your look

Not only are businesses looking to add recycled furniture to their offices this year, but they are also looking to have a clear out. Rather than throw good quality office furniture away, savvy businesses are turning to the recycling services offered by Recycled Business Furniture.

Recycling your older office furniture can give you a whole host of benefits that you had never even considered before - check out our top benefits below:

  • Reduce your carbon footprint by reducing energy consumption during transport and storage
  • Save money on buying new products or hiring additional staff
  • Help protect the environment by preventing unnecessary production of virgin resources
  • Improve employee morale by providing them with updated furniture that makes them feel valued and gives them more space
  • Increase productivity by allowing employees to use recycled material instead of purchasing new equipment

The benefits of recycling your old furniture are endless, and when you choose to part with these ghosts, it can only ever bring a new lease of life to your office. When you recycle with RBF, you can be sure that your old furniture will be disposed of correctly using our recycling facilities. If your furniture can be updated and renewed, we will take care of this, and it will then be moved to our warehouse, where it will support someone else looking to give their own office a new lease of life. Whether your furniture is being sold on or sent to the recycling centre, we will always ensure efficient and environmentally friendly processes.

Recycled furniture to boost your teams' morale

With many of us paying more attention to the impacts we and our businesses are having on the environment, many business owners chose recycled furniture to reduce their carbon footprint this year.

The reception area is the first thing your clientele and suppliers will see when they walk into your building. Kitting this out with the most stylish furniture products you can find will be sure to give you a memorable entrance. However, finding your ideal reception furniture may be a costly exercise and leave you feeling like you have to spend a lot of money to create the perfect space.

Believe it or not, recycled furniture is a good choice for business owners who want to make environmentally-friendly choices and eliminate a few of the things on their gigantic checklist. It is pretty easy to do so when looking for secondhand furniture since more and more companies are moving towards making recycling the new thing! Recycled Business furniture has a complete range of beautiful pieces that are perfect for your office.

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A very merry Christmas 2021 from all of us at Recycled Business Furniture

Its been a hectic time for us at Recycled Business Furniture this year, and we are grateful to all the clients that work closely with us. From recycling unwanted office furniture to providing contemporary furniture items to a range of businesses at reasonable prices, we are proud to be bringing in 2022 with our recycled materials and reductions in carbon emissions.

To all, we wish you a very merry Christmas and a happy new year - we hope that 2022 is successful for you all. If you would like to get in touch to purchase recycled furniture, give us a call or visit our showroom.

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Secondhand tables to give your office a fresh look

Secondhand tables

There always seems to be something we need to fix in our offices. The lights keep tripping, the chair is starting to rip, and your table isn't quite suitable for your needs anymore. Unfortunately, these repairs and replacements cost us money and with the Christmas period fast approaching; we don't always have the funds to spare in doing up our office space.

This month, RBF looks at how you can save money and still have a great new look for your office with our secondhand tables as good as new. Check out the benefits of choosing secondhand tables over new ones below and get in touch if you need the help of RBF to upgrade your office.

Choosing the best secondhand tables for your style

Your office desk is the pinnacle of the work you do. Many of us sit for up to 9 hours a day at our desks, and for this reason, it's imperative that you choose a comfortable desk that works for you, your space and helps to get those creative juices flowing. Amazingly, around 46.6% of us worked from home at some point during the pandemic, and with 32% of businesses stating they are not sure about the future of homeworking - this option does seem set to increase as we move forwards.

Yet, most of us do not have the correct setup at home, with only 28% of working adults having access to a home office. Many of us have worked from our dressing tables, kitchen worktops, or even the sofa leading to pressure on our spines, legs and necks, and long waits to speak to the doctor. For this reason, having an office desk and office chair that supports your body and your working posture is crucial to high work output and comfort.

Office desks don't have to be ugly or take up a lot of space (a necessity if you are home working). This is where Recycled Business Furniture can help! You can find a secondhand table that is perfect for your needs and becomes an excellent addition to your home rather than an eyesore you try to hideaway.

Don't forget about comfort and practicality!

Your new table should offer you complete practicality so you can work comfortably and effectively whilst sitting at it. Don't just choose a secondhand table because it looks good and fits perfectly in your private office. Ensure you will have enough space to fit your desktop or laptop, space to design if you are in the creative industry and office storage space in the form of a pedestal that could save you space elsewhere.

When choosing a secondhand table, you don't just have to think about the space you need to work from or the style you want. Consider your current office chair as well. If you are not looking to replace your chair, you will need to take into consideration its height and measurements before finding the right secondhand table. Ensure your chair will fit comfortably under the desk and meet all your needs once you have found the suitable desk for you.

At RBF, we stock a wide variety of secondhand tables in our showroom, ready and waiting for you to come and choose the perfect one for your office space. Whether you are looking for adjustable desks, executive desks or general office ideas, RBF have the ideal solution for you and your office.

The benefits of choosing secondhand tables over brand new ones

There are many incredible benefits when you decide to select a secondhand table for your office space:

Environmentally friendly - do your part for the environment by choosing to purchase a secondhand table that would otherwise go to a landfill site.

Cost-Effective - it can be costly to buy the desk you want, so save money and time by finding your perfect secondhand table with Recycled Business Furniture.

More expensive models - if you are looking for the perfect expensive desk, you may well find this in the showroom with RBF. Get an excellent looking desk for your office space that looks incredibly expensive but doesn't break the bank.

Mix and match to find the perfect size - found the perfect desk but don't like the legs? Have the ability to mix and match when you choose to shop with RBF. We can create the ideal secondhand table for you.

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RBF has a great range of secondhand tables for your fresh office look

At Recycled Business Furniture, we have a vast range of secondhand tables, office desk chairs and general office furniture available to see in our showroom. We believe that kitting your office space out with the ideal furniture shouldn't leave you out of pocket or out of style. Choose from hundreds of pieces to get a completely new look no matter what size your office is.

As one of the leading UK suppliers of used office furniture, our customers are always at the top of our priority list. Let us know what you are looking for, and we will be able to tell you whether we have it in stock or are planning for it to come in soon. Our furniture solutions fit every budget, and our excellent customer service keeps our clients coming back time and time again.

To get in contact or come and visit our showroom, give RBF a call today and be confident that you won't walk away empty-handed!

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Ghosts of furniture past - recycle your old office furniture

Old office furniture

You walk into your office on a Monday morning only to be met with a frightful sight. Scuffed and damaged desk legs, chairs that are ripped and falling apart, tired-looking pedestals and a sofa that has definitely seen better days. Don't put it to the back of your mind or add it to your to-do list for next week. If you have decided to get rid of your old office furniture and need to find some cost-effective replacements, speak to RBF. We can support you to remove your old office furniture - either for recycling or reselling - and we have a huge warehouse full of nearly new office equipment just ready to take its place in your office.

In this months blog, we look at the damage your old furniture could be doing to your business and how we can support you to get rid of your ghosts and walk into a comfortable friendly space on a Monday morning.

The damage your old office furniture could be doing to your business

Unfortunately, if you are still working with outdated and damaged equipment - particularly in an office where you frequently invite potential clients to meet you - this could be doing damage to your company in a variety of ways.

Staff morale and retention can be seriously affected by older and broken down furniture and equipment. If they are expected to continue working with furniture that is broken or run down and potentially hazardous to them, it may leave them feeling undervalued and embarrassed of their workplace.

Visitors and potential clients - if they are visiting your offices - could leave thinking that you don't take care of the furniture in your offices, so why would you take care of them? Office furniture is a very visual representation of your business so ensure you always have your best foot forward when trying to impress the visitors and clients who come through your door.

That's why we suggest getting rid of your outdated equipment and looking into purchasing some new furniture to make your office shine again.

Out with the old and in with the new!

If you have decided to rid yourself and your office of your old, worn-out furniture you will surely be looking for new and practical furniture to take its place. Did you know that Recycled Business Furniture can support you with both your recycling needs and sourcing your new equipment?

We provide a range of services to help you reduce the environmental impact of your workplace, including:

Office Furnishings - We can supply all types of office furnishings from desks, chairs, filing cabinets, storage units, shelving etc... as well as complete office refurbishment packages.

Furniture Re-use – Our re-usable products are made with recycled materials or have been designed using eco-friendly manufacturing processes.

The benefits of recycling your old office furniture

Recycling your older office furniture can give you a whole host of benefits that you had never even considered before - check out our top benefits below:

  • Reduce your carbon footprint by reducing energy consumption during transport and storage
  • Save money on buying new products or hiring additional staff
  • Help protect the environment by preventing unnecessary production of virgin resources
  • Improve employee morale by providing them with updated furniture that makes them feel valued and gives them more space
  • Increase productivity by allowing employees to use recycled material instead of purchasing new equipment

The benefits of recycling your old furniture really are endless and when you choose to part with these ghosts, it can only ever bring a new lease of life to your office. When you recycle with RBF, you can be sure that your old furniture is going to be disposed of correctly using our own recycling facilities. If your furniture can be updated and renewed, we will take care of this and it will then be moved to our warehouse where it will support someone else looking to give their own office a new lease of life. Rest assured, whether your furniture is being sold on or sent to the recycling centre, we will always ensure we are our processes are efficient and environmentally friendly.

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Choose Recycled Business Furniture to rid yourself of furniture ghosts

As well as offering a wide range of products that include desks, tables, storage units, shelving systems and more, here at RBF, we also specialise in providing efficient office furniture recycling solutions. Our team work closely with clients to ensure they receive the most suitable service at the right price.

Whether it's a small or large scale project, we'll take care of everything so there’s no need to worry about anything else. RBF has been working with businesses looking to remove their old furniture and replace it with something newer for many years, so we have all the experience and knowledge you need when it comes to furniture removals and replacements. For more information on our services or to take a look around our showroom to pick out your own new furniture pieces, get in touch with us today.

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Secondhand Conference tables - Let RBF help you meet in style

Secondhand Conference tables

Conference tables are essential in any boardroom or meeting place, and finding the perfect one can sometimes be challenging. But you don't have to always buy new to get something that you'll love. There are plenty of secondhand tables out there, and here we will discuss why you should consider a secondhand one and how to choose the perfect one from Recycled Business Furniture for your business.

Why do people even use conference tables?

A conference table is a vital component of any conference room. It is the point of convergence, where all stakeholders can come together to discuss business, share ideas and more importantly, make decisions. While a conference table is an excellent asset to a company, buying a new conference table can be a costly affair. As a result, many businesses turn to the alternative option of purchasing a secondhand conference table.

Conference tables are valuable tools in the facilitation of meetings, but how did this piece of furniture get to the point of being such a significant part of the business world? And how did it become one of the essential pieces of office furniture in the world? Conference tables are used in every boardroom in the world, in every office to assist businesses in their decision-making processes. It has been said that if two people are in a room, there should be a conference table in the room to help them make decisions.

This furniture item is available in a range of styles to suit any business. For example, if you are in the process of redesigning your boardroom, or if you require a replacement conference table to make your business stand out, consider the option of purchasing a used conference table to create a more effective and efficient work environment.

Designs and styles of conferences tables

When choosing the best style of table that will suit your office or boardroom, it is crucial to consider your floor space, your height requirements and what you will be using the table for. Here at Recycled Business Furniture, we have many different table styles available to choose from, including round, square and rectangle, so there is sure to be something to suit your needs. Our range includes modern, traditional, and executive tables to help you find your ideal boardroom table. We also carry various finishes, so if you are looking for a modern, sleek table to match your decor, we have an excellent selection for you to choose from.

Herman Miller Circular Table

Kusch and Co Square table

Luke Hughes Maple Veneer

Large walnut Boardroom Table

The benefits of secondhand conference tables

There are plenty of benefits to purchasing secondhand conference tables, but the most common one is the cost. Every business is looking to save money, but sometimes buying secondhand can be a costly mistake. It’s important to know the differences between purchasing secondhand and buying new, as well as what to look out for when purchasing used furniture.

Buying secondhand conference tables can save you a lot of money on the overall price of the furniture. A cheaper price tag isn’t the only benefit to buying used; there are some drawbacks. One of the main drawbacks of purchasing used is that you don’t know what condition the furniture is in. Some secondhand furniture is in great shape, but some furniture is not.

You need to know what you’re getting, which can be hard to do when buying online. It’s always best to inspect the furniture yourself, but sometimes that isn’t possible. There are also some other hidden costs of buying secondhand conference tables, such as delivery charges. You need to know what you’re getting, but you also need to know what you’re getting yourself into.

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RBF providing secondhand conference tables with style

You've heard a lot about second-hand conference tables being a sustainable and cost-effective way to furnish your business, but would you know how to go about selecting the right table to suit your needs? When you choose to work with RBF, our expert team will provide advice and support to choose a second-hand conference table that adds style to your boardroom and supports your meetings every time.

When choosing conference tables for your meeting rooms, you need to make sure you choose the right size and shape for your space and the correct type of material for your conference room. You will also need to consider the table's location and how easy it will be to manage and keep clean. Recycled Business Furniture is here to support you through all your furniture choices, making your office as good as new for a fraction of the cost. Give us a call today to arrange a visit to our High Wycombe Showroom.

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The Herman Miller Chair - a truly famous piece of furniture

Miller Chair

Miller Chair

If you're in the market for a new office chair and you are not sure what to buy, this handy guide will definitely give you an insight into the god of all chairs - the Herman Miller. With a hefty price tag to purchase new, why not consider purchasing your latest office chair from Recycled Business Furniture? For great quality and even better prices, speak to our team today.

Herman Miller Chairs - do they seem familiar to you?

Ah, Herman Miller. Without a doubt the godfather of office chairs. Sleek in design, ultra-comfortable to sit in on those long office days, and oddly familiar... yes you may have seen it before. Remember the Simpsons episode featuring god working at his desk in a comfortable chair? That's a Herman Miller Aeron he is lounging in. Actually, the Simpsons programme wasn't the only place a Herman Miller has been featured - they are actually rather famous in the world of TV and film. Fraiser, Will & Grace, even Bond in Casino Royale got his own Herman Miller.

Known for the understated design, meant to be appreciated by those who know what a Herman Miller chair is and how sought after they are - particularly the 1994 model which is now considered a classic. Let's delve into the world of these famous chairs a little deeper and see why they are becoming increasingly popular in any office taking their comfortable and design seriously.

Why Herman Miller Chairs are serious business

Over 100 years old with a complete outlook on creating impeccable design and protecting the environment, Herman Miller created a vision to look after both its staff and customers whilst designing beautiful furniture.

Aeron Chairs The ergonomic masterpiece as modelled by God in the Simpsons and various other films and TV series. This chair was created specifically for the office and those who spend long working hours at their desks. The latest models have been created for a range of body types in order to provide the best for a wide range of clients and have also now been upgraded in an environmentally friendly way to include an ocean plastic backing.

Sayl Chairs Belonging to a Sayl family of side tables and stools, the Sayl range was created to offer a minimalistic yet stylish option for an office chair. Still taking on the ergonomic values and principles Herman Miller is known for whilst having fun with the design and shape of the chair to create a unique focal point in the office.

Mirra 2 Chairs Mirra 2 is the design choice that responds to you and your movements effortlessly, so you don't even have to think about it. Available in 2 main back choices - TriFlex or Butterfly - depending on the movement and comfort you are looking for. As always with any Herman Miller Chair, design and style are still high on the list and these chairs are no exception.

Benefits of a Herman Miller chair

Secondhand Herman Miller chairs keep their value and design

As you may have guessed, the price tag of a new Herman Miller chair is going to be out of many price ranges for offices who have to stick to a budget when buying furniture. That's where Recycled Business Furniture can save the day.

Purchasing a Herman Miller chair shouldn't break the bank and when you visit our showroom of beautiful secondhand furniture it won't. we have a huge range of Herman Miller chairs, just waiting for you to try out and fall in love with, and as its secondhand but still incredible quality, the money you spend on your new chair with us will hold its value and design for years to come.

Herman Miller is a household name for many and as such, the brand name and awareness has created classic masterpieces that continue to hold their value over time. For an investment piece that's comfortable for hours, Herman Miller is the only office chair choice you need to make.

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Recycled Business Furniture - home of the secondhand Herman Miller

Recycled Business Furniture, based conveniently in High Wycombe just off the M40 is the home to many pieces of beautiful office furniture that has been recovered from office moves and closures. The aim for RBF is simple, reduce our waste production and provide businesses and individuals with quality furniture pieces at affordable prices.

We have a huge range of stock, both in our showroom and adjoining warehouse and encourage everyone to give us a call to book an appointment for a walk around, where you will be able to source the perfect furniture for your office check it for yourself before purchasing. We are proud of the furniture we can provide our clients and of the hard work we do every day to ensure that the office furniture is not just sent to landfills or to the dump.

If you're looking for great quality furniture, including that perfect Herman Miller Chair, give us a call today and book some time to look around our endless stock!

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Second hand furniture Birmingham

Secondhand furniture

Secondhand furniture

Stress-free furniture removal in Birmingham

There are many reasons why you may be looking for a furniture removals team and Recycled Business Furniture can provide a bespoke solution to clear your unwanted office furniture. Whether you are downsizing, redecorating or relocating, RBF have the experience and expertise to clear your unwanted furniture efficiently and effectively.

Recycled Business Furniture specialise in the removal and clearance of large offices. Our team of clearance experts will handle all furniture removal from bulky items such as filing cabinets, to reception furniture and desks. If you need your office environment clearing out and don’t know where to start, give RBF a call today to see how they can help you and your office.

Not only do RBF support you to clear you offices, we will purchase items from you that are in good condition and we can also recycle office items at our own facilities that have reached the end of their shelf life.

Speak to RBF about your Birmingham clearance needs

Purchase recycled Business furniture for your Birmingham office

Your office furniture doesn’t have to be new to ooze style, quality and comfort. There are many quality furniture pieces available that have been previously loved and are still in perfect condition. Furnishing your office shouldn’t cost you the earth and you should be able to enjoy the luxury and support that comes with purchasing good quality pre-owned office furniture.

At RBF, we have an extensive showroom full of quality office furniture in perfect condition just waiting to become the latest edition to your office space. From Herman Miller chairs offering incredible back support, to extendable electric desks offering you the ability to work standing, speak to RBF today.

If you are looking for the perfect desk space that you can work from comfortably, RBF have a great range of second-hand office desks that will suit you style and requirements. If you find the perfect desk for you that doesn’t quite match your ideal measurements, just let us know - most of our desks are customisable for you and we can cut your desk to the size you need.

Take a look at RBF online shop

High Quality second hand furniture from RBF

At Recycled Business Furniture, we guarantee and extensive range of quality office furniture items where you will find the perfect items for you to make your office stand out. We believe that our customers should get the highest quality office items without breaking the bank and when you shop with RBF, we will provide expert advice and guidance including to adopt the correct seating position and correct desk posture to make sure you not only have the best quality furniture at the lowest price, but that you can use it properly to promote your physical health and wellbeing.

Visit our vast showroom, conveniently based just off the M40, or take a look at our online shop to see what pre-loved office furniture we currently have in stock. Once you have chosen your perfect furniture items, either arrange to collect or have your items delivered by our team.

Visit the RBF showroom

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Second hand furniture Swindon

Secondhand furniture

Secondhand furniture

Choosing pre-loved office furniture for your Swindon Office space

When is comes to choosing the best furniture for your office space, RBF have the expertise and the stock to ensure that no matter the furniture you need, RBF can deliver. Whether you are looking for office tables, storage solutions, unique pieces that make your office stand out or a huge amount of matching chairs, RBF can support to kit your office out to the highest quality.

Recycled Business Furniture have been the solution for many companies who require furniture for their offices, from smaller teams of 10 to large companies with over 100 staff members. With their large showroom based just off the M40, RBF have been the answer for many business across the UK with the office furniture requirements.

Visit the RBF Showroom

Second hand reception furniture to greet your clients

Make an entrance to your office with high quality second-hand office furniture that makes a good impression and reduces your environmental impact. Purchasing new office furniture can have a detrimental impact on your carbon footprint and in a world that is becoming more conscious of the environment and climate change, buying your office furniture from a reputable second-hand office furniture company like RBF can put you on the forefront of reducing damages to the environment.

Pre loved office furniture is a cost effective way of stocking your office with great quality furniture that doesn’t take up your entire budget for the year. Creating a beautiful reception space doesn’t have to cost the earth and with quality furniture from RBF, you can be sure that not only will your reception space be stylish, but it will be practical and comfortable as well.

Visit the online RBF shop

RBF can support with your Swindon office clearance

Not only have RBF made a great reputation for themselves in supplying high quality second-hand furniture to their clients, they have also got a brilliant team of clearance specialists who work with large offices to clear the furniture they no longer need. Whether you are downsizing your space, recreating your office look or relocating your offices to pastures new, the removals team at RBF will be able to clear your unwanted furniture so don’t have to worry.

RBF having been offering a professional solution to office furniture clearances for many years and as such, know a great piece of furniture or collection of furniture when they see one. If your furniture is in good condition, RBF will purchase these pieces from you. If your furniture is past its best and needs to be recycled, RBF will be happy to do this for you for a competitive fee, and using their own facilities, you can be sure that your furniture is being recycled in an environmentally friendly way.

Speak to RBF about your clearance needs

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The best secondhand office furniture ranges


Which type of furniture is most desirable for an office?

This question is best answered by thinking about what you would like most out of your office space. We are all looking for comfort and practicality of the furniture we use, and if you have a smaller space to work with, this becomes more important. Take into considerations your surroundings, your current number of staff and if this is likely to increase over time. At RBF, we have a variety of furniture items that match perfectly, to ensure that whatever you choose, your office looks tidy and consistent.

Should you buy refurbished office chairs?

Office chairs can be expensive, particularly if you are looking for an ergonomic fit and a long lasting chair. Refurbished office chairs have been cleaned and fixed to a high standard so you can be sure that you are still buying high quality office chairs - just at a fraction of the price. You will also be ensuring that recycling continues and that you are doing your bit for our environment.

How do I determine the value of used office furniture?

At RBF, we believe that your office furniture should be valued on the way it completes your office. It is a solution to a challenge that you have and often, that can be invaluable. Why not speak to our showroom experts who will be able to advise you on the original retail price, so you can see the money you are saving?

Should I buy a used desk?

Much like buying a refurbished office chair, a used desk can still be a practical and perfect solution to your office. Our furniture is always the highest standard and has been thoroughly checked before it reaches our stockroom. Purchasing a used desk can save your business money and will still be up to the task.

What does office furniture include?

At RBF, we stock a wide range of office furniture including:

  • Desks
  • Seating
  • Soft furnishings
  • Storage
  • Table

We also stock a variety of miscellaneous items, making us truly your one stop shop for office furniture.

Why buy high-quality used furniture?

At RBF, we are committed to ensuring that little to no office furniture pieces end up in a landfill site. For this reason (as well as the money it saves you) we believe that purchasing high-quality used furniture should become the new norm for any looking to kit out their office space. All the furniture we stock has been thoroughly checked and only the best products become part of our showroom. Why throw something away when it can serve a great purpose?

Where can I find second-hand office furniture near me?

Recycled Business Furniture is conveniently located on the Sands Industrial Estate in High Wycombe, just off the M40. This puts us in a prime location for Oxford, Buckinghamshire and London. Our full address is: Bardeen House, Hillbottom Road, Sands Industrial Estate, High Wycombe, HP12 4HJ. Just click here and it will take you straight to google maps.

Where do you source your second hand furniture?

Alongside our showroom, we have a team of removal experts who support both small and large businesses to clear their office space when they are feeling cluttered, are moving to a new area or no longer need the furniture for a variety of reasons. This is the furniture that we then ensure is of high quality prior to putting into our showroom, ready to be chosen by you.

Do you have a showroom?

Yes, our showroom is based at our office in High Wycombe. Just give us a call to book an appointment and come to see all our office furniture for yourself. We always recommend viewing your chosen products prior to purchasing, just to ensure you are happy with them.

What are your opening hours?

Our showroom is open from 09:00-15:30 Monday to Friday. Just give us a call on 01494 801 067 to book an appointment.

Can I return the product if I don’t like it?

In the unlikely event that you are not happy with your product once you have taken it to your office, we are able to offer a credit note for the items worth so you can find something more suitable to your space.

Do you deliver the furniture once I have purchased?

We do offer a delivery service to those who are unable to collect their items. Currently, due to restrictions that are in place, if you would prefer to have delivery, we are only able to offer kerbside drop off as we are not able to enter the building or private space.

If you prefer to collect your items personally, we can support you with this, and just ask that you ensure the vehicle you are bringing will be able to safely fit the items you are taking away.

How often do you get new stock in?

We get new stock all the time, so you can be sure our showroom is always full of office furniture ready for you to come and take a look. Why not check out our website stock pages before booking an appointment - if you see something you think would work perfectly in your office, just let our team know.

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Top great uses for secondhand pedestals in your space

Pedestals. We at RBF think they are a brilliant piece of furniture. With so many uses, this versatile storage facility can transform any area into a space-saving genius. So many people believe that a pedestal is just for office space, but we are here to tell you, you can do so much more with this furniture. Our blog gives you ten uses for pedestals that could inspire you, whether it's for your shed or your office.

Extra filing space for the documents you need to protect

The bottom drawer of a desk pedestal is perfect for storing your confidential documents. With built-in rails for suspension files and a quality locking system, a pedestal is brilliant for storage files, particularly those that need to be protected.

A Desk Caddy that doesn't take up floor space

Where it all began, a pedestal is the ultimate answer for your desk caddy. A great storage space, particularly for those with limited floor space, your pedestal has all the basic functionalities to provide a secure storage space leaving you room for other necessities.

Mobile seating for visitors and employees

Not many people are aware that many pedestals come with a cushioned top, making it a great seating area. What makes using a pedestal as a seat even better is that because your pedestal is on wheels, it can be moved to suit your arrangements at any time.

Tool storage for the Home 'DIYer'

Many pedestals are used for office and desk storage, but they make great storage units for tools due to their sturdiness and versatility. Whether you are a mechanic or a handyman, you need somewhere to store your devices in your workshop or onsite and what could be better than a mobile, lockable system that doesn't take up too much space but still has enough room to store your much-needed equipment.

Personal Item protection whilst you are at work

Desk pedestals are great for storing your items, whether you are at work or home. Lock away your valuable belongings and be comfortable with knowing they will be there when you get back. Don't forget to lock away those biscuits as well, as in an office they tend to disappear quickly!

Bedside tables with a unique difference

If you have an eye for unique furniture that is practical and sure to be a conversation starter? In that case, why not consider a pedestal as a bedside table option? With plenty of storage space with drawer options for all your needs and a variety of colours that are sure to match your room, utilising a pedestal as a bedside table could be a great choice.

Shed drawers for seasonal items that tend to disappear

If you're constantly losing the extensions to garden hoses, the cap for your paddling pool or the ties to your parasol, you could require a pedestal for your shed. Store all the small seasonal items that always get lost in one place, and you never need to worry when summer comes around again.

Van storage for fiddly screws and materials

With limited space in your van, a pedestal could be a great option to store both your little 'bits and pieces' such as screws and cable ties in the top drawers, leaving space for your more significant tools in the bottom drawer. In addition, the lockable cabinet will provide you with peace of mind that your tools will be safe and won't open surprisingly when you are moving.

Desk support to extend your working space

Pedestals were initially used as desk support, removing the need for one of the legs. This provides excellent storage space and can often claw back some much-needed floor space in your office. But, of course, office desks always benefit from extra space, mainly if you are working from 2 screens and still need a landline phone and an intray!

RBF can transform your space with secondhand pedestals in stock now

Here at Recycled Business Furniture, we have a great range of used pedestals in stock, ready for you to come and take a look at before utilising it in your space. We can guarantee you won't be disappointed with our high-quality furniture, so come and look around our showroom to see just how big our stocklist is! Conveniently located in High Wycombe, we are easily accessed from any part of Buckinghamshire.

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Declutter your space with a Secondhand Pedestal


A pedestal is one of the best choices for a small office or home office. They are a great way to save space and usually come with storage cabinets which can be handy. Purchasing a used pedestal is also a practical way to utilise desk space and storage without overspending. With a great variety of pedestals in stock, we have no doubt that you will find a solution to your office space with Recycled Business Furniture.

Endless pedestal choices with Recycled Business Furniture

If you have limited space in your office, we know you will be looking for a savvy way to save space whilst still having the right amount of storage you need to keep your documents and items safe. Here at Recycled Business Furniture, we have a wide range of pedestals in stock, just waiting for you to choose which one is right for you.

Here are just some of the pedestal ranges we have in stock and ready for purchase:

Silver metal pedestal with a red cushioned top - great for storing items with three drawers, extra seating and mobile.

Cherry wood pedestal - Great for space-saving and storing items with two drawers, this pedestal fits under your desk.

Graphite slimline pedestal - This three-drawer system is an excellent choice for under desk storage for smaller spaces.

Bow fronted grey metal pedestal - If you need extra storage, this four drawer under desk pedestal would be perfect for you.

For more choices in pedestals, why not take a look at our showroom page, where you will find a suitable pedestal for you that matches your pre-existing furniture.

At RBF, not only do we have a wide range of pedestals, filing cabinets and other office furniture, we have multiple of the same item in stock, so you can also kit out larger offices without worrying about your furniture not matching.

Please take a look at our range of pedestals to see which piece of furniture would fit perfectly in your space, whether it's for your office, studio, or workshop. All pedestals are manufactured to a high standard with quality material, meaning they are solid and reliable.

Why quality secondhand pedestals are the best choice for your workspace

When you purchase a secondhand pedestal from RBF, you can be sure that you are not only getting a product in excellent condition for a fraction of the price, but you will be creating extra storage space for your office and saving on the valuable floor space you have.

With offices becoming remote as the world changes, it has never been a better time to reconsider the space you have and create a more efficient working area by purchasing a pedestal.

Our great range of pedestals have many functions:

  • All pedestals are drawers on wheels, so you can move your office around to suit you
  • Pedestals have a drawer section at the bottom that includes suspension files, so you can safely store your documents.
  • Pedestals have a built-in quality lock system, keeping your items safe when you are not around
  • With a flat top surface, your pedestal can act as an extended desk space, giving you more room to work.

For these reasons and many more, it's no wonder pedestals are a great feature in many offices; they are versatile and durable, with a good quality pedestal such as those at RBF, you can be sure it will last a long time.

All the pedestals RBF have are of the highest quality and stocked in the warehouse, meaning you don't have to wait weeks for delivery. Once you have chosen the perfect item for you, we can arrange delivery at a convenient time and place. Alternatively, you are more than welcome to collect from our showroom and drive away with your new purchase the same day.

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Recycled Business Furniture offers a complete office solution.

Here are Recycled Business Furniture; we have supported over 3500 clients and have over 15 years of experience in the industry. Our goal is to give you high-quality office furniture whilst saving you money. With nationwide delivery and a great range of choices from boardroom furniture to designer seating, we have no doubt we have something in our showroom that you are looking for.

Our aim is to save you money and time by repurposing the office furniture no longer required by their previous owners. All the furniture we stock is of good quality and can be viewed in our showroom so you can be sure you are happy what you are purchasing.

Please contact RBF today, or visit our showroom to start choosing pre-loved office furniture that looks brand new.

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A Guide to Buying Second Hand Office Furniture


Have you ever wondered why it is so easy to find businesses selling second-hand office furniture? It is pretty simple. When a company changes their interior or outgoings, they need to get rid of the old furniture and equipment such as computer desks, filing cabinets, tables and chairs. They may not necessarily need everything, but they will want to dispose of it as quickly as possible. Second-hand furniture does not, however, mean old or broken; it can be an excellent way for you to furnish your office in a stylish, sustainable and cost-effective manner, leaving you with money to splurge on that brand new coffee machine everyone keeps talking about!

Why should you furnish your office space for less?

The first thing your clientele and suppliers will see when they walk into your building is the reception area. Kitting this out with the most stylish furniture products you can find will be sure to give you a memorable entrance. However, when finding your ideal reception furniture, this may be a costly exercise and leave you feeling like you have to spend a lot of money to create the perfect space.

Believe it or not, second-hand furniture is a good choice for business owners who want to make environmentally-friendly choices and eliminate a few of the things on their gigantic checklist. In fact, it is quite easy to do so when you are looking for second-hand office furniture since more and more companies are moving towards making recycling the new thing!

Quality office furniture is a cost-effective way to improve the look and feel of your business while making sure workers are comfortable in their jobs. Why not create an office space where you can put your best foot forward in comfort and style. A wide range of office chairs, desks, filing cabinets, bookcases, storage solutions and more are designed to be ergonomically correct to keep your workers free from aches and pains associated with bad posture and incorrectly sized furniture.

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Why choose recycled furniture over new for your workspace?

No matter the type of office you have, whether it is high end, customer-facing or a place for your employees to work, it’s essential that it's comfortable and ultimately inviting. No matter the type of company you are, your office will be high in footfall, and the furniture will need to encompass and support this.

Recycled furniture gives you a wide range of options when sourcing suitable office pieces. Each business is different, and as such, each will have other requirements for procuring office furniture. When you choose to purchase recycled furniture, you’re sure to find something suitable for your budget. Whether you are a start-up business or an ongoing business, you are sure to find a variety of office furniture ranges at affordable prices, making it the best solution, no matter how big your company gets.

Suppose you need a piece of furniture for your workspace. In that case, whether it's second-hand office desks, ergonomic chairs or boardroom tables, business owners can reduce their carbon footprint and make their office space stylish and comfortable by purchasing recycled furniture.

Not only can you renovate your office in style with your custom choices, but you have also reduced your carbon footprint by utilising recycled furniture; your chosen pieces will be delivered far quicker than if you were to purchase new office equipment. Delivery times for new furniture is slowly increasing, and it can be stressful to wait for it to arrive, mainly if you haven’t currently got any furniture! With recycled office furniture, you can enjoy your products much more quickly.

Who are Recycled Business Furniture, and how can they deck out your office for less?

Companies such as ours focus on sourcing and selling refurbished second-hand office furniture items. The difference between our company and the rest is that we don't advertise cheap used office desks, broken sofas or old chairs. Instead of delivering a selection of low-quality products to you, we have a team of experts that ensure that we offer an efficient service providing only refurbished high-quality office furniture. So, next time you’re looking to furnish your office from scratch or refresh your office interior, please don’t go anywhere else but right here! We offer standard nationwide delivery and a showroom where you can see your chosen furniture up close.

With competitive prices and a wide selection of high-quality furniture, it's no wonder Recycled Business Furniture are the first choice for sustainable businesses in High Wycombe and Buckinghamshire. If you’re looking to purchase new office items and you are not sure where to turn, get in contact with Recycled Business Furniture today and book a visit to see the impressive showroom, where you are sure to find the furniture in your office needs.

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Second hand office desks that finish your space


Someone once said that the office is a reflection of the person. We think you’ll agree with that. After all, we spend enormous amounts of time at our desks, which impacts our work output. You, therefore, need to be sure that at least one corner of your working environment is set up to support you in achieving your goals. That entails buying suitable types of office furniture. We’re talking about desks, chair, drawers, among others. Your choice of a desk (and whether it should be new or second-hand, for example) should depend mainly on where you will place it.

How-to tips for second-hand desks to utilise and perfect your office space

For many companies, buying second-hand furniture is a more effective solution than purchasing new. This is because constantly upgrading your furniture to match the latest trends can become extremely costly. The key to finding quality second-hand items is knowing where to look and what to look for.

When needing to furnish an office, an executive suite or even a single cubicle, finding quality second-hand furniture is a practical solution. The only issue that arises from purchasing used furniture is knowing whether it’s in good condition and worth its price tag. Many people are afraid of buying used items like this because they have either been taken care of poorly or have been damaged due to neglect. To avoid concerns like this, it’s crucial to find a reputable business that specialises in selling second-hand desks. You can then be sure that the company will provide only the highest quality furniture that and you may be able to view the furniture in their showroom, giving you a first-hand glimpse of your choices.

The main factors to consider when buying a second-hand office furniture piece are aesthetics and structural integrity. It is essential to check for any cracks or dents in the furniture. This is the best way of ensuring that any structural damages have not gone unnoticed during renovations. Furniture should also be scratch and stain-free as this can make or break a room’s aesthetics. If you plan on selling your second-hand office furniture, there is no point in purchasing new material for covers, so consider used covers instead.

Have a vision of what you want your surroundings to look like

Before buying used office furniture, you need to have a clear idea of how your work surroundings should look, smell and feel. Are you looking for an industrial vibe? Or a science lab-like ambience? The atmosphere surrounding you in your work should tell the world about your business and you as a person.

First, you should determine what works best for your personal needs. Then, while shopping among the different office chairs, desks, other office furniture, like display storage, choose only quality items of your choice. If you check out a few such places, you will find quality furniture and save a lot of money.

It’s always wise to make a list of furniture and office equipment needs. For instance, if you run a small business in the city, you might want to invest more in an office table for home use; it’s not that necessary. This way, you will look for items that match your requirements and pay less for things that you do not necessarily need.

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Get the right desk for your workspace to maximise your potential

It's effortless to fall in love with a desk. There's nothing like a stylish, functional desk in your workspace to make it look even better. But when you're furnishing your office, you must consider more than just the aesthetics of your new tables and chairs.

Bringing stylish modern furniture into your office can improve the work environment of the entire team. It can also help boost productivity and creativity, as contemporary furniture encourages better work habits. But when it comes to choosing furniture for your workplace, there are more things to consider than looks. You need to take into account the health of your employees in addition to their comfort. This is why you should look into ergonomic furniture if you haven't done so already.

You'll no doubt have space in your mind where you dream about your piece of furniture. The beautiful, modern lines might be a perfect addition to your home office or even an ample open plan office space with plenty of natural light. It'll be perfect for tasks like meeting with clients, checking email, and working on documents.

Recycled Business furniture has the solution for you.

You don't need to make space because we can help you find a desk that fits your space. Here at RBF, we locate and sell an extensive range of high-quality second-hand business furniture at an affordable price. From office desks to boardroom tables, we do not doubt that you will find what you are looking for in our showroom. Conveniently located on the Sands Industrial Estate in High Wycombe, why not give us a call to book a time to find your perfect office desk!

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Top tips to get your team office-ready in 2021


If you are working in a small business office, you will know how important it is to have correctly set up workstations. You can hire the best employees, but if you do not have a well-made workspace, they will lose interest and productivity throughout the day. Lack of productivity is just one of the many reasons your businesses should carefully plan their office furniture. That’s why recycled furniture is the best option. However, no business owners think about these issues when setting up their office until they run out of time and space.

Getting ready to return to the office after lockdown

What does your workplace say to people arriving for their first day? What about your most valued customers and vendors? The physical environment offers your employees and customers a striking impression of your business. There are several ways to showcase that even a small business can have a unique physical environment.

When cleaning your environment, it is essential to remove all dirt, dust, and germs, as this is the only way to ensure that the inside of your office remains as clean as possible. You never know who has been in your workplace before you arrived for the day! Before you begin cleaning, you should always make sure that the room is empty. Having an open space will give you fresh ideas and encouragement.

Spring cleaning is a way to revitalise and refresh your office and promotes a good experience for employees. A workplace with a clean and tidy ambience gives more positive vibes that boost your employees' morale. By organising your spaces, equipment, and materials, you can make minor adjustments that would eventually lead to giving you long-term results that will affect your entire company's productivity.

Spring cleaning is not just about having a clean environment but looking at your workplace objectively and deciding whether you have any unwanted furniture or whether you need to replace the furniture you do have.

When we step back into our workplaces this year, they may continue to look different and require more safety measures than they would typically have. Workplace dividers have become a regular part of most offices in the last year; however, dividers can also be used by employees long term to promote your employees' independence and concentration.

Storage for paperwork that leaves your office clutter-free

Given the lack of flexibility that many companies have in their floor design, it is worth looking at the impact the environment can have on worker productivity. Bear in mind that modern offices are becoming significantly more environmentally friendly and this is mainly down to the type of furniture used and the source location.

Employers can purchase all office storage and furniture in an economical and environmentally friendly way. Recycled office furniture is an essential step in creating a greener, more environmentally friendly environment by using pre-loved furniture. This step gives you good old-fashioned ingenuity and flair for design whilst helping the environment at the same time. Keeping on top of your resource use and recycling facilities will also reduce the amount of junk you send to landfill sites.

Storage space is often limited, and employers need to be creative when purchasing office storage. They don't define any existing space for staff and still ensure they have enough filing cabinets to store the personal client's data they have. Employers should also be wary of desk drawers and the ability to store essential documents. Whilst this can be beneficial, often paperwork will go missing or get entirely lost without a robust filing system in place.

DSE - safety for your teams' workspace and environment

All employers will be aware of the DSE (Display Screen Equipment) test mandatory for all employees working with a computer throughout the day. Office furniture can also be supplied to support and promote good DSE, and ergonomic desks and office chairs don't have to cost a fortune.

Companies who actively promote good DSE throughout their employees are ultimately looking after their workers' health and wellbeing, which is imperative for a good workforce with a high retention rate.

A healthy working environment will promote good working ethics and improve employee output, and this starts with something as simple as the furniture they use daily. Individual desks, comfortable lighting, optimal screen height and a decent office chair will make a big difference to how an employee feels during the day.

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Breakout space for your employees to take 5

What does your office say to people arriving for their first day? What about your most valued customers and vendors? The physical environment offers your employees and customers a striking impression of your business. There are several ways to showcase that even a small business can have a unique physical environment.

More than ever, it is essential that your employees have space to move away from their desks and change their environment periodically throughout the day. Having breakout spaces boosts office morale and can create a more pleasant experience during the working day.

We have been used to a virtual office for the last year, including having the luxury of moving away for 5 minutes when needed. Now that employees are returning to a physical workplace, they need a warm environment that supports them in taking regular breaks away from their emails.

Recycled Business Furniture understands the need for breakout space and can provide high-quality furniture to make any work-free area inviting and comfortable.

Recycled Business Furniture can help your office.

Do you want to give your employees a renewed experience of space? Or is it that time of the year where you need to redo office furniture? We know how to turn around rooms, even the more loved ones that have been in use for a long time. Are you ready for an office makeover with Recycled Business Furniture?

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Using Second-Hand Office Shelving To Enhance Your Home: Our Top Tips


Buying second-hand can have a range of benefits. Lower costs, eco-friendly buying and the range of options available are just a few of the ways that your home could benefit.  

There has been a considerable rise in the popularity of upcycling, and second-hand office furniture is perfect for any DIY project. They are typically a perfect blank canvas to put your creative stamp on, making them ideal for many areas of the home.

Whether you want a DIY project that will involve a total overhaul of the second-hand furniture or just something that will need a lick of paint to fit seamlessly into your home, you’re sure to find the perfect units here at RBF.

Here are a few of our top tips for using second-hand office shelving around your home.

Why Use Second-Hand Office Shelving

One of the most attractive things about second-hand office supplies is the affordability. By its nature, second-hand furniture is much lower in cost than brand new, and with office furniture, it is often well cared for or barely used.

Office furniture usually comes in neutral tones, making them perfect for anyone who wants to customise and make the shelving their own. Office furniture comes in various materials, but almost all are simple wood effect or metal, making them the ideal blank canvas for anyone creatively minded.

Buying second-hand is also a crucial way that we can help to combat the throwaway culture and keep perfectly functional items from going to landfill. If you are looking for ways to be more eco-conscious in your daily life, then you can’t go wrong with buying second-hand.

Create A Unique Bookshelf

If you need a bookshelf for your home and want something that isn’t merely run of the mill, then you should consider buying a tambour cupboard with in-built shelving. You could consider removing the doors to show your books to their best advantage or keeping them in place to protect valuable books in a busy family home.

A metal tambour cupboard could be perfect for any home that has metallic highlights. You could also consider sanding or burnishing a metal container to create a rustic, lived-in look that will complement any home décor.

Innovative Bathroom Storage

The great thing about office storage is that it comes in all shapes and sizes, making it ideal for finding the right size shelving to suit your bathroom. Most bathrooms have limited space for storage, so taking advantage of upwards space can be essential.

You could consider tall and slim locker storage to add more shelving space to even the smallest of bathrooms. As they are generally metallic, you may need to treat the shelves to ensure no corrosion from steam.

An Unusual Wine Rack

There are many different office shelving units that you could convert to be a quirky wine rack. Depending on your wine collection size, you could consider using wooden cupboards to display your collection.

All you will need to do is purchase some wine racking to install to keep your bottles from becoming damaged. You could also consider customising your wine rack by adding metal details, such as shelves from a metal cupboard.

If you are even more creatively-minded, you could consider decorating your wine rack with paint or adding some stencils to create a beautiful design.

Plant Shelf

Office shelving could be the perfect solution for anyone lacking in garden space. You could consider investing in a metal unit that you could place in your home, garden or flat balcony that you can then fill with potted plants.

Office cabinets are typically large and sturdy, making them perfect for anyone wanting to use them to expand on their garden space. You could consider starting small with low maintenance plants if you have never tried out your green thumb before, then move on to more advanced gardening.

DIY Floating Shelves

You can find many materials in second-hand office supplies that are perfect for creating the shelving you want. If floating shelves are the ideal fit for you, then you could consider purchasing a small coffee table that you can then cut to size, sand and affix to the wall. It is worth noting that you will need the skills and expertise to treat the wood or metal and properly install the floating shelf fixtures. That being said, this could be a great DIY project for anyone who is a dab hand with woodwork.

Credenza Media Unit

Finding the right media unit to shelve your video games consoles, DVD player, family games, and TV can be tricky – and expensive. A great alternative that anyone should consider is a second-hand credenza unit. These are shaped like traditional media units and come at the perfect height for a TV to stand on. They also have different compartments, perfect for storing various electronics when not in use.

You could put your stamp on an office credenza by painting it in a vibrant colour or choosing a dark colour you would usually see on TV stands and media units. For some added character, you could also consider adding some patterns or stickers, particularly if this is a piece of furniture used frequently by the kids.

Garage Storage Trolley

It can often be tricky to find the storage units that you need in a garage. One unique and unusual storage method and transporting things from house to garage could be with a post trolley. With removable baskets for storage, this could be the perfect tool to help you out around the garage and garden, particularly if you are doing any major DIY work.

A post trolley could also be perfect for anyone who does any mechanical work or bicycle maintenance, allowing you to keep tools at easy reaching distance when not in use.


There are many ways that modern second-hand office shelving can benefit a private home. Here at RBF, we have a vast range of office furniture to suit any taste, so you are sure to find the affordable, high-quality shelving that you need for your home. If you’d like to know more, contact us today to find out about the wide range of products in our catalogue.

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Top 10 Tips for Buying Second Hand Office Furniture

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New vs. Used Office Furniture: Which is Best for Your Home?


The home office is something we are confident has become a staple in many Brits' homes over the last year, not to mention the added home-schooling for our working parents out there. Working from home has taken over our lives in ways we could only imagine; creating a makeshift desk was something that most office-workers and beyond had to do.

However, as we find ourselves working from home more than ever, and with it becoming more the 'norm,' creating a comfortable desk and working environment in the house is of importance. No more zoom calls at the dining table surrounded by the leftover bowls from breakfast! Today, you need quality office furniture, and many individuals are turning to companies like ours and their range of used office furniture.

If you find yourself in the position where you are overhauling your home working environment, you have probably considered the different office furniture and décor that you will need. That is where we come in with our range of quality used office furniture to buy.

We have created a blog comparing used office furniture and new office furniture so that you can decide which solution will work best for your home. Keep reading for some inspiration!

Used Office Furniture

Used furniture is certainly something that most of us should consider using or looking into when creating a working space in our homes. It is no mystery that certain furniture brands, both for the home or the office, can make a noticeable dent in our bank accounts. For a lot of us, this cannot be warranted, both within and outside of a pandemic. Many people have been impacted financially by the pandemic and are sure to be looking for cost-friendly ways of finding quality second-hand office furniture, such as office desks and office chairs, to create a home office. By browsing selections of used office furniture from businesses such as Recycled Business Furniture, you are sure to find a wide range of quality used office furniture to buy that will suit the space that you are looking to fill.

Refurbished office furniture is designed to save you money and give you the quality second-hand office desks, office chairs and other office items that you need at a fraction of the cost of new products. You can buy a range of used furniture items online and browse our range of quality products.

Not only is this a cost-effective way of finding office furniture, but you are also lowering the carbon emissions that you are creating by purchasing second-hand office furniture. New office furniture that has been thrown out will make excess amounts of carbon emissions, whereas, if you purchase something from a second-hand store like that of RBF, you are eliminating these emission levels. Help the planet while helping your bank account!

New Office Furniture

While some people will be happy to purchase used office furniture for their homes, some would prefer to buy their office furniture from new. New office furniture has the advantage over second-hand office furniture of not being used beforehand, so you can rest assured that you will be the first person to christen that chair or desk. Compared to the likes of used office furniture warehouses, you don't have to worry about how you will collect your new item of furniture. That's because, as in both cases, warehouse/business owners or the furniture manufacturers will make sure that the furniture is delivered to your home in a safe manner.

For some, purchasing new office furniture instead of second-hand office furniture is purely based on creating a particular atmosphere or aesthetic in a room. Suppose you have selected to have a specific colour scheme in your home's office. In that case, it can be challenging to guarantee that a used office furniture business will have the exact colour or item you are looking for to decorate your home. By purchasing to order online or in-store – when allowed – you can be sure that the aesthetic you are searching to create will be fulfilled as best as possible.

So, What Is the Best: Second Hand Office Furniture Or New Items?

It can be challenging to determine what is best for your home without purchasing and trying different furniture items, both used furniture and new items. For those wanting to create a home office, using second-hand office furniture is an excellent way of going about your project. You will be making a different working environment in your home, further increasing your productivity and comfort while ensuring that you do not break the bank to achieve this.

As the current lockdown restrictions are upon us, and with uncertainty regarding when workers will be returning to the office workplace – if they are returning at all – nothing is stopping you from splurging on either new or used office furniture. By choosing the right products, you will make sure that you are as comfortable as possible about your day-to-day duties as an employee or employer.

If you are finding yourself in the position where you will need to purchase used furniture for your home or workplace, now or shortly, consider using the services of businesses like ours to fulfil your needs. Providing everything you will need to run an office successfully – desks, chairs, coffee tables and chairs, filing cabinets, and more – you can rest assured that you will have everything you need to conduct your business. What's more, you won't be spending too much money on the furniture, leaving you to either save the leftover funds or invest it into a different part of your business moving forward.

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Protect the Environment with Recycled Business Furniture

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Compiled       14/05/20

Reviewed        18/05/20, 09/09/20, 04/11/20, 01/12/20, 05/01/21

Issued            18/05/20, 10/09/20, 04/11/20, 03/12/20, 06/01/21

Version            5

Introduction Everyone needs to assess and manage the risks of COVID-19. As an employer, we have a legal responsibility to protect workers and others from risk to their health and safety. This means we need to think about the risks they face and do everything reasonably practicable to minimise them, recognising you cannot completely eliminate the risk of COVID-19. Clear Environment Ltd and Recycled Business Furniture Ltd have continued to trade throughout the Lockdown period, by modifying practices and following government requirements and general advice at that time. This has been planned and implemented with the consultation of all staff throughout the process and with their full co-operation and agreement.

1 Managing risk Objective: To reduce risk to the lowest reasonably practicable level by taking preventative measures, in order of priority. Employers have a duty to reduce workplace risk to the lowest reasonably practicable level by taking preventative measures. Employers must work with all clients or contractors sharing the workplace so that everybody’s health and safety is protected. In the context of COVID-19 this means working through these steps in order: · In every workplace, increasing the frequency of handwashing and surface cleaning. · Due to the nature of our business it is not possible for staff to work from home, if not already doing so. · Everyone should make every reasonable effort to comply with the social distancing guidelines set out by the government (keeping people 2m apart wherever possible). · Our circumstances and services mean that this is not always possible, so in order to minimise risk we have:- Closed our showroom facility to the public and operated an on-line and phone service. Modified our operating practices and Method Statements to comply with recommendations at the time. Increased the frequency of handwashing and surface cleaning. Kept staff apart wherever possible. Re-organised the office arrangement to assist in social distancing. Reduced the number of people each person has contact with by using our own staff, known sub-contractors and outside courier companies only. Ensured that any staff members regarded as high risk have been furloughed until deemed safe to return. Furloughed non-critical staff to reduce staffing levels on site.

2 Staff Objective: It is recognised that the nature of our work in this environment requires staff to work on sites, in vehicles and at our offices. We must mitigate circumstances to keep them safe and well. Steps that have been considered and implemented: · Planning for the minimum number of workers needed on the premises and deployed in the field to operate safely and effectively. · Monitoring the well-being of people who are working from home and helping them stay connected to the rest of the workforce, especially if the majority of their colleagues are on-site. · Keeping in touch with off-site workers on their working arrangements including their welfare, mental and physical health and personal security. · Protecting people who are at higher risk. · Insisting and facilitating people who need to self-isolate by ensuring they do not attend work for 14 days. All other Health and Safety, Equality and legal obligations as an employer are being fulfilled in the normal manner.

3 Social distancing at work Objective: To maintain 2m social distancing wherever possible, including while arriving at and departing from work, while in work, and when travelling between sites. It is not generally possible to keep a distance of 2m inside vehicles. Most in-vehicle tasks need more than one person and changing vehicle configurations to create more space is not practical. We have considered what activities need to continue for the business to operate, modified our practices and are taking all the mitigating actions possible to reduce the risk of transmission between staff. Social distancing applies to all parts of a business, not just the vehicles, but also the warehouse, office, showroom and client sites. These are often the most challenging areas to maintain social distancing.

3.1 Coming to work and leaving work Objective: To maintain social distancing wherever possible, including on arrival and departure, and to ensure handwashing upon arrival. Steps implemented: · Staggering arrival and departure times at work to reduce crowding into and out of the workplace. · Providing additional parking or facilities to help people walk, run or cycle to work where possible. · Limiting passengers in vehicles to two. · Reducing use of public transport where possible.

3.2 Moving around buildings, worksites and destinations Objective: To maintain social distancing while people travel through the workplace. Steps implemented: · Reducing the number of workers at the warehouse/office and on client sites at a given time based on minimum operational safety requirements. · Scheduling times for the collection of goods to avoid over-crowding. · Picking goods ahead of collection and loading onto vehicles without interacting with the driver, by segregating the warehouse entrance and collection point by using physical barriers and tape. · Reducing job and location rotation. · Finding alternative delivery solutions using courier and pallet services. · The internal routes within the building are wide and although a one-way system is not operationally feasible, it is deemed possible to socially distance by waiting in a distant area, while somebody passes by. · Increasing the number of available toilet facilities on site to enable social distancing.

3.3 Social distancing in vehicles Objective: To maintain social distancing wherever possible between individuals when in vehicles. Steps implemented: · Devising mitigation measures where workers have no alternative but to work within 2m to minimise the risk of transmission, including: – clear signage to outline social distancing measures in place – single person or contactless refuelling where possible – sitting side-by-side not face-to-face and increasing ventilation where possible · Using a fixed pairing system where people have to work in close proximity. · Making sure vehicles are well-ventilated to increase the flow of air, for example, by opening a window. · Ensure regular cleaning of vehicles, in particular between different users.

3.4 Carrying out deliveries or collections Objective: To maintain social distancing and avoid surface transmission when goods enter and leave the vehicle. Steps implemented: · Scheduling to limit exposure to large crowds and rush hours where appropriate. · Revising pick-up and drop-off collection points and procedures with signage and marking. · Where possible and safe having single workers load or unload vehicles. · Minimising unnecessary contact on site by providing ‘door drop’ deliveries only, where possible. · Maximising use of electronic paperwork where possible, and reviewing procedures to enable safe exchange of documents. · Enabling drivers to access welfare facilities when required and consistent with other guidance. · Encouraging drivers to stay in their vehicles where this does not compromise their safety and existing safe working practice.

3.5 Accidents, security and other incidents Objective: To prioritise safety during incidents. Steps that will usually be needed: · In an emergency, for example, an accident, fire, or break-in, people do not have to stay 2m apart if it would be unsafe. · People involved in the provision of assistance to others should pay particular attention to sanitation measures immediately afterwards, including washing hands.

4 Managing customers, visitors and contractors

Objective: To minimise contact risk and provide and explain available guidance Steps implemented: · Closing of showroom for general access. Some clients are now returning to work, so an appointment only system has been implemented to ensure that only one customer is present on site at any time. · Ensuring delivery and receipt confirmation can be made contactless and avoiding physical contact when handing goods over to the customer or delivery driver/contractor. · Preparing for goods to be dropped off to a previously agreed area to avoid transmission. · Maintaining a record of all visitors. · Providing guidance and explanation on social distancing and hygiene to staff, contractors, clients and visitors · Understanding the protocol for collecting and distributing goods across different locations and agreeing these in advance. · Regularly briefing staff, communicating to customers and providing signage and reminders for everyone.

5 Keeping the workplace clean

Objective: To keep the workplace clean and prevent transmission by touching contaminated surfaces. Steps implemented: · Frequent cleaning of work areas and equipment between uses, using usual cleaning products. · Frequent cleaning of objects and surfaces that are touched regularly, such as door handles, fuel pumps and vehicle keys, and making sure there are adequate disposal arrangements. ·

Encouraging workers to wash hands before boarding vehicles. · Retaining sufficient quantities of hand sanitiser / wipes within vehicles and in the office/warehouse to enable workers to clean hands after each delivery / drop off. · Clearing workspaces and removing waste and belongings from the vehicle at the end of a shift. · Using signs and posters to build awareness of good handwashing technique, including the need for increased handwashing, to avoid touching your face and to cough or sneeze into your arm. · Ensuring drivers have access to appropriate toilet facilities during their journeys and at their destinations. · Providing sufficient hand sanitiser where handwashing is not possible. · Providing paper towels and removing cloth towels/tea cloths. · Encouraging single use of kitchen utensils and regular washing using dishwasher.

6 PPE and face coverings PPE requirements and provisions are already in place regarding steel toe capped boots, gloves, high viz-jackets etc, as per our standard procedures and practices. Current guidelines state: When managing the risk of COVID-19, additional PPE beyond what you usually wear is not beneficial. This is because COVID-19 is a different type of risk to the risks you normally face in a workplace, and needs to be managed through social distancing, hygiene and fixed teams or partnering, not through the use of PPE. Workplaces should not encourage the precautionary use of extra PPE to protect against COVID-19 outside clinical settings or when responding to a suspected or confirmed case of COVID-19. There are some circumstances when wearing a face covering may be marginally beneficial as a precautionary measure. The evidence suggests that wearing a face covering does not protect you, but it may protect others if you are infected but have not developed symptoms. Wearing a face covering is optional and is not required by law, including in the workplace. If you choose to wear one, it is important to use face coverings properly and wash your hands before putting them on and taking them off. Employers should support their workers in using face coverings safely if they choose to wear one. This means telling workers: · wash your hands thoroughly with soap and water for 20 seconds or use hand sanitiser before putting a face covering on, and after removing it · when wearing a face covering, avoid touching your face or face covering, as you could contaminate them with germs from your hands · change your face covering if it becomes damp or if you’ve touched it · continue to wash your hands regularly · change and wash your face covering daily · practise social distancing wherever possible Disposable gloves and face coverings have been provided to all staff and sub contractors.

7 Workforce Management In addition to the measures detailed above, government advice suggests: Identifying areas where people have to directly pass things to each other (such as job information, furniture components, etc.) and find ways to remove direct contact, for example, by using drop off points or transfer zones. Putting in place procedures to minimise person-to-person contact during deliveries to other sites.

Providing clear, consistent and regular communication to improve understanding and consistency of ways of working and to explain and agree any changes in working arrangements.

Using simple, clear messaging to explain guidelines using images and clear language, with consideration of groups for which English may not be their first language. Communicating approaches and operational procedures to suppliers, and customers to help their adoption and shared experience. These are on-going situations that are being considered and implemented where reasonable practicable.

8 Variations / Additions This should not be regarded as an exhaustive document as the health and safety of all persons is paramount, at all times, and as situations locally and nationally change, procedures must be modified and improved where possible, by all parties. We will constantly review our practices and apply common sense and all practicable measures.

8.1 Version 2 The experience and situation since implementation has largely been positive and effective. All measures detailed above are still in effect and implemented by all. Legislation has changed to require face masks to be worn in shops by customers. As we are limiting access, by appointment only and in minimal numbers, we do not believe that this applies strictly to our showroom. However, as a precaution, we will continue to ask customers to wear face coverings. As a courtesy, we will also wear masks in the presence of customers. Staff returning to work from furlough have been briefed, have agreed, and comply with current measures. Customer management to limit access has been improved and managed more strictly. All visitors are required to sign in and provide contact details on entry to assist with contact tracing, if required. A follow up meeting with all staff to reiterate the above points and gain reciprocal feedback was implemented on 10/10/20. In addition, after the Prime Ministers announcement on 9th September, regarding ‘Rule of 6’, all domestic deliveries with immediate effect will be to doorstep only. When delivering to workplaces, social distancing is imperative, as face masks will be removed while carrying goods. This will be stressed in advance to all clients and managed by our staff on site. If in doubt, the delivery must not go ahead. The situation is to be reviewed regularly and in line with changes announced.

8.2 Version 3 The Government announced the latest shutdown to commence on Thursday 5th November. The showroom will be closed from Thursday 5th November and no customers will be permitted on site. It has already been established that the staff cannot work from home and as such, will attend work from site as usual. All other precautions detailed previously will continue to be put in place.

8.3 Version 4 As of Wednesday 2nd December 2020, the lockdown has finished and the Tier System introduced. The warehouse site and all staff are currently in Tier 2. The showroom has been opened under the same protocol as detailed previously in Version 2 of this document and Paragraph 8.1 above. All other precautions detailed previously will continue to be put in place.

8.4    Version 5 The Government announced the latest National lockdown to commence on Tuesday 5th January 2021. The showroom has been closed and no customers will be permitted on site. It has already been established that the staff cannot work from home and as such, will attend work from site as usual. All domestic deliveries will continue to be to kerbside only.

Richard Ryll

Managing Director Clear Environment (Office Clearance Ltd)

Recycled Business Furniture Ltd

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A Practical Guide To Using Second-Hand Office Furniture To Transform Your Home


A Practical Guide To Using Second-Hand Office Furniture To Transform Your Home

Everyone already knows that working from home requires new furniture, such as a more comfortable office chair or a practical desk.

However, what you might not realise is that you can transform your entire home using used office furniture. If you can find a supplier of high-quality products, like us, then you can use office furniture to turn any house into a comfortable haven.

As many of the UK's biggest employers consider keeping employees working from home indefinitely, there is more used office furniture on offer for homeowners to make the most of and use as a value-for-money alternative to expensive new products.

At Recycled Business Furniture, we know that second-hand office furniture has a lot of potential in homes. You can use used office furniture to furnish more than just your home office; you can put used office furniture throughout your home.

If you're looking for inspiration on how to use second-hand products in your home, then keep reading, and our experts will show you how to transform your entire house with our second-hand office products.

Create The Perfect Home Office With Used Office Furniture

While it isn't the only place that you can use our high-quality used office products, the first place to start when using office furniture to transform your home is your home office. If you're working from home for the foreseeable future, then you'll need to create a more permanent workspace than the kitchen table, or worse, your bed.

You'll need a beautiful desk, but you're not limited to traditional office desks. Office desks come in a variety of shapes and styles, including bench systems for working together with your housemates, or freestanding units for working alone. Our high-quality office desks look great and will give you all the storage space you need for your computer, papers, and more.

An office chair is another essential for any productive home office. There are many different styles of office chair to choose from, so you can find a comfortable chair that will last. Office chairs are designed with productivity and comfort in mind, so a second-hand office chair definitely keep you feeling great throughout the working day.

While these two furniture products are essential to your home office, you might also need other second-hand miscellaneous office products, such as screens, recycling bins, and more. When you buy these products from us, they're designed for offices, so you know you'll get the right product for your home.

Add A Touch Of Style To Your Living Room With Second-Hand Office Furniture

It's not just your home office that can be spruced up with a little help from our array of used office furniture.

As well as used office desks, we also offer an array of used tables, such as coffee tables from reception areas. These tables make a fantastic addition to any home. As these tables are used office furniture, they're great value and often they haven't been used excessively.

We also offer a range of soft seating from offices, such as designer seating so that you can find a unique chair for your living room. These second-hand products save you money when you're decorating your home, while also allowing you to include quality, stylish furniture that will impress your guests.

Used Office Storage Solutions Make Great Space-Savers

When you think of office storage solutions, you probably conjure up images of dirty filing cabinets that aren't in excellent condition.

However, our range of second-hand and refurbished office storage solutions is so much more. Corporate style has come a long way over the years, and today most companies want to show their unique internal culture through their office furniture.

As a result, we have a wide range of storage solutions for sale that will make your home look chic and store all of your precious possessions.

Whether you want a small wooden cupboard to use as a nightstand or a Credenza to store your DVDs in, we've got something to suit your home's style.

Get Creative And Upcycle Our Second-Hand Office Furniture

If you think that used office furniture looks too corporate for your home, then why not try upcycling it? Turning used furniture into something beautiful and unique is an exciting trend in the home decor market, so you should consider using our quality used office furniture to make your home look creative and crafty.

Whether it's turning an office chair into a stunning seat for your living room or making a reception desk into a beautiful storage facility, there's a project for every thrifty and creative homeowner just waiting at our showroom.

By doing the work yourself, you'll not only save money but also give yourself an exciting project. You can learn new skills and feel genuinely accomplished when the project is complete.

With such a wide range of used office furniture available from us, the only limit is your imagination. Our team can advise you about the structure of the products we sell, and what they're made from, so you can find the perfect solution for your next upcycling project.

If you want to save money, then grab a bargain from the range in our clearance section. These quality products are out of style and reduced in price, so you can find a great deal and transform it into a beautiful statement piece of furniture for your home.

Check Out Our Selection To Find The Perfect Second-Hand Office Furniture

As a renowned provider of quality second-hand office furniture, Recycled Business Furniture has everything you need to transform your home into a comfortable space where you can work and relax.

Visit our Buckinghamshire-based used office furniture showroom to check out the range of furniture we have to offer. We've conducted a COVID-19 risk assessment to ensure that our customers and staff are safe so that you can shop for second-hand office furniture safely.

You can also check out our range of products online, including our handy home working package, which includes a desk and a chair. We offer a delivery option available for most of our products, although this might incur an extra charge. Our fitters can put the furniture where you want it in your home, so you don't need to lift a finger.

If you'd like to find out more about our products and how you can use them, then contact us. When you get in touch with our friendly and approachable team, either by calling 01494 801 063 or emailing, you'll get practical advice and support from friendly refurbished office furniture experts.

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Get Productive with a Used Electric Adjustable Desk

Where can I Buy Recycled Chairs?

Is Buying Used Office Furniture Cost-Effective?

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Get Productive with a Used Electric Adjustable Desk

used electric adjustable desk

Whether working from home or back in the office, sitting in a stationary position all day is not good for your health or productivity. It isn’t often possible to take regular breaks, but a height adjustable office desk can provide the solution.

What are the Benefits of Sit / Stand Desks?

Our bodies are designed to move. Regularly changing position and using different muscles helps to circulate oxygen around our bodies, retains flexibility, benefits our posture and keeps us alert.

When we remain seated for prolonged periods, our posture, energy levels and concentration slump. We get stiff, with back and neck pain being a common side effect. Whilst ergonomic office chairs are designed to alleviate some aches and circulatory issues, what we really need is to get moving.

Whilst it would be great to head out for a walk or to the gym, this is not viable in most working arrangements. The great news is that you can improve your health and productivity simply by standing up!

Sits-stand desks make it possible to alter the height of your office desk, so you can continue working whilst switching position. Just operating from the standing position for a couple of 20-minute slots a day can help reduce backache and improve productivity.

Sit-stand Office Desk Options

There are two main options when it comes to adjustable office working; the full electric desk and the adjustable platform.

Full Electric Desk

These are full-sized office desks. They offer plenty of space to work, with the entire desk table rising or lowering into your chosen position. Unless you are fitting out a new home office or workplace interior, these are a replacement for your existing desk.

Adjustable Desk Platform

If you prefer to keep your current desk, another option is the adjustable platform. These sit/stand solutions are portable, which can be ideal for employees who work from multiple locations. Designed to fit a monitor, mouse and keyboard, they are a compact. The limited space works well for some but is a challenge for others.

Best Standing Desks

In July, the Independent reviewed the leading brands to shortlist the ten best standing desks. The ‘best buy’ was the Flytta 2 Desk. It is described as stable, elegant and versatile, but with the price tag of £731.94, it isn’t going to be within every company’s budget.

Cheap Height Adjustable Office Desks

An adjustable desk platform is lower cost than a full-sized electric desk, but these can still set you back several hundred pounds. Fortunately, Recycled Business Furniture offers an affordable solution: used electric height adjustable desks.

Our team is waste registered to provide sustainable office clearance services when companies are relocating, rebranding or closing down. Our zero waste to landfill ethos means that we take time to identify quality used office furniture that is suitable for resale.

All office chairs and desks are cleaned, checked to ensure they are fully functional and undamaged. When they are looking as good as new, they head to our used office furniture showroom.

Second-hand Office Furniture Showroom

Our stock is constantly changing, but as I write, we have 6 YoYo Classic 90 adjustable height platforms available to purchase. We also have 5 full-sized black sit-stand desks from this best-selling brand. You can check the current desk stock on our website. With prices starting from £85+VAT, we offer cheap sit-stand desks from leading brands.

If these take you fancy, you can order online and collect from our warehouse or arrange delivery. If you would prefer to visit our showroom to see our extensive range of used office furniture, we request that you call 01494 801064 to arrange a viewing time.

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Secure Storage with Used Office Cabinets

Secure Storage with Used Office Cabinets

The idea of a paperless office is not realistic in many organisations. Even with the advantages of digital documents, many companies like to keep physical records of important data. To protect business information and comply with GDPR, these documents must be kept in lockable filing cabinets.

Not Quite a Paperless Office

Technology has made it possible for companies to create and store any document online. This makes it straightforward for remote working employees to access paperwork. It becomes simple to share information via email and it reduces the operating costs associated with printing and paper supplies.

Despite the many advantages of digital documents, few companies have gone completely paperless. Legal and financial documents, signed employment contracts and compliance paperwork are some of the items that are typically retained as both digital and paper records.

These documents typically contain important and valuable information. To mitigate the risk of them getting lost, damaged or stolen, it is important to store them in lockable filing cabinets.

Other paper documents include those idea-generating planning meetings, where employees share inspiration for future products, services, marketing campaigns and customer engagement initiatives. Not all will be immediately actioned, but you want to keep a record for when the time is right.

Storing Financial Records

You may have invested in accounting technology, but remember that limited companies need to retain financial records for 6 years after submitting accounts. Keep hold of relevant paperwork that was collated before you went digital.

Lockable Cabinets to Comply with GDPR

If the documents contain any information that is classed as identifiable personal data, secure storage is also a GDPR requirement. This includes health information, appraisal or grievance records, home addresses and financial information. As such, any paper invoices that your business receives need to be filed.

If you have old filing cabinets with broken locks, missing keys or damage that makes them easy to force open, it is time for an upgrade, but there is no need to buy new!

As many organisations have reduced their requirement for paper document storage, you can buy high-quality second-hand filing cabinets. This is where Recycled Business Furniture comes in.

Second-hand Office Filing Cabinets

Our experienced and authorised team provide office clearance services when companies are relocating, rebranding or closing down. With an eye for quality and a commitment to zero waste to landfill, we identify quality used office furniture that is in good as new condition.

We clean, ensure that there is no damage and check that all parts are fully functional. This includes testing that lockable filing cabinets have working locks. If the keys are missing, we use a trusted company, Fast Key, to provide a replacement.

Any items that meet our high standards are moved to our used office furniture showroom. We also photograph items to display the latest stock on our website and the Recycled Business Furniture Facebook page.

If you take a look at the office storage section on our website, you will see that we have a variety of different size and colour filing cabinets on offer. If you are looking for a smaller option, lockable pedestals that sit under your office desk or Tambour cupboards might fit the bill.

You will notice that we also stock large cabinets and employee lockers, along with office chairs, height-adjustable used office desks and other 2nd hand office furniture.

Supplier of Quality Used Office Cabinets

Whether you are a sole trader or a large corporation, a well-organised filing cabinet makes it easy to locate the necessary paperwork when you need it. Let us provide an affordable way to get that paperwork in order and under lock and key.

To protect the health of our employees and customers, our Buckinghamshire second-hand office furniture showroom is open by appointment only. You can order online and collect from our warehouse, or we can arrange delivery, but if you prefer to try before you buy, please call 01494 801064 to arrange a viewing time.

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Where can I Buy Recycled Chairs?

Where can I Buy Recycled Chairs

Do you usually arrive at work, head to your desk, sit down in your chair and log on without a second thought? Things have changed. We’ve been forced to adapt workspaces, work patterns and processes to reduce potential risks to our health. Never before have so many businesses been focused on their office furniture and interior layout.

Many businesses have fast-tracked work from home options. Technology has made this a viable option for years, yet it took a pandemic to make it happen. As business owners realise that home working is viable, it could spell change. Are you considering downsizing to a smaller office for a core team, whilst encouraging employees to operate from home offices?

If the new office plans mean you have an excess of furniture, what are the options for clearing the space? The skip might be an obvious choice, but that is incredibly wasteful. Those office desks and chairs could be given a new home.

Recycling Office Chairs

Task chairs are complex designs, consisting of a mix of materials. Plastics, stainless steel, aluminium, foam and rubber are cleverly combined to provide comfort for those sitting for long periods. Whilst they are ergonomic delights, it is difficult to separate this combination of materials, therefore office chair recycling rates are very low. In the UK alone, around 1.8million office chairs end up in landfill every year*.

Recycled Office Furniture offers an alternative. Our professional team is registered with the Environment Agency to collect excess office furniture. Our policy is ‘zero to landfill’.

Approximately 14% of used office chairs are currently collected or donated for reuse. This small figure is estimated to save 12,000 tonnes of CO2-eq every year*. In addition to reducing the carbon footprint, there are considerable cost savings for the companies that purchase recycled chairs instead of buying new.

Recycled Business Furniture wants to play a part in boosting those environmental and financial savings.

Office Furniture Collection Service

Our team visits companies that are relocating, upgrading their interior design or closing down. We safely disassemble bulky office furniture and carefully remove all items for free. Our team is experienced and efficient, so they operate in ways to minimise disruption, such as arriving after office hours.

All office furniture is brought back to our warehouse. Other members of the team undertake thorough checks, including:

  • Do adjustable features, rolling chair castors and other functional elements work?· What is the condition of the materials?
  • Is any refurbishment required?
  • Is this office chair still under warranty?

Surprisingly, only around 10% of all second-hand office chairs need refurbishment. They are built to last and most are in excellent working order, especially when it comes to the leading brands such as Herman Miller and Vitra.

Used Office Furniture Warehouse, Buckinghamshire

When cleaning and any necessary repairs are made, these recycled items join the stock in our extensive used office furniture store.

We have thousands of used office desks, chairs, storage and screens, in a range of styles and colour options to choose from. Other organisations can select exactly what they need to fit out their office interior. From supplying task chairs and office desks for home workers to fitting out company headquarters with used office reception furniture, Recycled Business Furniture can deliver.

Our services have saved hundreds of thousands of high-quality office furniture from being needlessly wasted. We have saved the donor companies the costs of disposal. Recipient companies can afford quality office furniture at an affordable price and the environmental impact is greatly reduced.

When items are beyond repair, we take the time to disassemble the parts. Some are used for replacement parts and all recyclable materials are processed accordingly.

Where to Source Recycled Office Chairs

Whether you are looking for a simple way to clear your office or need a trusted supplier of high quality used office furniture, we can assist. Give Recycled Business Furniture a call on 01494 801066 to discuss your requirements, or take a look at some of the current stock on our website.

In a bid to protect our employees and customers, our used furniture showroom is currently open but by pre booked appointments only. We can also take orders by phone or email. Items purchased can be delivered to your premises, alternatively, we can arrange a time for collection from our High Wycombe warehouse.

*data from WRAP Report.

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Redesign with Used Office Reception Furniture

Redesign with Used Office Reception Furniture

In many companies, the first port of call for staff, customers and deliveries is the reception area. Get things off on the right foot by making sure that your business delivers a strong and welcoming first impression.  

The reception area (and the employees working in it) must portray the right image. You can add the wow factor by including branding, colour and personality, yet the priority should be to keep the area clean and uncluttered. In light of the pandemic, these core essentials are now even more imperative.

When designing a reception area, pay attention to lighting, acoustics and temperature. They all play a part in creating the right ambience. Consideration should also be given to stylish, yet durable, reception furniture. With a potentially high footfall, this area of the business needs to be functional, as well as looking the part.

High Quality Reception Furniture

For years, Recycled Business Furniture has been helping companies across the UK to fit out their lobbies in sustainable and cost-effective ways. Our pre-owned reception furniture has been used to fit out company headquarters, council offices, agencies and banks.

We collect, check and clean pre-owned office furniture and re-sell quality items online and through our used office furniture warehouse. With a wide range of desirable brands and colours, we can provide stylish options to match the interior design and company branding at a budget-friendly price.

Customer-focused Reception Areas

Whilst the design of the reception area should be reflective of the company and the values it wants to promote, the best layouts are those which are customer-focused. Let’s consider how it feels to enter your premises for the first time.

  • Is the reception area light and welcoming?
  • Does clear signage help the visitor to know where to go?
  • Does everyone need to come to the reception desk or are there other options?
  • Is reception seating provided for visitors who need to wait for appointments?
  • Does the layout offer easy access to the reception desk and other facilities?
  • Can staff undertake customer service tasks at the reception desk?

It is hard to see a familiar place with fresh eyes, so feedback from customers can provide valuable insight into what they like and where improvements can be made.

Returning to Work as Restrictions are Lifted

Redefining the workspace has become an essential consideration as employees return to work. To help keep everyone safe and healthy, office desks and chairs will be spaced out. Dividers will be erected in factories and plans will be made to limit contact between staff. Split shifts and other working patterns may see more people continue to operate from home offices and personal protective equipment may become part of the uniform.

In addition to protecting the team, consideration has to be given to anyone visiting your premises. From delivery drivers dropping off supplies to customers, there is an obligation to encourage them to keep their distance.

Reception Areas: Making the Right First Impression

As your company prepares to reopen the doors, what changes are needed to manage the flow of people and social distancing measures?

We know that we all make judgements based on first impressions. At the moment, we need to help visitors to feel safe and build their trust. Coming into your premises may be one of their first trips out of the house in months. How can you make them feel reassured that you have controls in place?

  • Markings on the floor will help to guide people on where to stand whilst queuing
  • Customers could be directed to separate areas to reduce queues
  • Hand sanitiser might be available at the entrance or when visitors reach the reception desk
  • Chairs in the waiting area should be moved apart (this may reduce the number of seats available, or you may wish to swap reception sofas for individual chairs)

With attention to detail, you can put minds at rest and help your customers to feel comfortable about doing business with you.

Supplier of Recycled Office Furniture

If you require additional office furniture, Recycled Business Furniture can assist. Located in High Wycombe, we have an extensive stock of refurbished office chairs and soft seating, along with desks, used office cabinets and meeting room furniture. We can also supply second hand office chairs and desks to employees who will now be working from home on a more regular basis.

In adhering to Government guidelines, our used office furniture showroom is currently closed to the public. We are, however, taking orders by phone or email. CAll us on 01494 801066 to discuss your requirements. These orders of quality used office furniture can be delivered or collected from our warehouse, at an agreed time. If you are ordering bulky used reception desks or soft seating, our UK delivery service may be more convenient that collection.

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Health Tips for Home Working in the Covid-19 Outbreak

Health Tips for Home Working in the Covid19 Outbreak
The roads are quiet, the schools are closing and health authorities are advising social distancing and self-isolation. The Coronavirus is having unprecedented effects on us all. As we try to retain some sense of normality as confirmed cases rise, the current circumstances mean that many office workers will now be advised to stay at home. If you have no prior experience of being home-based, it can take a little adjustment. Recycled Business Furniture has collaborated with freelance workers to gather tips on being productive when working from home.

Creating a Home Office

The first step is to ensure that you are well-equipped for the essential tasks. In addition to a laptop and mobile phone, you need a suitable desk and chair. Sitting at the kitchen table is not ideal, especially as you may be home working for months. With thousands of desks and chairs in stock, Recycled Business Furniture can assist. We can supply affordable second-hand home office furniture to get you up and running in the next 24 hours. The need for social isolation is all about protecting our health. Health is also an important factor when it comes to your workspace. Ergonomic task chairs are designed to provide lumbar support, this greatly reduces the risk of back pain and muscle strain. Ergonomic chairs are also designed to promote circulation. They are height adjustable, reclining and on castors. These enable natural movement. Coupled with an office desk, they will ensure you remain comfortable when seated for long periods. It is advised that any office desk and chair are adjusted so that you can type on the keyboard with your forearms and wrist parallel to the floor.

Second Hand Office Furniture Supplier

Recycled Business Furniture undertakes thorough checks on the condition of every item in our High Wycombe showroom. We test all operational features as well as appearance. Only ‘good as new’ chairs are sold. We know that our task chairs will provide comfort as you work. We can supply you with a suitable desk and top-condition ergonomic chair; second-hand does not mean inferior quality. We have a standard and executive home office furniture package on offer. This includes top-condition second-hand office chairs and desks. They will help you to remain comfortable and productive. As pre-owned office furniture, you can also save yourself a fortune compared to buying new. Take a look at our current stock and packages online. If you spot what you are looking for, give us a call on 01494 801066. We can reserve items for collection from our High Wycombe used office furniture showroom. Our team also offers a home delivery service.

Getting into the Right Mindset

With your workspace set up, the next challenge is to get into the right mindset for work. Get up at a set time, get showered and dressed before you log on. The routine will help you to remain focused. Stick to set hours of work and take a lunch break away from your desk. It is a good idea to remove any distractions. Keep unnecessary items out of the room if possible. This way it is easier to avoid temptation. Fresh air and exercise are great for the mind and body. Try to include an hour walk, run or gardening session within your day. You may initially feel guilty about not working, but activity will help you retain productivity over a long period. The lack of interaction will be difficult for many. Although you are away from colleagues and customers, stay in touch. Maintaining communication with phone calls or Skype conversations is good for business and reduces the sense of isolation.

Managing Children whilst Working from Home

The Coronavirus outbreak has led to school closures. This means that many people will be trying to work from home, whilst also home-schooling children. If you have this added responsibility, expect it to be challenging. Remember, homeworking does allow you greater flexibility. You may find it useful to:

  • Get up early and complete a couple of hours of work before the children wake.
  • Communicate a designated slot of time where you are not to be disturbed – they can focus on homework or watch a film whilst you work.
  • Get outside with them each day for everyone’s benefit.
  • Consider whether it is possible to share childcare with another local parent. They might take care of your children in the morning and you have their children in the afternoon.
  • Plan your priorities every evening, this will help to keep you focused the next morning.
  • Speak to your employer about what you can achieve; your full-time role may have to become part-time in the short term.
  • If they are old enough, encourage the children to help out with jobs such as preparing meals and washing to reduce other pressures on your time.
  • Remember, however frustrating, this is not your children’s fault.

Disease Control and Prevention

To help minimise the number of Covid-19 cases, please follow the advice on thorough hand washing, even when remote working. Avoid unnecessary trips or contact with those at greatest risk (at present, this is the Over 70’s, those with pre-existing health care concerns and anyone who has tested positive for Covid-19. Recycled Business Furniture hopes that these tips will help you to cope with the current disruption and uncertainty. Our aim is to retain our usual levels of customer service throughout this situation, so if we can assist, please get in touch.

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Recycled Office Furniture Helps us Work from Home

Recycled Office Furniture Helps us Work from Home
The current concerns over the spread of Coronavirus mean that social distancing is advised. The Government has urged businesses to consider the option of home-based working where possible. Are you in this situation? Many office workers are supplied with laptops and work mobiles. This makes it viable for employees to stay at home. With cloud storage and business software, it is still possible to manage projects, maintain customer service and plan the business strategy. Technology can be incredibly useful, however, to remain productive, you may also need to create a suitable workspace. A place where you can operate effectively with minimal distractions.

Are you Home Working for the First Time?

Across the UK, around 1.5million people undertake full time or part-time positions from home. These include business support freelancers, e-commerce businesses, private tutors and childminders. Over the coming weeks, this number will swell as more individuals self-isolate with Covid-19 symptoms. For thousands of people, this will be the first experience of home working. They are unlikely to have a suitable office set up. The kitchen table might work for a day or two, but it is not a long-term option. The reality is that it could take months before it is deemed safe to return to work. Preparing your house with the right equipment can help maintain a sense of normality.

Recycled Business Furniture for Home Offices

Recycled Business Furniture could provide a solution. Our office furniture showroom is stocked with top-quality used office chairs and pre-owned office desks. Whilst some are suited to large workspaces, many would be ideal for home working. We are currently offering second-hand home office furniture package. We will supply a pre-owned office desk and ergonomic task chair for £140 +VAT. We also offer an executive package, which includes a Herman Miller task chair. This used office furniture can be delivered to your door. Alternatively, you can come and try before you buy. We have free parking outside the High Wycombe showroom to make it easy to load your car or van. Ergonomic chairs are designed to offer good back support and natural body movement. When your home office is equipped with your desk and chair, be sure to adjust it to the appropriate levels. The advice is to ensure that you can use the keyboard with your forearms and wrists parallel to the floor.

Where does this Used Office Furniture Come From?

You may be wondering how we have thousands of second-hand office chairs and desks in stock. Recycled Business Furniture offers a clearance service. When companies relocate, upgrade their interiors, rebrand or need excess stock removed, we collect. With a ‘zero waste to landfill’ policy, our team supports sustainability. We thoroughly check the condition and functionality of all used office chairs, desks, storage and other business furniture. A significant proportion has barely been used. With a good clean, they look new. Other items might need a small repair to be fit for sale. The desks and chairs that are not up to our high standards are donated to charity or disassembled. We can use some parts for spares and others are suitable for recycling. As a registered waste carrier, all items are fully traceable.

Why Buy Second Hand Furniture for a Home Office?

We provide the means to get a branded home office desk and chair for a budget range price. There is no compromise on quality and this is the environmentally sustainable option. You can order and collect on the same day. Then you are all set to crack on with your ‘to do’ list. This unexpected situation may prove challenging. Equally, you might really enjoy avoiding the long journey time, crowded public transport and traffic jams. Going forward, this may prove a viable option part of the time, work-life could be about to change. Your home workspace could provide the means for greater flexibility or even a chance to earn extra money. If you are interested, you can browse our selection of second hand office task chairs, desks online. Our website also shows our home office furniture packages.

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Is Buying Used Office Furniture Cost-Effective?

Is Buying Used Office Furniture CostEffective
When moving into a new Luton office or adding office furniture as the company expands, the budget may be limited. Pre-owned office furniture is going to be cheaper to buy than new, but does it offer long term value? We explore the value of cheap used office furniture.

Office Furniture and Employee Productivity

Selecting ergonomic task chairs and workstations can make a significant impact on the health and productivity of your workforce. Our bodies are not designed to sit for long periods and we can suffer from back pain, headaches and fatigue by the end of a working day.

Research has shown that the physical effects can be reduced if our workspaces are ergonomically designed. Ideally, workers will be provided with adjustable office furniture, including sit-stand desks and variable height chairs.

If the budget is tight, then it can be tempting to buy cheap office furniture. This keeps the initial spend to a minimum, but cheap office furniture is not going to include the best design and features. You may end up losing money every day if your team are uncomfortable and not performing at their best or off-sick.

Considering Second hand office chairs

The other issue with cheap office furniture is that it isn’t built to last. Whilst top-quality used operator chairs may last for decades, you could be needing to replace a bargain range after a couple of years. As such, that initial cost-cutting can actually result in a far higher long-term spend.

Used Office Furniture Provides the Solution

One way around this dilemma is to buy second-hand office furniture. This offers the opportunity to purchase those highly desirable brands. Second-hand office furniture enables you to fit out your office with durable, ergonomic operator chairs, used office desks and stylish acoustic pods, for less. It could mean that your budget stretches to include pre-owned office storage solutions or reception chairs.

If you go to a trusted local supplier of recycled office furniture, you will find used office chairs that look as though they have never been sat on. Gathered from office clearance when companies move, upgrade or go bust, they may have had very limited use. The condition is near immaculate and in some cases, top brand office chairs are still in warranty.

Recycled Business Furniture has supplied Milton Keynes, Slough, Reading and Luton offices. We undertake thorough checks on all items of used office furniture before they feature on our website or make their way to our used office furniture showroom. We are confident that any item will sell can last longer than the cheapest range of new furniture.

What’s more, in a time when we are all encouraged to embrace sustainability, recycling is the environmental choice. It saves plenty of top-quality used office chairs and desks from ending up in landfill, as well as the resources needed to create new furniture.

Do I need eBay to Source Second Hand Office Furniture?

So, you are open to the idea of fitting out your office with pre-owned ergonomic chairs and desks, but does that mean hours spent searching and bidding on eBay?

If you rely on eBay, Free-cycle and the like, this could be a very time-consuming process, which isn’t at all cost-effective. What’s more, you are likely to end up with a mixed bag of items and the full range of quality. If shabby chic isn’t your interior design choice, there is a better way.

Recycled Office Furniture sources quality used office furniture from across the country. We are picky; selecting the best quality items and undertaking checks and cleaning. We check details such as whether chair heights can be adjusted and that filing cabinets are lockable.

Where possible, we purchase multiple volumes of each item, so you can have identical brands and styles for the whole team.

Used Office Furniture Showroom

In a single visit to our Recycled Business Furniture website, you could equip the entire office! With free parking outside the door, it’s easy for Slough or Luton business owners to visit our Buckinghamshire used furniture showroom.

If you spot the style and quantity of used office furniture you want on our website, you could give us a call on 01494 801066 to reserve these items, ready for collection. Visiting the showroom means you can check over the items for yourself. Then load the van and drive away with everything you need.

Alternatively, we offer a nationwide delivery and installation service.  We will arrange a convenient time to arrive at your Luton office with your order.

So, if you are looking for an affordable, sustainable and convenient way to equip your workplace, high quality used office furniture is hard to beat. As specialists, make Recycled Business Furniture your first port of call.

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Boost London Recycling with Used Office Furniture

Boost London Recycling with Used Office Furniture

We all know that businesses have to take greater responsibility for reusing and recycling waste. It is not always easy to know what can be recycled. A recent address from the London Assembly Green Party highlights the issue for London offices and households. Their research identified that what can be recycled varies considerably from one borough to the next.

What is clear is that you cannot always rely on local roadside collections for efficient recycling. What you need is a company committed to sending nothing to landfill. If your London business is preparing to upgrade your office interior, Recycled Business Furniture can assist in one of two ways.

Sustainable Office Clearance London

Firstly, our sister company, Clear Environment offers a comprehensive office clearance service, London and beyond. Our experienced team is equipped and licensed to remove used office chairs, pre-owned reception desks and sofas, as well as second-hand office furniture from conference rooms, break-out rooms or canteens.

Clear Environment is a registered broker for the Environment Agency. We are approved to safely remove IT and electrical items, appliances and second-hand office furniture. For this service we can remove furniture in a range of quality. We will sort it and determine its future use.

We have a strictly ‘no landfill’ policy. This means that we will check, clean and resell any items which are in great condition. Other items can be reconditioned, used for parts or broken down into recyclable components. We also donate used office furniture to a number of charities.

With efficient management of the entire process, Recycled Business Furniture takes the stress out of London office clearance. Whether upgrading, relocating or moving out, you can be assured that our approach supports the Mayor’s target of 65% of all waste recycled by 2030.

Interior Design with Second-hand Office Furniture

The other way to make an impact is by purchasing high-quality used office furniture, rather than buying new. At Recycled Business Furniture, we offer an extensive range of used office chairs. Whether you are looking for ergonomic operator chairs, soft seating for the reception area or canteen stools, we have plenty on offer.

Only the best quality used office furniture makes it into our showroom, so there is no compromise on style. Along with a wide range of second-hand office chairs, you can find used office desks, pre-owned office storage, filing cabinets, acoustic seating and boards. With thousands of second-hand chairs in stock, we can provide every member of your team with highly-desirable Vitra or Herman Miller Aeron chairs. These look the part and are rated highly for comfort.

You can view our current stock online, or visit the Recycled Business Furniture showroom. We are located in High Wycombe, a short drive along the M40 from West London. With free parking outside the door, you could leave with everything you need to fit out your office interior in a sustainable and affordable way.

Open Monday to Friday from 9am until 4.30pm, here are directions to our used office furniture showroom. Come and try out items for size, check for quality and buy exactly what you need.

Help Boost Recycling Rates in London

Consumer awareness is driving change. Those companies which show a commitment to sustainability are already reaping the rewards. If you are considering the impact of your business, you should be considering every aspect of your supply chain. This includes internal processes, as well as supplies relating to the products you sell.

Buying second-hand office furniture could be another angle for promoting your environmental values. It is a means of putting your brand ahead of the competition, without compromising the comfort of your team. Promote your sustainable office on social media and attract new brand ambassadors.

If your company is located in Newham or Westminister, (which are currently way off the recycling target with 16.9% and 21.7% respectively), set the trend for office furniture reuse with our services. You can also add to recycling success in the three boroughs which have already exceeded the 50% mark - Bexley, Ealing and Bromley.

So, whether you need London office clearance or an ethical supplier of all your pre-owned office furniture needs, make Recycled Business Furniture your first port of call. Follow us on Facebook to see the latest additions to our stock or call us on 01494 801064 for further information.

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Trends in the market for October

Trends in the market for October

The second-hand furniture market is a dynamic one. Companies are continually shedding furniture (perhaps because of refits or insolvency), which opens up opportunities for other organisations to grab a bargain.

This October, the situation is no different. We’ve seen a plethora of new second-hand office furniture hit the market, much of it at bargain-basement prices.

Recycled Business Furniture (RBF) is a firm that’s committed to providing business customers with the latest second-hand furniture that comes through its doors every month. In October, we’ve seen an explosion in the number of items available with some clear trends emerging. Take a look at some of the things that are now in stock.

Second Hand Office Stools Made Of Bamboo

Bamboo is fast becoming the office furniture material of choice. The reason for this has to do with sustainability. Bamboo furniture is made of the bamboo plant, a species that can grow incredibly quickly with large yields per hectare. It’s become a must-have for any companies interested in protecting the environment.

Right now, RBF has bamboo leg stools in stock. These chairs are ideal for meeting tables, kitchens and other office seating arrangments where people regularly come and go. The chair has a bamboo plywood base and back with a beech wooden frame.

Second Hand Office Furniture Including Metal Cupboards

Companies need safe storage facilities for their archives and products. Offices, in particular, need lockable cabinets to put sensitive, paper-based information about their financial position or customers. It’s vital to keep data safe.

This October, RBF has two varieties of metal cupboards features, both offering ample secure storage space.

The first of the two is a glass-topped metal cupboard painted in white that is ideal for practically any office environment. The great thing about this table is that the glass on top is removable, meaning that you can easily use the cabinet in heavy-duty situations too. The cabinet measures 1080 mm x 1000 mm by 470 mm.

The other cupboard is a slightly smaller Bisley-made metal cabinet. The cabinet measures 1020 mm x 920 mm x 460 mm and comes in goose grey with two adjustable shelves.

Just like the larger counterpart, the cupboard is lockable, using a single, central key, again offering additional security.

Second Hand Office Chairs

A week rarely goes by without companies needing to gather people in a large space and communicate a message. What’s more, many of these meetings occur in areas that businesses use for other things, such as the canteen. There’s often a need, therefore, for stacking chairs. That’s why RBF has gone ahead and featured them this October. Stacking chair allows firms to neatly and inexpensively store their chairs in a small volume until they’re required. Then it’s just a matter of unstacking them and laying them out at the desired location. It’s incredibly simple when you think about it.

Right now RBF has a range of stackable Gresham chairs in stock. The great thing about these chairs is that they look like professional business chairs, owing to their light grey fabric and chrome frame. While they are stackable, they certainly don’t look cheap and nasty. They’re the sort of chairs that you could use with confidence in any setting, even reception areas.

RBF is also has a range of black and blue Orangebox Joy stacking chairs for companies who need incredibly high volumes of stackable seating at low cost. Orangebox’s priority is comfort, so its chairs come with plenty of padding and built-in armrests for employees during long meetings or presentations.

Used Bar Stools

The restaurant and hospitality sector is enormous and home to many thousands of companies, just in the UK alone. The trend in stocks this October is towards colourful bar stools that can help those in the industry generate exciting interior spaces for their customers.

RBF currently has a range of vinyl bar stools in stock in a variety of colours, including blue, red, orange and green. The seats are robust to spillages and other issues, making them ideal for any location in which companies serve food and drink.

Second Hand Swivel Chairs

Swivel chairs have always been a mainstay of the office environment, and this October, it’s no different. RBF currently has a range of featured swivel chairs designed for a variety of settings and interior design themes.

The Orangebox Workday Lite work armchairs, for instance, have an attractive and flexible mesh back, providing comfort for workers all today long. They also feature a coloured felt-like fabric base that is luxuriously soft to the touch.

With the rise of hotdesking, chairs like the Orangebox Workday have become increasingly trendy. Offices want chairs that meet the ergonomic needs of the widest variety of people possible so that anyone can theoretically rock up to a desk, sit down, and not have to make any adjustments to their seating environment. The Orangebox Workday swivel chairs come with a height-adjustable base, enabling you to pair it with a range of desks.

Used Graphite Desk Frames

This October, companies are looking for customisable second-hand office furniture. They want desks that meet the precise needs of their interior spaces and don’t want to be shoehorned to accepting specific designs, just because that’s what the manufacturer specified.

Herman Miller understands this, which is why they’re one of RBF’s featured products for October. The company has designed a graphite desk frame that is suitable for a variety of tops. This feature means that firms get all of the benefits of a table frame while at the same time, allowing them to change the tops that they use.

The number of second-hand tops available to go with the Herman Miller frame is considerable again providing companies with plenty of options. RBF will also offer additional tops if required.

So what have we learned this October? What are the trends for used office desks and used office chairs? Primarily, we see a movement towards the following: sustainability, furniture that protects data, and items that make it easier to customise the office. After all, no two companies are the same, so their second-hand furniture needs are different.

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Top 10 Tips for Buying Second Hand Office Furniture

Top 10 Tips for Buying Second Hand Office Furniture

Buying second-hand furniture for your workplace can reduce your costs, enhance your eco credentials and enable you to create a bespoke working environment. To get the most from second hand office furniture, check out our top 10 tips now…

1. Plan your interior design with second hand office furniture

When people are buying second hand office chairs or used office desks, they sometimes panic buy and purchase what’s available at the time. However, there is plenty of variety in the used furniture market, so there’s no need to rush your purchase. Plan your interior design in advance and you’ll have a clear idea of exactly what you’re looking for.

2. Consider workplace safety around second-hand office furniture

When you purchase used furniture or second-hand office chairs, it’s vital that you confirm everything is in good working order. This will ensure you to meet your health and safety obligations, whilst still enabling you to redesign and redecorate your office with stunning second-hand furniture.

3. Use varying used office desks

Buying second hand office furniture gives you the freedom to choose varying designs and facilities. Instead of opting for uniform desks, try switching things up with added choice. As well as standard desks, try hot desks and standing desks for your employees.

4. Try out used office chairs

Workers routinely spend upwards of 8 hours at their desks, so it’s important their furniture is comfortable. Before you buy, try out second-hand office chairs to ensure they provide support and comfort.

5. Consider breakout areas using second hand office furniture

Don’t just focus on used office desks when you’re refurbishing the workplace. Second hand office furniture can include soft seating in breakout areas, meeting room furniture and seating for your reception area too.

6. Find second hand storage

Many workplaces spend a significant amount of their budget on storage facilities. When you buy second hand storage units, cabinets and tambours, however, you can access the best quality at a budget-friendly price.

7. Try a statement piece of second hand office furniture

Enhancing your office with a statement piece of furniture enables you to showcase your corporate personality and liven up the workspace. Whether you opt for bright, designer seating, bench desks or contemporary café-style tables, you can use second-hand office furniture to create a bespoke environment.

8. Remember ergonomics when buying used office chairs

Choosing used office chairs which are well-known for their ergonomic shape can enhance workplace health. Office furniture is often designed with safety in mind, so take the opportunity to find second-hand office chairs which minimise the risk of back pain, joint discomfort and headaches.

9. Find a reliable supplier of second hand office furniture

Searching for top-quality used office furniture shouldn’t take up an inordinate amount of time. With a reliable and trusted supplier, you can ensure you have consistent access to a wide range of second hand office desks, used office chairs and a variety of additional workplace furniture.

10. Measure your office before buying second hand office furniture

This one might sound straightforward, but you’d be surprised how many people forget to measure their workspace before ordering office furniture! Before you purchase second-hand office furniture, be sure to take detailed measurements of the intended workspace. This will enable you to maximise the space available and will ensure you get the most from your second-hand office furniture.

To find out more, contact us at Recycled Business Furniture now on 01494 801 068.  

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How Much do Used Office Chairs Cost?

How Much do Used Office Chairs Cost

Equipping a workspace can be costly, with good quality, office chairs setting you back around £500 apiece. The alternatives options are to either buy budget range office chairs or consider recycled office chairs which can easily half your bill.

Top of the range office chairs are designed to provide years of ergonomic comfort. They are built to last, so the fact that they are pre-owned does not mean that you are getting an inferior product. In fact, recycled office chairs can be of a far superior quality than new, budget options.

If you visit a reputable used office chair supplier, it is likely that you can purchase multiple units of the same brand, design and colour. Companies such as Recycled Business Furniture are selective in the office furniture that they purchase. They give thorough checks of all the parts, to ensure they are fully adjustable and in an excellent condition and all items are cleaned.

Used Office Furniture for Contemporary Workspaces

When shopping for second-hand office chairs, there is no need to compromise on creating a stylish office interior, in fact with leading brands such as Herman Miller and Vitra task chairs, you can make a great impression. Once seated in these ergonomic designer chairs, none of your team or visitors will aware that they are sitting on anything but the best office chairs.

As a sole trader, or start-up business, you may only need one or two chairs, so there will be an even greater selection to choose from. Recycled Business Furniture has around 3,500 different chairs in stock, so you can find a style, colour and comfort level to suit your budget.

What are the Environmental Benefits of Buying Used Office Chairs?

The financial cost is one consideration, but buying second-hand office furniture also helps to reduce environmental costs. According to the Wrap ‘Benefits of Reuse: Office Furniture’ document, reuse is one of the most effective strategies for reducing CO2 emissions. The report states that around 14% of used office chairs are reused, saving around 12 tonnes of CO2 in comparison to buying new.

The report estimates that the purchase of around 295,000 second-hand office chairs a year saves UK businesses approximately £6 million. As chairs are typically constructed from a range of materials, they are more challenging to recycle, so if they are not reused, there is a high chance that they will end up in landfill, even if they are fully functional.

As we have all become more aware of our impact on the planet, more businesses are changing their suppliers, packaging and processes to boost their green credentials. The purchase of pre-owned office chairs is just one of the steps organisations can take to further benefit the environment.

Where can I Buy Recycled Office Chairs?

You may be fortunate enough to spot unwanted office furniture on sites such as freecycle. If you can’t wait, or you have a particular brand, style or colour in mind, the Recycled Business Furniture showroom in High Wycombe, Buckinghamshire, has an extensive range for you to try out. We’re a short drive from the M40 and ideally located if you are searching for used office chairs, Slough, Reading or London.

Visit us Monday to Friday during office hours to take a close look at the quality and test our second-hand office chairs out for comfort. If you need a large quantity of one chair, give us a call on 01494 801066 and we’ll let you know what we have in stock.

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What are the Benefits of Buying Used Office Desks?

What are the Benefits of Buying Used Office Desks

In an environmentally-conscious world, we are all giving more thought to product reuse. With companies offering used office furniture for sale, is this a good way to fit out your workplace?

Wrap data suggests that around 200,000 pre-owned office desks are reused every year in the UK. This helps to prevent an estimated 3,600 tonnes of CO2 from entering the atmosphere, as well as stopping perfectly good items ending up as landfill. Investing in second-hand office desks also saves UK businesses approximately £8.2 million in comparison to buying new.

This data provides clear evidence of the environmental and financial benefits of opting for used office furniture, but what about quality?

Is there a Place for Used Office Furniture in Contemporary Workspaces?

It is important for any business to make a great impression on employees, customers and visitors. You want to avoid a work environment that looks tatty, mismatched and outdated and this can leave some business owners and interior designers sceptical about second-hand office furniture.

The reality is that companies such as Recycled Business Furniture actively source top-quality office furniture that is excellent condition. Whenever possible, they will purchase multiples of the same desk range, in order that a spacious office can be fitted out with a matching style of desks.

Did you know that finding used office furniture for sale could mean that your interior is kitted out with Herman Miller or Knoll desks, for the price of a budget new range? This top brand office furniture is built to last and is in great condition, so it certainly will not feel like a compromise – it could actually be an upgrade! For the finishing touch, select branded, second-hand office chairs.

RBF - Supplying Used Office Desks, London and the Home Counties

If you are looking for used office furniture near me, the Recycled Business Furniture showroom is located in High Wycombe, just off the M40. We are a 45-minute drive from Wembley and other parts of West London. We supply businesses in Reading, Slough and other business hubs across the South East. Inside, there are around 2,500 desks to choose from. These include:

Sit Stand Desks

Proven to deliver health benefits, these adjustable desks are ideal for designers, co-working offices, hotel lobbies. All used sit stand desks have been thoroughly checked to ensure full functionality.

Bench Systems

Ideal for the team, bench system desks optimise interior space. They can be supplied with dividers to improve sound insulation and privacy as well as separate desk drawers.

Free-standing Desks

For smaller teams and home offices, free-standing desks often fit the bill. We have a range of sizes available, so measure the available space to find the ideal fit.

Large Desks

From used reception desks for the foyer to executive desks for the boardroom, used office furniture can help you equip all areas of the business.

You can check our latest stock on the Recycled Business Furniture Facebook Page and call us to reserve items of interest. For your convenience, we have free parking outside the door, so it is easy to purchase used office furniture, load the van and set up your new office environment on the same day.

Our approach as a used office furniture supplier is to showcase that selecting environmental solutions offers great quality at an affordable price and ticks the CSR box. For further information contact 01494 801066.

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Employee Well-being at heart of Uxbridge Business Development

Employee Wellbeing at heart of Uxbridge Business Development

Back in 2017, plans were approved to boost the local economy of Uxbridge. £2.5million is being invested to improve the district, making it a more attractive place to live and work.

One of the main developments is Uxbridge Business Park. This is designed to provide a complete work environment. Beyond adaptable office space, the buildings are surrounded by landscaped outdoor space where employees can relax, eat lunch or even take part in exercise classes.

This focus on employee well-being is part of a widespread shift towards attracting and retaining talent. Modern businesses understand that by investing in the health of their staff, they can reap the rewards of a motivated, productive and skilled team.

Office Furniture for Employee-friendly Workplaces

Providing an employee-friendly workplace encompasses many factors, including flexible working hours, access to natural light and even the office furniture.

Sitting in front of a screen for hours on end is no good for anyone; we need to move. From a lunchtime walk or HIT class to adjustable sit-stand desks, the ability to alter our position can help to alleviate backache and other physical discomforts. This results in a healthier workforce and lower absenteeism rates.

Stress reduction is another concern. Sometimes, your team need to work in collaboration, but there also needs to be quiet spaces that allow individuals to focus on tasks or take calls without disruption. Acoustic seating can be all it takes to create that separate space in an open plan office. Supplying your team with the resources they need to excel sounds great, but what are the options if the budget is tight?

Second-hand Office Chairs Provide Cost-effective Solution

Recycled Business Furniture has supplied a number of Uxbridge businesses with quality office furniture that helps their team to work in comfort. As you might guess from our name, the items we supply are not new, but they are in top condition. We even supply leading designer brand second-hand office chairs, desks and break out room furniture.

When companies relocate, rebrand or close down, they often have used office furniture that is excess to requirements. It can be in good as new condition but risks ending up in landfill. By collecting, cleaning, checking and in some cases, reconditioning second-hand office chairs, desks and other equipment, we make a difference.

If you are looking to reduce your environmental impact, boost employee well-being and get a great deal, why not take a look at our latest stock online. Uxbridge is just a short drive along the M40 to our second-hand office furniture showroom, in High Wycombe.

Come along to see the quality and choice that we offer. With thousands of second-hand office chairs in stock, we are confident that you will find the style, quantity, colour and quality that will enhance your workplace. In addition to pre-owned ergonomic task chairs, we stock acoustic seating and sit-stand desks.

You might find that there is still money in the kitty to splash out on a few oxygen-boosting pot plants!

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How Used Office Chairs Could Enhance your London Office

How Used Office Chairs Could Enhance your London Office

Personalisation is at the forefront of current marketing and customer service strategies and it should also form the foundation of your office interior design. We explore how personalisation with colour, pre-owned furniture and acoustic features can enhance the potential of your team.

For years, the design of office interiors has focused on fitting as many people into the space as possible. Fortunately, things have now shifted to a more staff-centric approach.

Evidence suggests that when employees are provided with a pleasant work environment, motivation, energy levels and productivity are increased. In addition, a personalised workspace helps to promote your brand, whilst helping to attract and retain the best talent. This all sounds promising, but what has it got to do with used office chairs?

Office Interiors in Line with Brand Values

Growing awareness and consumer pressure have encouraged many brands to adopt environmentally-friendly policies and practices. One way in which an office interior can be personalised is by ensuring it fits the brand values.

Recycled Business Furniture collects quality office furniture which is excess to requirements, yet still in top condition. We save thousands of used office chairs, desks and other office furniture from ending up in landfill.

Our stock is thoroughly checked to ensure it is fully functional and almost as good as new. It includes leading brands of used office chairs including Herman Miller and Vitra, all at a great price, so there is no need to compromise when going green.

Adding Character to Office Interiors

Another way to personalise your workspace is to showcase the original features of the building. From industrial construction to a period property, the spirit of the building should be embraced. Successfully combining old and new is a skill, but when it works, the effect is often inspiring and original. Could pre-owned office furniture help you to create the desired effect?

An Injection of Colour

Bland interiors are never going to enthuse the workforce, but a splash of colour can be instantly uplifting. The best effects are often achieved when a signature colour is used to add focal points and consistent visual appeal to an interior.

A colour in keeping with your brand identity is a great place to start. If that colour is not available in the latest collections, Recycled Business Furniture may have the answer. With a range of pre-owned reception seating, canteen stools and tub seats in all colours, our used office chairs could be the perfect colour for your London office.

Creating Adaptable Office Spaces

We are all familiar with the pitfalls of open plan offices, but, in modern office interiors, pods, screens, acoustic seating and break out zones are more popular and adaptable than walls. You’ve guessed it, acoustic seating is part of the Recycled Business Furniture used office chair collection. We can offer your staff a little more privacy when it is most needed.

When looking for used office chairs, London companies can order online from Recycled Business Furniture. Alternatively, their Buckinghamshire showroom is easily accessible from Wembley, Harrow and other West London locations.

If you have a particular style, colour or volume of used office chairs in mind, give us a call on 01494 801066 to find out whether we have what you need in stock.

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Protect the Environment with Recycled Business Furniture

Protect the Environment with Recycled Business Furniture

Environmental protestors causing disruption in the capital and children walking out of school to protest; it is clear that concerns are growing about our global impact.

The challenge may seem insurmountable, but we can all make changes to collectively make a difference. Recycled Business Furniture is playing a part in saving perfectly good used office furniture from ending up in landfill. The question is would you consider buying high-quality, used office desks, chairs and reception seating for your next office refit?

What Puts People Off Buying Second-Hand Office Furniture?

We all love to grab a bargain, but there is still this sense that used items are going to be inferior. The truth is, buying second-hand office furniture can make it affordable to purchase leading brands that may otherwise be out of your financial reach.

Top quality goods are expertly designed to optimise comfort and they are built to last. A second-hand ergonomic chair may have twice the lifespan of a new, cheap model. Recycled Business Furniture only selects used office desks, chairs and associated items if they are in mint condition.

We check that they are fully functional and give them a good clean before they reach our showroom. In many cases, you would never know that they were not brand new – come and see for yourself!

Stylish Collection of Used Office Furniture

If you have an image in your head of a mismatched workplace; a muddle of different styles, shapes and colours, you can dismiss that idea.

In many cases, Recycled Business Furniture will have multiple stock of the same item. In used office chairs alone, we could equip your workplace with:

  • Ergonomic Task Chairs from leading brands
  • Canteen Stalls in a choice of colours and designs
  • Reception Seating
  • Chairs for your meeting and break-out rooms
  • Stackable chairs for conferences and events

We may be able to offer items that perfectly complement your brand image and colours.

You can view a selection of our latest stock online. Alternatively, you are welcome to visit our Buckinghamshire used office furniture showroom. Located in High Wycombe, we just a short drive from London, Slough and Reading. We are open from 9am until 5pm Monday to Friday and free parking is available right outside the door.

Environmental Awareness Drives Second-hand Purchasing

As David Attenborough provides another televised warning about our environmental impact, it seems that interest in pre-owned goods is on the rise.

A survey by Business Waste identified that 45% of consumers were open to the idea of buying second-hand clothes, even if they hadn’t yet made a purchase. This shows a shift in perception that will hopefully be reflected in all consumer purchasing. We should be open to the reuse of high-quality items that help to save money and the environment.

Whether you work from a home study or are growing a sizable enterprise, take a look and see if Recycled Business Furniture can help you be a little greener. If you have any questions, please get in touch on 01494 801066.

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When is it Time to Replace Office Chairs?

office chairs

In many work environments, office chairs are in use for 40+ hours a week. With that much use, we cannot expect them to last a lifetime, but when is it time for an upgrade?

The average lifespan of an office chair is 7-8 years, but this will be dependent on the make and the frequency of use. If you opted for cheap office chairs, they could start to feel uncomfortable within a year or two.

Five Ways to Tell if it is Time to Replace your Office Chairs

The telling signs are:

  • Your employees are fidgeting and regularly repositioning themselves because the office chairs are no longer comfortable
  • You notice members of your team regularly rubbing their lower back and complaining of backache
  • Damaged or missing parts mean that adjustable features are no longer operational
  • There are visible signs of wear and tear which makes the office chairs look tatty
  • The office furniture no longer fits with new working practices or the company image

It is also common for businesses to upgrade the office furniture as part of a rebranding process or relocation.

Have you Considered Pre-owned Office Furniture for Cost-Effective Upgrades?

Not all second-hand office chairs are in a state of disrepair when they are replaced. There are many reasons why great quality office chairs are surplus to requirements.

Recycled Business Furniture collects second-hand office chairs that are in nearly new condition. We seek out leading brands, ergonomic design and styles to suit modern work environments. All pre-owned office furniture is thoroughly checked and cleaned before being displayed in our used office furniture showroom.

We regularly buy in bulk, which means that our customers can fully fit out their workplaces with matching and coordinating pre-owned office furniture.

The main benefit of buying second-hand office chairs is that your budget can stretch to leading brands including Herman Miller and Vitra. These quality models are ergonomically modelled to maximise comfort and provide lumbar support. They will help your team to avoid aches and pains so that they can work more productively.

Our selection of stylish used office chairs will help to create modern work environments, which makes the right impression for your employees, clients and visitors.

Try out Used Office Chairs Before You Buy

We do take orders online and via the Recycled Business Furniture Facebook page, but the best option is to visit our Buckinghamshire pre-owned office furniture showroom. This allows you the opportunity to try out a selection of used office chairs and find the one that is most comfortable.

In addition, you can take a close look at the quality of our stock. We check that every item is in fantastic condition, with full functionality and we are happy for you to do the same. See with your own eyes that there is no compromise in quality.

Whilst you are with us, you might also spot other items that would help fit out the office interior including second-hand desks, dividers, storage and shelving. Find our office furniture showroom in High Wycombe, near Adams Park Football Ground. We have parking outside the door.

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Top Location for your Head Office

Top Location for your Head Office

As a supplier of pre-owned office furniture, we deliver to industrial estates, town centres and business hubs across the South East. It got us thinking, is London still the dream location or is there a rival for the top spot?

If you are looking to set up an office in the South East, a favourable location must include affordable rent, good transport links and a skilled local workforce. With this in mind, we sat on our quality second-hand chairs and undertook some research.

It seems that whilst London still has a considerable draw, the cost of renting both office space and living accommodation is prohibitive. There are great transport links, but driving and parking in the capital is a challenge. This has an impact on employees, suppliers and visitors. London was not at the top of any poll we could find.

The Office

In 2018, Slough hit the top of the leader board in a report compiled by Glassdoor, beating London, Milton Keynes, Oxford and Cambridge. This report looked at a range of factors including the cost of living, job opportunities and worker satisfaction.

Just a 30 minute train journey into London Paddington (and half an hour’s drive from our used office furniture showroom) Slough has fantastic facilities on the doorstep. The town is one of the most affordable in the Thames Valley and has a highly successful local economy.

The town boasts an active business community, including over 400 companies located on a single trading estate. This thriving economy attracts companies to set up in the town. It also has a strong allure for skilled employees who are looking for great opportunities and competitive salaries outside of London.

If Slough ticks all of the boxes for your business, you’re in good company. The town has the UK’s highest concentration of Global Headquarters outside of London.

Furnishing your Slough Office

Renting an office is the first step, but then you need to equip it. Recycled Business Furniture in High Wycombe, has the solution. If you are open to used office furniture, Slough is just a short drive along the A404 from our showroom. This is stocked with good as new, second-hand office furniture offered at affordable prices.

We purchase used office chairs, desks and other items of office furniture that are excess to requirements, but still in top condition. All items are cleaned and thoroughly checked by our team before being added to our office furniture showroom.

Top brand ergonomic task chairs and pre-owned Sit-stand desks will ensure that your workspace looks the part and your workforce can operate productively. We also offer canteen stools and reception seating amongst the 2,200+ used office chairs in our stock. Visit us and see for yourself. Try the chairs out for comfort and check out the quality! Our stock is constantly changing. You can view a selection of new acquisitions on the Recycled Business Furniture Facebook page. Alternatively, if you have a specific requirement, get in touch on 01494 531600 and we will let you know if we have what you need in stock.

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Office Furniture Trends 2019

SecondHand Office Furniture

Scandinavian style has driven clothing, lifestyle, food and interior design trends for several years, so if we are keen to understand the office furniture trends for 2019, the Stockholm Furniture Fair is a great place to start.

Held in the Swedish capital in February, there were two leading factors which influenced office furniture design; privacy and well-being. If you have a passion for bringing colour into the workplace, the trend for 2019 is inspired by autumn; think deep red and rusty orange.

Considering Privacy in Office Furniture Design

Open plan offices have modernised workplace interiors and encouraged greater inter-departmental collaboration, but there is a compromise. It can be incredibly difficult to remain focused when there are endless distractions. If you can’t find a quiet space to take a call or concentrate on a task, it can become frustrating and stressful.

Rather than rebuilding walls, designers are making good use of noise reducing panels, desk dividers, hooded chairs and pods. These items of office furniture all help to manage the acoustics and create separate spaces where people can take more control over their environment. They enable the team to operate productively, without losing the option of collective working.

When considering design trends, you might instantly assume that any options are going to be beyond your budget. If you are willing to consider quality second-hand office furniture, you can provide your workers with what they need without breaking the bank.

Recycled Business Furniture has an extensive stock of used office chairs and this includes pre-owned acoustic seating. All items have been thoroughly checked to ensure that they are in great condition. We’re talking top brands, in great condition, for the same price as cheap office chairs. We also hold a selection of second-hand desk-dividing screens in a variety of colours.

The Role of Sit-stand desks and Ergonomic Chairs Workplace Well-being

Remaining in one position throughout the day is detrimental to our health. We need to move in order to remain both physically and mentally healthy. Office furniture design is now influenced by a growing awareness of the benefits of at least being able to regularly change position. These include increased productivity and reduced absence.

Adjustable Sit-stand desks, along with ergonomic chairs and stools, provide the option to shift position through the day. This combination of office furniture can encourage your team out of their seats for an extra hour or two every day, which is all it takes to reduce the health risks.

The Recycled Business Furniture showroom is stocked with fully operational used Sit-stand desks, along with second-hand task chairs from top brands including Herman Miller, Vitra and Steelcase. You are welcome to visit us in High Wycombe, Buckinghamshire and try them out for size and comfort.

Visit our Used Office Furniture Showroom in High Wycombe

Our High Wycombe used office furniture showroom is just a short drive from the M40 and we have free parking outside the door. If you are looking for a specific item, get in touch on 01494 801063 or keep tabs on the latest updates on the Recycled Business Furniture Facebook page.

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Save Money with Used Office Chairs

Used Office Chairs

Ergonomic design, quality materials and precision finish are not going to come cheap, but if cost is a deciding factor, buying used office chairs is the ideal solution.

As the local supplier of used office chairs for businesses, Recycled Business Furniture has helped hundreds of start-up companies and SME’s to get great value for money.

From Reading to Luton, Oxford to Milton Keynes, workers are benefitting from our quality office furniture. We are not talking about filling your work-space with a random collection of odds and ends.

Tell us what you are looking for and the quantity required and we will endeavour to source the full package. With thousands of options in stock, it is possible to find exactly what you are looking for, at a fraction of the cost of buying new.

When the office furniture is installed, you really won’t be able to tell that it has been pre-owned. We only sell the best quality used office chairs, desks, tables and storage. Every item is cleaned and checked for signs of wear and damage before leaving our High Wycombe warehouses.

Extensive Range of Used Office Chairs

With over 30,000 sq.ft. of storage capacity, we have thousands of second-hand office chairs in stock, we can help you equip a small home office or a sizable, open-plan interior. We can help you find:

  • Reception seating or canteen stools to compliment your interior colour scheme.
  • Task chairs - our stock of used office task chairs includes designer brands. We are certain that your team would benefit from the ergonomic features that help to protect them from back, wrist and neck pain
  • Smart and comfortable seating for a meeting room or training facility.
  • Stackable chairs that can be conveniently stored between events.

Our stock is regularly updated, so follow the Recycled Business Furniture Facebook page for a first peek at our latest selection. You can also call us on 01494 448913 to ask if we have specific items in the quantity you require.

Take a Seat

We welcome individuals, teams, architects and designers to visit our showroom and believe it is beneficial to come and try before you buy. See the quality of our used office chairs for yourself! Whilst you are here:

  • Test that all the features are fully operational
  • Ensure that all fittings are in place
  • Spend time in all contenders to evaluate comfort and support
  • Check the condition with your own eyes
  • Be convinced that our used office furniture looks as good as new!

Collection or Delivery of Used Office Furniture

With free parking directly outside our Buckinghamshire showroom, you can bring a van and easily load your purchases. High Wycombe is located close to the M40, A404 and M25, so we’re a convenient drive from many business hubs and enterprise zones in Buckinghamshire, Oxfordshire, Berkshire and Greater London.

Alternatively, Recycled Business Furniture offers a delivery and installation service, bringing used office furniture to your door. There is no need to blow the budget and buy low-cost, quality items from your local second-hand office furniture supplier.

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Used Office Chairs for Freelancers

Used Office Chairs for Freelancers

Working from home has become a viable option for employees and freelancers. Used office chairs and desks, along with laptops and phones can be all it takes to equip an increasing percentage of the workforce.

Growing Popularity of Home Working

It’s hard to believe that flexible working only became a statutory right for employees in 2012. Even then, it was only applicable to parents of children under 16. Cloud storage, advancing telecom systems and the rise of the Gig economy have all had an impact, with flexible working becoming a viable option for many individuals.

According to the Office of National Statistics, the number of self-employed workers in the UK is also rising at a noticeable rate. In the period of September to November 2018, the number was up 81,000 in comparison to the same period in the previous year. The self-employed now account for around 15% of the UK’s workforce, with the majority operating in London and the South East.

Fitting out a Home Office

Success in operating a business from home is dependent on many factors, not least of which is having the right equipment to hand. Start-up costs can be relatively low, yet, when you are paying for everything in one month, the budget can be stretched.

A great option is to consider used office chairs and desks and we’re not talking about scouting the local charity shops for a bargain.

Recycled Business Furniture

Recycled Business Furniture offers an extensive range of high-quality used office chairs, desks and related items. We have a large office furniture showroom in High Wycombe, just a short drive out of London, in the heart of Buckinghamshire.

All of our office furniture has been thoroughly checked and cleaned. We purchase the best stock when companies have items that are surplus to requirements. We save good quality items from heading for landfill and allow you to save money on the cost of fitting out your home office.

Tried and Tested Used Office Chairs

Before selecting the best used office chairs for your business, it is important to try the seats out for comfort and support. You are likely to spend many hours sitting at your desk, so you need to ensure that it’s a good fit with the option of adjustable features. A trip to the Recycled Business Furniture showroom provides the opportunity to view, and sit in, a wide selection of used office chairs.

For the price of buying the cheapest office chairs new, we can offer you superior quality, ergonomic designs and iconic brands. They may be second-hand, but these task chairs look as good as new and are built to last.

Visit us today and you could be driving away with everything you need to work from home. Our stock is always being updated. If you have specific items in mind, give us a call on 01494 448913 to ask what we have in stock. You can also keep informed of our latest acquisitions by following the Recycled Business Furniture Facebook page.  

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Tips to cut Start-up Costs for Micro-businesses

Tips to cut Startup Costs for Microbusinesses

Is 2019 the year when you begin your new enterprise? These tips could help you get your off to a great start.

The UK is dominated by Micro-businesses (those employing less than 10 people). According to the House of Commons Business Statistics Briefing Paper, published in December 2018, a staggering 96% of UK companies are Micro-businesses.

Starting up in business does involve an element of risk, but it could also open up a wealth of exciting opportunities. The first two years are notoriously challenging, but our tips could help you get things off on the right foot.

Seek Business Advice

Sometimes the best way to save a fortune is by investing in specialist advice. Seek out local organisations that offer advice to start-up businesses, such as Buckinghamshire Business First. Take up every opportunity for support and training. Whilst some might be free, don’t be overly cautious about spending a bit of your budget on financial, technical, HR and other business advice.

Implement a Sustainable Business Model

No matter what industry or market, sustainable business practices should be at the heart of operations. Customers care about where your products are sourced and it is important to make every effort to minimise the environmental impact of your operations. Ethical may not be the cheapest option, but strong underpinning values will help you to attract loyal customers, which can pay dividends in the long term.

Pre-owned Office Furniture

A sustainable approach can help you keep costs down too. As an example, there is no need to fill your new offices with brand new furniture. By selecting second-hand chairs and used office desks, you can save money. You can also feel satisfied that you’ve prevented perfectly good pre-owned office furniture from ending up in landfill.

Don’t feel Opting for second-hand task chairs is a compromise. It could mean that your budget stretches to a notable brand rather than selecting from the cheapest range of new chairs. You’ll be able to work more productively in a comfortable and supported task chair too.

The Recycled Business Furniture showroom is located in High Wycombe, a convenient drive from many business hubs and offices in London and the South East. Simply zip along the M4 and A404 from Slough and Reading, or the M40 from London direction. You’ll see a substantial stock of second-hand office chairs and desks, along with pre-owned canteen and meeting room furniture.

Outsource Work

Consider the priorities of your business and the skills that you and your team bring to the table. Then identify gaps in knowledge and experience. It might make sense to undertake training to upskill; alternatively, it is often cost-effective to outsource tasks to freelancers.

Whilst you will have to pay for external services, it frees your time to focus on areas where you can apply your expertise. These are the areas where you can generate greater returns. What’s more, outsourcing allows you to be far more flexible and adaptable with your business model.

Focus on Customer Experience

Customers are essential to any business. Take time to research who is looking for the goods or services you offer and what their priorities are. Shape your business around the customer’s needs and pay attention to the small details that can really add value. It is considerably easier to sell to existing customers, than to attract and convert new customers, so consistently meeting and exceeding expectations can be an important cost-saving exercise.

Remember, as one of 5.7 million Micro-businesses in the UK, you’re not alone when starting out. Getting to know other local business owners and following this advice could help you realise your ambitions.

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Recycling: Office Furniture Clearance

used office furniture

Buckinghamshire Recycling Centres hit the headlines in January. Councillors agreed to the closure of the Bledlow Ridge site, near High Wycombe in a bid to cut costs. Other Buckinghamshire recycling centres in Burnham, Chesham and Aylesbury will be closed on two days per week and Buckinghamshire County Council are reviewing charges for commercial waste.

If you are a Buckinghamshire charity, school, retailer or business owner, you also need to apply for a trade waste permit before you can take any used furniture or other items for recycling. There’s also transportation to consider.

Bulky office furniture, which is excess to requirements, can get in the way. You want items removed, but with current charges standing at £55.87 for up to 250kilos of waste, the cost of disposing of your second-hand desks, chairs and related pre-owned office furniture can soon add up. You may also need to factor in van hire. Is there another option?

Buckinghamshire Recycled Business Furniture Clearance

Based in High Wycombe, Recycled Business Furniture is keen to help local organisations. Our philosophy is to actively prevent reusable items from heading for landfill and discourage fly tipping. Our solution is to offer a used office furniture clearance service to save you the cost and headache of furniture removal.

Our clearance team are on hand if you need to clear an office of used office desks before you relocate to new premises. We can simply remove that stack of second-hand conference chairs or take the hassle out of getting rid those filing cabinets now that you’ve gone paperless.

What’s more, the items will be cleaned and prepared for display in our pre-owned office furniture showroom. Your old stock might be just what another Buckinghamshire organisation is looking for. As such we promote office furniture reuse and prevent hundreds of items from heading into landfill.

If changes to the Buckinghamshire Recycling Centre opening times have made it less convenient to dispose of used desks and chairs, or you simply want someone else to handle the office clearance, you can rely on the Recycled Business Furniture team.

Pre-owned Office Furniture Showroom

Equally, if you want to fit out your workspace, whilst avoiding paying the full price, come and visit our pre-owned office furniture showroom in High Wycombe. There’s free parking outside the door and an extensive range of quality used office chairs, canteen stools, reception seating and desks to choose from.

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Why it makes Good Business Sense to Buy Used Office Desks

Why it makes Good Business Sense to Buy Used Office Desks

From converting the spare room into a home office, to fitting out the company headquarters, office desks are essential items of business furniture. Should you splash out, or are there advantages to opting for second-hand office desks?

Well-made office furniture can last for decades, so purchasing second-hand office desks doesn’t mean that you are compromising on quality. In reality, it means that your budget might stretch to a more superior style or brand than if you were buying new.

Visit a Pre-owned Office Furniture Showroom

Companies such as Recycled Business Furniture are selective when they source used office desks. They check that all fittings and fixtures are in place and functional and the desktop is thoroughly inspected for damage. By visiting a pre-owned office furniture showroom, you can also inspect and measure, to ensure that you buy a used office desk that meets expectations.

You needn’t be restricted on the selection either. The Recycled Business Furniture showroom includes over 1000 used office desks including work stations, bench systems, sit stand desks and even boardroom tables. If you have a particular idea in mind, call to ask if they have what you are looking for in stock.

Recycled Business Furniture is located in High Wycombe, just a short drive from Slough. Beating other Berkshire rivals, Slough has recently been ranked 6th in Informi’s ‘Best place to Start a Business in the UK 2018’. The town offers a skilled workforce, digital connectivity and a supportive business community. If you are planning to set up shop in Slough, Recycled Business Furniture will help you to get things off the ground.

If you find the ideal items, you will be saving perfectly good, used office furniture from heading to landfill. We live in a disposable society, but we know this attitude is having a detrimental effect on the planet. Opting for second-hand office furniture can be one of many ways in which your company promotes a commitment to sustainability.

What does your Office Desk say about your Personality?

Psychologists have been analysing desks to gain an insight into the personality of employees. A cluttered and full desk can indicate that the worker is innovative, non-conventional and creative. Having said this, if the desk is unclean, with unwashed mugs and food wrappings, it highlights a lack of care, which may be a sign of depression.

Ordered desks, where everything is in its place and there is a sense of order shows an employee who likes to make plans and follow a routine. They are likely to be reliable and conscientious, yet a little less adaptable to change.

Those who stack books, papers and other resources around the edge of their desk are creating a private sanctuary. They may be introverts, who value their privacy. In contrast, extroverts are likely to have knick-knacks, such as photos, slogan mugs, toys and other items which could spark ideas and conversation.

What’s clear is that, no matter what personality types make up your team, it is rare to see an empty work station. For this reason, even if there was a light scratch or mark, why not consider used office desks? In short, it makes good business sense to opt for second-hand desks because it preserves your budget and the environment, without the need to compromise. Contact Recycled Office Furniture to find out more on 01494 801067.

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All I want for Christmas is an Ergonomic Office Chair

All I want for Christmas is an Ergonomic Office Chair

Many of us spend more time sitting at our desks than sleeping in our beds. It is, therefore, no wonder that we want comfortable office chairs.

The human body simply isn’t designed to sit down for prolonged periods of time. In a standard chair, pressure is placed on our backs, hips and thighs when we remain seated. Our muscles are put under tension and this can result in mild aches, through to severe pains.

Ergonomic Office Chairs

Ergonomically-designed task chairs are adaptable. The height of the seat, head and arm rests can be adjusted to fit our individual dimensions. The back rest has some flexibility, allowing the worker to lean back with support. In addition, castors ensure they can rotate the chair and our body with ease.

By investing in ergonomic office chairs, a company can help to keep their employees comfortable and reduce the risk of back problems which can result in long-term sick leave. What’s more, when they are sitting comfortably, they can focus on the job and remain productive throughout the day.

The challenge with providing everyone with an ergonomic office chair is the cost. Built to last, with built-in support and adjustable features, this isn’t a piece of cheap office furniture, especially if you have a large team. The solution is to find your local second-hand office furniture supplier.

Second-hand Office Furniture

As previously mentioned, ergonomic office chairs are designed to last. Company relocations, mergers or a business going into administration are a few reasons why office chairs are no longer needed.

As a specialist in second-hand office chairs and desks, Recycled Business Furniture, High Wycombe sources quality items that are surplus to requirements. We ensure that perfectly good pre-owned office chairs can be reused, rather than ending up in landfill.

We undertake thorough checks to ensure that any second-hand office chair is still fully adjustable and functional. Visual inspection also determines that the fabric or mesh is undamaged and that there are no missing levers, screws or other vital parts.

Ordering Office Chairs Online

Whilst it is possible to order office chairs online, the advice is to try before you buy. You want to compare the options based on comfort, rather than simply price or brand name. For this reason, Recycled Business Furniture invites you to visit our High Wycombe office furniture showroom.

We always have a wide selection of second-hand office chairs in stock. Come and check out the quality and comfort for yourself. Were located in the Sands area of High Wycombe, close to the M40 junction and with free parking outside the door, it couldn’t be more convenient to visit.

Make the wishes of your team come true by investing in quality office chairs. You’ll reap the rewards of them being comfortable and productive throughout the New Year.

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Top Tips for Buying Used Office Desks

Used Office Desks

If your company are on a recruitment drive, or are preparing for an office upgrade or relocation, used office desks may prove a highly cost-effective and environmentally responsible option.

In almost every work environment, a desk is essential. This relatively simple item of office furniture can take the form of a small standing hot desk or a highly personalised workspace with plenty of room for documents, technology, potted plants and photos of the cat.

Check out our tips to ensure that you end up with the ideal second-hand office desks.

Tip 1 – Consider your requirements

A used office desk can take many forms, so it is important to clarify exactly what you need. Are you looking for single desks or a bench system for a number of employees? Is a rectangular office desk suitable, or would you prefer an ergonomic wave desk? Do you need integrated drawers for storage?

Also consider whether a desk sufficient or are you also looking for dividing screens, task chairs and other related equipment? Be clear on your requirements as this will help you to make the right decision.

Tip 2 – Measure and measure again

Before you go any further, equip yourself with a tape measure. When you are in a sizable furniture showroom, the perception of scale is distorted. If you have accurate measurements of the available space, allowing room for office chairs and passage, you can make an informed decision.

Also be aware of access to the office. If you are limited by narrow stairwells or tight corners, you’ll need a used office desk where the legs and feet can be easily removed and replaced once in-situ.

Tip 3 – Visit a used office furniture showroom

You can order second hand desks online, but there is a risk that the condition and suitability will fail to match expectations. If you visit a used office furniture showroom, you will benefit from much greater choice and the opportunity to check measurements and condition for yourself.

Tip 4 – Check for damage

A few small scratches may not be of significant concern, but it is important to ensure that the desk is safe. This means checking to see if there are any missing fittings and fixtures. Are sharp edges exposed, can you spot any missing screws or does the desk wobble? Such issues may be straightforward to fix, but it is best to be informed.

Tip 5 – Transportation

If your chosen second-hand desks are too large for your company vehicle, check whether the used furniture company offers a delivery service. You don’t want to make great savings on your purchase, only to spend it all on van hire.

High Wycombe Furniture Showroom

Just a short drive from Slough, Reading, Maidenhead and West London, Recycled Business Furniture has a well-stocked showroom in High Wycombe. With free parking outside the door, over 1,100 used office desks in stock and a delivery service, we offer cost-effective convenience.

Our website shows a selection of options, but we advise you to visit our High Wycombe office furniture showroom. For further information, call us on 01494 801063.

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Top Tips for Buying Used Office Chairs

Used Office Chairs

The cost of buying new typically requires an investment of between £150 and £1500. If you are refitting your office, this soon mounts up. Buying pre-owned office chairs is a cost-effective and environmentally responsible means of equipping your business, but you still need to be selective.

Our bodies are designed to move, however, the vast majority of workers spend many long hours sitting in an office chair. In order to ensure that your employees are comfortable, productive and have a reduced risk of pain or injury, it is important to buy good quality office chairs.

Tip 1 – Research

Before heading to a used office furniture showroom, undertake a little research. Look at the leading brands, read reviews and get to know what makes one task chair stand out from another. This will help you to distinguish the best value buys.

Tip 2 – List your requirements

Write down exactly what you need. Are you just looking for second-hand office chairs, or would a cupboard, desk or filing cabinet help to complete your office interior? A list will help you remain focused when shopping and prevent the Ikea effect – when you return with a lot of additional items that you weren’t expecting to purchase.

Tip 3 – Visit a Used Office Furniture Showroom

It may be more convenient to search online, but to see the full range of stock you need to head to a showroom. A visit will help you to get a better idea of dimensions, quality and condition. Remember to refer to your research and list. Let quality brands take president over the temptations of a vibrant colour or a funky design.

Tip 4 – Try before you buy

Ideally, you want to sit in a used office chair to see how it feels. Is your back well supported? Is the seat comfortably padded? Task chairs often include adjustable features; these allow each individual to raise or lower the height, the tilt and even the armrest position. Take time to check that these are fully operational and if the chair has casters, do they move freely?

Also, take a good look at the condition. If all seems to be in good working order, you can feel confident that you are making a considered decision.

Tip 5 – Ask about a Warranty

Quality office chairs will have been bought with a warranty. As these can last for up to 5 years, it may be supplied with the chair if still in date. It shouldn’t be a concern if the date has expired, as the chair will be designed to last for many more years. Just knowing that a warranty had been issued at the time of purchase gives you some indication that this is a quality chair.

High Wycombe Furniture Showroom

Based in High Wycombe, Recycled Business Furniture is conveniently located for companies based in Slough, Reading, Maidenhead and West London. We have free parking outside our showroom and over 2,200 used office chairs in stock, including task chairs, stackable seating, canteen stools and reception sofas.

Our website will show a selection of options, but we advise you to visit our High Wycombe office furniture showroom. For further information, call us on 01494 801063.

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What Happens to Used Office Chairs?

used office chairs

Every office needs to offer employees and visitors a place to sit, but what happens to those office chairs when the interior is redesigned or they become surplus to requirements?

You might be pleased to know that around 295,000 pre-owned office chairs are donated or sold to charities, start-ups and more established businesses every year. This saves the original owner the waste disposal costs, as well as providing the new owner with a considerable saving in comparison to buying new.

Let’s face it, new office furniture isn’t cheap, so it’s satisfying if you can purchase high quality used office chairs, which are still fully functional. The other benefit is environmental. The Waste Resource Action Programme (WRAP) reports that reusing this volume of chairs prevents 12,000 tonnes of CO2 being released into the atmosphere.

This is all very positive, yet 86% of all used office chairs are still sent to landfill. Whilst some may be truly redundant, there is considerable scope for businesses to embrace the opportunities offered by office chair re-use.

Plastic Free Status for Maidenhead and Windsor

We’ve just learnt that communities in Maidenhead and Windsor have signed up to a Plastic Free initiative. Individuals and businesses are taking action to minimise single-use plastics, whilst considering other aspects of their waste management.

Building on the good practice of eliminating plastic cups, straws and bottles, we invite you to consider other plastics within the workplace. This includes office chairs.

Office chairs are typically formed from a variety of materials including plastic, metal and textiles. It’s simply not viable to separate the materials, so taking them apart for recycling isn’t an option. If you are really looking to become a sustainable Maidenhead or Windsor company, the purchase of used office chairs would support your agenda.

Recycled Business Furniture

The great news is that just a short drive from Maidenhead and Windsor is a large showroom stocked with high quality pre-owned office chairs, desks and related items. Based in High Wycombe, with free parking outside the door, Recycled Business Furniture offers a convenient and affordable means of sourcing exactly what you need.

Our used office chair and seating selection includes:

  • Task Chairs
  • Canteen Stools
  • Meeting Room Seats
  • Reception Sofas

The stock of second hand office chairs is constantly changing, but we always offer a great selection of colours and styles, so you can find a suitable match for your requirements. We may also offer the chance to buy a premium brand for a bargain price.

You can check out the Recycled Business Furniture Facebook page for recent acquisitions. This will provide you with examples of our quality stock before you make the journey from Maidenhead or Windsor.

We look forward to helping you adopt a sustainable approach to all aspects of your business.

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Should Office Furniture feature in your Waste Management plan?

used office desks can save money

Should Office Furniture feature in your Waste Management plan? When you think of office waste, you might introduce measures to minimise paper use or provide an alternative to disposable cups. We suggest that you should also consider your office furniture. When new office chairs or desks are required, could you source pre-owned furniture? When items are no longer required, could you donate or sell them for reuse?

Used Office Desks

You might be surprised to hear that over 200,000 used office desks are bought in the UK every year. These second-hand desks are in great condition and buying second-hand results in considerable cost savings for the business. What’s more, the company that donate or sell their used desks can save on disposal costs.

According to the Waste Resource Action Programme (WRAP) data, the purchase of used office desks, in place of new, helps to avoid around 3,600 tonnes of CO2 entering the atmosphere. It also means that fully functional office desks are given a second lease of life, rather than being dumped in landfill.

Whilst this is good news, the fact is that 200,000 represents just 14% of the potential volume of desks that are no longer required each year. This means there is scope for many other businesses to benefit from donating, selling or buying used office desks.

Resized Office Desks

You may have concerns that second-hand office desks might not fit into the available space. By showroom, such as Recycled Business Furniture, High Wycombe, you can specify your measurements and see if they have suitable sizes and styles in stock.

If you have a particularly tight space, or a requirement for unusual dimensions, it might be possible to ask for a used office desk to be cut and resize. With the careful application of an outside strip, you might never know that an adjustment had been made.

Plastic Free Status for High Wycombe

It’s great to hear that High Wycombe, along with the nearby community of Penn and Tyler’s Green are officially working towards Plastic Free Status. The focus of this initiative is to minimise our reliance on single-use plastic items, but it does get individuals and businesses thinking about wider waste management issues.

If your company is looking to embrace sustainable practices and purchase used office desks, High Wycombe based Recycled Business Furniture invites you to visit our showroom in Sands.

Come along to see a wide selection of pre-owned office desks including:

  • Workstations
  • Bench Systems
  • Rectangular or Wave

With free parking outside the door, it’s convenient to pop in, find what you need and load your van. Alternatively, for details of our latest stock, visit the Recycled Business Furniture Facebook page.

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Cheap Used Office Furniture in High Wycombe

Cheap Used Office Furniture

Starting up a new business venture offers the opportunity to work in a dynamic way, but the early months are notoriously challenging. Local networking groups can point you in the direction of support, relevant contacts and even suppliers of used office furniture. Any assistance can smooth the path towards business success.

According to the latest Economic Survey of Buckinghamshire, business start-ups continue to grow. In the first half of 2018, South Bucks has recorded the highest rate of new business registrations in the county. This builds on the success of many other small businesses which have set up in and around High Wycombe.

When launching a new company, the out-goings can far exceed income. This can be a stressful time, but a few measures can help you to keep costs down. For a start, you don’t need to blow the budget on kitting out your office.

Used Office Furniture for Sale

The majority of businesses will need a desk, chair, IT and business phone to get started. There are plenty of options, but to help keep costs down, why not consider a local supplier who has used office desks for sale?

We’re not talking about damaged goods. Recycled Business Furniture offers a wide range of high quality surplus office furniture. From high-backed ergonomic task chairs to used office desks in a range of dimensions, pre-owned office furniture is an effective way to fit out your workspace.

With a large showroom in High Wycombe, cheap, used office furniture is available on your doorstep. There are hundreds of options, so even if you have particular styles in mind, pop along to see if there’s something to fit the bill. Alternatively, take a look at the website for the latest items of pre-owned office furniture.

Benefits of Pre-Owned Office Furniture

A well-made item of furniture can last for decades. If a company relocates, goes out of business or has surplus office furniture, the option is to either dump perfectly good items into landfill, or to sell them on.

At a fraction of the original retail price, a new company has the option to invest in a better brand than they could afford to buy new. They can find the ideal match for their workplace interior, delivering a practical and stylish finish that meets the requirements of employees and visitors.

In addition to offices, an independent café or venue could select from a vast array of seating options. These include stacking chairs, café chairs and even sofas. With an eclectic mix of furniture styles being in vogue, it is possible to create the look you desire from stock in our High Wycombe cheap, used office furniture showroom.

This service benefits local companies, as well as the environment. It’s a cost saving and planet saving solution. Can Recycled Business Furniture help you to launch a new business in Buckinghamshire?

Call us today to find the perfect solution for your office!

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Surplus Office Furniture fit for Slough

Surplus Office Furniture fit for Slough

Named as the prime location for jobs, work satisfaction and standard of living, there is much to attract companies and employees to Slough. The town is investing £450million in regeneration, but if you are looking to upgrade your premises pre-owned office furniture can give you what you need without a huge investment.

Providing all of your employees with a desk and task chair can soon add up. You might be tempted to opt for a cheaper model to keep things within budget, but there is another option. Surplus office furniture has been collected by a dedicated team at Recycled Business Furniture in High Wycombe.

They seek out quality office furniture when companies are relocating, upgrading or going out of business. Each item is thoroughly checked and cleaned, so it looks as good as new. There’s no compromise on quality or brands, but you benefit from cheap used office furniture.

Used Office Furniture for Sale

High Wycombe is just a 30-minute drive from Slough. Pull up in front of the extensive showroom, check out the vast array of used office furniture for sale and load your van with the items you desire. It’s simple, convenient and with over 1,100 second-hand office desks and twice as many chairs, you’ll be spoilt for choice.

From a small spare room enterprise to a growing company that is moving into an industrial unit in Slough, Recycled Business Furniture is worth a visit. The range of surplus office furniture includes traditional boardroom tables, contemporary canteen stools, cabinets, lockers and other storage solutions. There are tub chairs, meeting and venue seating and even coat stands, which could be perfect in your Slough workplace.

Environmental Benefit of Pre-Owned Office Furniture

Part of the Slough regeneration scheme is to improve the public spaces in the town. We all enjoy green parks as a pleasant place to walk, eat lunch or simply to view from the office window. Protecting the environment is important and this is another benefit of considering cheap, used office furniture, rather than buying new.

The thousands of items in the Recycled Business Furniture showroom would all be heading for landfill. They are robust items, in top condition and will last for many more years, but they are no longer needed. It seems a terrible waste to put them in the bin and add to the damage caused to the local environment.

Pre-owned Office Furniture Delivery to Slough

No matter what colour, style or size you need for your office interior, there is a chance that you will find what you are looking for. If transport is an issue, find what you are looking for on the Recycled Business Furniture website, order and delivery can be arranged. It couldn’t be simpler to protect your budget and the environment.

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Bench desk pricing

Bench desk unit
Bench desks are desks that are made up of blocks. Typically you have 2, 4 ,6 or 8 person blocks. At the end of each block you have a large leg then in between you have shared 'intermediate' legs. So when you build up a block they get cheaper the more people you have in a block as you share more legs.

The way that we price them is as follows:
Starter unit of 2 as shown above. This will typically be something like £150/person so a total of £300.
Extension unit of 2 as above. This will be something like £110/person so a total of £220.

If you want a block of 6 you need a starter block and two extensions. So prices would be:
2 person - Starter unit = £300 (£150/person).
4 person - Starter unit & extension unit = £300 + £220 = £520 (£130/person).
6 person - Starter unit & two extension units = £300 + £220 + £220 = £740 (£123/person).
8 person - Starter unit & three extension units = £300 + £220 + £220 + £220 = £960 (£120/person).

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Buy High Quality Recycled Office Furniture in London and South East



Affordable Office Furniture in London and South East

Furniture is one of the most expensive things to consider when starting a business or equipping an office. Something as simple as an office desk can cost hundreds, so it’s important to try and reduce the costs of your furniture if you want a better chance of creating a successful business.

High-quality furniture from well-known designers can be incredibly expensive. They are, however, sturdy and built to last. On the contrary, cheap flatpack options might be attractive in terms of price, but they’re not as durable and will need replacing on a regular basis.

The best middle ground you can achieve is high-quality second hand furniture. We receive much of our furniture from businesses that need to get rid of high volumes of unneeded furniture due to a business move or liquidation. We work with businesses around the United Kingdom to help rid them of their excess furniture, and then we refurbish them to a high standard and offer them to other businesses at a fraction of their original price.

Quality You Can Count On

Whether you’re looking to buy second hand office desks, chairs or even storage units, your money will go a long way at Recycled Business Furniture. Much of the stock we receive is from high-quality designers and recognised brands that build sturdy furniture. No matter what you purchase, you’re guaranteed to get long-lasting quality thanks to the premium build quality of the furniture we offer.

You Have the Wrong Idea About Used Furniture

When people think used or secondhand, they think of something broken, torn, ripped apart and barely able to serve its intended function. While it can be true in some cases, the second-hand furniture we offer at Recycled Business Furniture is kept to a high standard and you’ll never be sold something that looks like it picked out of a garbage dump.

Points for Being Eco-Friendly

Recycling is one of the simplest ways to improve your green credentials. In the current business landscape, many companies in London and the South East are adopting eco-friendly business practices to help them gain an advantage over the competition. Not only do these businesses help to protect the environment, but consumers are more likely to pay attention to your company if you let them know that doing business with you is supporting the planet.

Huge Selection of Furniture

Are you looking for the perfect chair to put in your office? Perhaps you’re looking for affordable second-hand office desks to furnish your office cubicles. Whatever your needs are, we have a massive selection in our warehouse and offer almost limitless possibilities. You’ll find items from well-known designers, budget options that can be bought in bulk and also unique furniture pieces that could fit your office decor.

Buying used furniture is perhaps the best option for any business regardless of their size or budget. It’s cheaper, good for the environment and there are plenty of options to choose from. Call us now for more information or check out our selection on our website.

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Buy Affordable Second Hand Office Desks in High Wycombe



Furnishing a New Business? Look No Further Than Recycled Business Furniture

Furnishing a new office can be expensive, and one of the biggest expenses you’ll encounter are office desks. They can get extremely expensive, especially if you’re buying from reputable brands over the internet or looking at furniture stores that specialise in office furniture.

We know that you want to get your business started quickly and at a low cost, but you also don’t want to rely on cheap flat pack furniture options because not only do they take time and effort to build, but their quality doesn’t stand up to your needs. You want sturdy desks that are capable of holding plenty of weight, and you need them to last as long as your business does.

Look no further, because Recycled Business Furniture offers some of the best second hand offices desks that you’ll find in High Wycombe, Buckinghamshire.

Quality Condition

No one wants to buy a desk with chipped legs, weakened supports and nasty stains all over it. That’s usually the impression you’ll get from second hand office desks in a store, but Recycled Business Furniture doesn’t just collect desks and resell them—we spend time refurbishing them as well.

All of the second hand office desks that you’ll see in our High Wycombe warehouse have been repurposed and restored. Anything that is well past its best date is thrown out and recycled for its materials. However, anything that has been handed to us that is still usable will be fixed up, and we’ll gladly post photographs of it in our catalogue.

Lowered Cost

As mentioned before, office desks are incredibly expensive because they’re made to be durable and suitable for busy office environments. You’ll be putting plenty of pressure on the desks and they’re expected to hold several computers, shelves and pieces of equipment.

When you purchase second-hand office desks from us, you’ll be making huge savings on desks that were built to last. We offer some fantastic deals that could be considered bargains. This is one of the main reasons why people chose to trust us with their second hand furniture needs instead of going to an expensive retail store or a cheaper option.

Ease of Delivery

We’ve served many businesses in the Buckinghamshire area, but we’re also capable of delivering to virtually any location in the UK. If your office is close to our High Wycombe area, you’re free to come pick up your order or browse our selection of second-hand office desks. Our aim is to make it easy for you to purchase from us, which is why we offer some simple delivery rates that are affordable and convenient. We also offer pallet deliveries for larger orders.

Call us now or come visit our location at High Wycombe. We have a massive selection of second-hand office desks to choose from, and you won’t be disappointed with the prices we offer. You can also browse our collection online on our website.

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Buy Quality and Affordable Second Hand Office Furniture in High Wycombe



High-quality office furniture for a fraction of the price.

In the UK, we throw away plenty of office waste that is perfectly usable. From desks to chairs and shelves, offices throw away thousands worth of high-quality furniture that can be fixed up and reused by other companies.

At Recycled Business Furniture, our aim is to provide startups and small businesses with a green solution in obtaining the furniture and gear they need to get started. We provide some of the best second-hand office furniture in the whole of Buckinghamshire, and there are plenty of advantages to using our services instead of buying directly from big-name brands.

  • Far cheaper than buying retail - New office furniture can cost far more than you’d be willing to pay. Most entrepreneurs and new business owners scoff at the idea of paying several hundred or even thousands for basics like chairs and desks, yet they don’t want to rely on cheaper options from budget furniture stores. This is why second-hand furniture is such a great alternative; it’s priced modestly but is great in quality.

  • Guaranteed quality you can rely on - Our second-hand furniture is sourced from businesses, meaning that all of the furniture we supply was once used in a busy and bustling office. This gives you peace of mind that our recycled furniture is made to be used on a regular basis and in a busy environment. You won’t find ornamental pieces here that are all form and no function.

  • A green option for environmentally friendly businesses - More and more businesses are starting to keep track of their carbon footprint. Being approved by the public as an eco-friendly business is a great honour, and there are some people that would choose you over competitors just because you’re friendly to the environment. Recycling helps you knock out two birds with one stone; not only do you get cheaper furniture, but you’re also doing good for the planet and improving your green credentials.

  • Limitless options and endless choice - Our second-hand furniture is collected from various businesses, meaning we have a huge selection on offer. You’d be surprised at how many high-quality recycled chairs, desks and shelves we have. No matter what make or model you’d like, or even if you just need a few extra chairs to keep the theme consistent in your office, we probably have it in stock at our High Wycombe warehouse.

  • Used furniture gets a bad reputation, we’ll show you otherwise - Far too many people believe that recycled furniture means ripped upholstery and broken bits of wood. That’s far from the truth! The reality is, many businesses are shut down for financial reasons or because they’re relocating. Instead of trying to haul all of the stuff and sell it on eBay, they’ll work with us and we’ll get rid of their furniture for them. In many cases, the second-hand furniture we sell to other offices has barely been used, and you won’t be able to tell the difference.

Call us now at our Buckinghamshire location and we’ll provide you with some of the best-quality second-hand furniture that you’ve ever seen. You’ll save plenty of money, get guaranteed quality and be considered an eco-friendly business by using our services.

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Why you should consider second hand office furniture for your office

Second hand Office Furniture

No office is complete without the right furniture in place. If you want to make sure that you and your employees are always in a position to do great work and improve the business, getting the basic things like this right is vital. But just because you need new office furniture, that doesn’t mean you need new office furniture. Used furniture items can be better options, and here’s why.

It’s a Cheaper Option

This is the most obvious benefit, and it’s worth focusing on. No business has infinite resources to spend on basic things like second hand office furniture. Although good furniture is important, you don’t have to throw a huge amount of money at the situation just because that’s what every other business does. Turning down the chance to save money is simply crazy when you’re trying to run a company in a profitable and sustainable way. No good business person would do it.

Reusing Office Furniture is Good for the Planet

When you buy brand new products, it means those products need to be produced. It means wood needs to be cut down to make that table. And after the production process is completed, the products will need to be shipped from wherever they were made to wherever you’re located. None of those things are good for the environment. So, by opting for used office furniture instead, you can actually massively improve your green credentials and help the planet that little bit more. Doing your bit for the planet is more important than ever, so keep this in mind.

The Options Are Virtually Limitless

You can get your hands on all kinds of used office furniture. It’s often the best way to find unusual or unique office furniture items that you wouldn’t find in ordinary stores. So, as well as getting a good price for the furniture your office needs, you might also be able to track down items that would otherwise be impossible to find. There are so many different options out there, so make sure you browse all the used furniture you can find, and don’t settle until you find the solutions that are ideal for your company. It’s more than possible to find good recycled office furniture in High Wycombe, Buckinghamshire or anywhere else.

Used Furniture Doesn’t Have to Mean Damaged Furniture

When you’re buying furniture, you might immediately dismiss the used option because you think it will be beaten up old junk that’s in bad condition. However, that’s not usually the case. Businesses often shut down and relocate, and that’s why they need to get rid of their furniture. It’s usually got nothing to do with poor quality or anything like that. In some cases, the furniture has barely been used, and you wouldn’t be able to tell the difference between these pieces and the brand new options out there for sale.

Buying new products isn’t all it’s cracked up to be, so don’t rule out the idea of buying used furniture when the time comes to add new items to your office. It could be the best decision your business makes all year.

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What to consider when buying recycled second hand desks

Buying recycled second hand desks

Are you thinking of getting some second hand or recycled desks for your workplace? It’s a good idea, and it can be a great way to cut costs and help the environment. But there are always some things that ought to be considered when you are buying used office desks in High Wycombe, Buckinghamshire. Read on to learn more about each of these things.


Different businesses will have different budgets for things like this. You don’t want to spend more than you can afford to because that could leave your business in a perilous position. But at the same time, you often get what you pay for. By opting for second hand or recycled office desks, you will be able to ensure that you don’t pay huge prices. It’s the main reason why people choose used options over the brand new office desks that are on the market today. However, not all used deals represent bargains, so be careful when making your choice.


No one wants to buy desks that are well past their best. Instead, you want desks that are fit for purpose and able to withstand whatever your business is going to put them through in the years ahead. Make sure you assess the desks in person before committing to buying them. In instances where that’s not possible, make sure you see accurate photos before making your final decision. It could be the difference between getting strong desks in great condition and desks that are well past their best. This is the issue that should take up most of your attention when browsing the options.

Location and Delivery

Where are those second hand office desks located? If they’re on the other side of the world, how much is it going to cost to have them delivered to you? It’s worth keeping issues like these in mind when you’re browsing second hand desks. You don’t want to spend as much on delivery costs as you spent on the desks themselves because that will eradicate the money you saved by opting for used over new options. It’s possible to find solutions that are close to where you’re currently
located, so try to look into that if you can.


You’re going to need to get your hands on these new desks at some point. And if you’re opening a new office on a certain date, you can’t afford to miss out. There would be nothing worse than everyone turning up for work in the new office only to find that there are still no desks for them to use. That’s why you need to think about availability. When will those desks be available to you? Can you get them right now? Or does the owner need to hang onto them until a particular date has passed? Don’t rush into a purchase without finding out about this.

Buying recycled or second hand desks for your office is definitely a good idea. But don’t rush into the process without considering each of the above variables first.

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Save money by purchasing office chairs second hand

Looking for used office chairs?

Every workforce needs to sit comfortably as they do their work. Good office chairs can boost performance, enhance efficiency and make everyone generally
more productive. So, it’s pretty clear that you can’t afford to ignore the chairs that you provide for your employees. However, just because they’re important, that doesn’t mean second hand options can’t provide you with the solution you need.

There are plenty of great reasons why your business should stop searching for brand new options and look to used options instead. For a start, it’s better for the planet, and you might be surprised by how many great used options you’ll find out there. However, the main reason to choose used office chairs is they’ll allow you to save a lot of money.

Filling an Office With Brand New Chairs Doesn’t Come Cheap

The first thing to point out is that the alternative to selecting second hand office chairs is very expensive. If you have a big office and a big workforce, you will find that you need an awful lot of chairs. Buying that many all at once can lead to you spending an amount of money that you might not be entirely comfortable with. This is how many people end up considering the used alternatives instead of coughing up the cash needed to buy brand new office chairs in High Wycombe, Buckinghamshire. It should get you thinking as well.

Deals on Second Hand Offers Chairs Will Surprise You

You’ll be surprised by just how good the used chair deals out there really are. Chairs are kind of like cars; once they’ve been purchased and used, their value immediately starts to drop. Of course, this is a great thing for you if you’re seeking out a big bargain for your workplace. It’s not just a case of saving a tiny amount of money here and there. The savings you could potentially make could be a lot bigger than you imagine. That has to be a good thing because no one operating in the world of business can turn their nose up at a chance to save money and get a great deal.

You Won’t Have to Sacrifice Quality to Get a Good Deal

Just because you’re buying used office chairs, that doesn’t mean you’ll end up with a lot of chairs that are past their best. Many chairs are very durable, and if they’ve only been used for a short period of time by their previous owners, you won’t be able to tell the difference between the new ones and the second hand ones. Don’t assume that you’re going to have to sacrifice quality if you go down the used route because that’s probably not the case at all. There are so many second hand chair options out there, so compare them all. Get deals don’t always mean compromising.

As you now know, second hand office chairs have a lot to offer, and in many ways, they’re better than the alternative. So, start looking at which second hand options are out there.

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What to consider when buying recycled/second hand desks

Are you thinking of getting some second hand or recycled desks for your workplace? It’s a good idea, and it can be a great way to cut costs and help the environment. But there are always some things that ought to be considered when you are buying used office desks in High Wycombe, Buckinghamshire. Read on to learn more about each of these things.


Different businesses will have different budgets for things like this. You don’t want to spend more than you can afford to because that could leave your business in a perilous position. But at the same time, you often get what you pay for. By opting for second hand or recycled office desks, you will be able to ensure that you don’t pay huge prices. It’s the main reason why people choose used options over the brand new office desks that are on the market today. However, not all used deals represent bargains, so be careful when making your choice/


No one wants to buy desks that are well past their best. Instead, you want desks that are fit for purpose and able to withstand whatever your business is going to put them through in the years ahead. Make sure you assess the desks in person before committing to buying them. In instances where that’s not possible, make sure you see accurate photos before making your final decision. It could be the difference between getting strong desks in great condition and desks that are well past their best. This is the issue that should take up most of your attention when browsing the options.

Location and Delivery

Where are those second hand office desks located? If they’re on the other side of the world, how much is it going to cost to have them delivered to you? It’s worth keeping issues like these in mind when you’re browsing second hand desks. You don’t want to spend as much on delivery costs as you spent on the desks themselves because that will eradicate the money you saved by opting for used over new options. It’s possible to find solutions that are close to where you’re currently located, so try to look into that if you can.


You’re going to need to get your hands on these new desks at some point. And if you’re opening a new office on a certain date, you can’t afford to miss out. There would be nothing worse than everyone turning up for work in the new office only to find that there are still no desks for them to use. That’s why you need to think about availability. When will those desks be available to you? Can you get them right now? Or does the owner need to hang onto them until a particular date has passed? Don’t rush into a purchase without finding out about this.

Buying recycled or second hand desks for your office is definitely a good idea. But don’t rush into the process without considering each of the above variables first.

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Planning your office

This is probably the toughest part to get right. Obviously in a lot of cases there is a need to get as many people as possible into an area as office space is expensive. Planning a room where you have loads of space is not tough, the tough ones are the other way round so here are a few hints.

Firstly have a think about how much space people really need and how much time they spend in the office. It is well known that if you provide someone with a

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Storage cupboards, tambours and filing cabinets

There are a few terms that we use so here we go.

rbf 1768
rbf 1768

We use this term to mean a drawer unit that takes hanging files. This picture shows a standard metal grey 4 drawer filing cabinet. There are also side filers which is the wooden one pictured. They are basically a standard filing cabinet side on. Roughly one drawer of a side filer equals one and a half drawers of a standard cabinet.


rbf 1768

We generally use this to describe a unit with doors. Normally double doors. They are generally cheaper than tambour doors and this is most pronounced with metal cupboards. If you are looking for the best value storage you can find, you cannot beat a metal double door cupboard.

Most cupboards are between 800 and 1000mm wide. They are 400-600mm deep and the height vary from desk high to well over 2m. Make sure that you measure how high your ceilings are and allow a little extra as the unit will have to be lifted into place.
rbf 1768

This refers to the shutter type of roller door. This can either be one that you open from the top or from the side. A double side tambour is where you pull the shutters from both sides and they meet in the middle.


rbf 1768

These are simply combination units. They will normally have 1 to 3 side filer drawers at the bottom then either a cupboard or flip top units above them. The picture shows the green units that we use in our office.


Put it simply, wooden cabinets are more expensive than metal. When it comes to tambour cupboards the difference is less pronounced. When looking at filing cabinets there is a large difference. A decent wooden 4 drawer filing cabinet will be £300+ when new where as a metal one more like £140. The cheaper wooden ones tend to be cheaper for a reason and by the time we get them they are not great. So we don't see many.

rbf 1768

This is a frame that can be used for suspension files and fitted into a cupboard or tambour. It is pulled out and the files are accessed from the top. You can only go to about 1m from the floor (which is three frames) as otherwise it will be too top heavy.
They are also designed to only fit the cupboard that the manufacturer makes so they can't be transfer between different manufacturer's cupboards. Finally they are pretty expensive new (approx £90 each) so we don't get many.

rbf 1768

This is also used for suspension files but it doesn't pull out from the cupboard. The files are accessed from the end but you can go up to the full height of the cupboard. They are cheaper to buy new but still not very common.


rbf 1768

To be perfectly honest, I am not exactly sure why it has a different name but it is a wider than normal desk high cupboard. Normally they have 3 or 4 doors and are used in meeting rooms. More often than not they are wood veneered and sometimes they have a built in fridge. When new adding the fridge can add about £600 to the price....Really!!


Probably our most common question. Unless stated all cupboards with locks will be lockable but we cannot guarantee that we will be able supply the keys. If we have the keys then we pass them on but there are thousands of key combinations and often the keys are lost well before we collect the furniture.

However we have a company that we recommend to get replacement and additional keys. If you look on the key hole you should see a number. Go to and put this into their search box. They are about £2.50 each and will be sent to you overnight. They are very good and highly recommended and it is much easier than us ordering them, passing the charge on and having to manage the process.

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Desks - Radial, workstations, waves and rectangles

There are four main types of desks and then there are some variations within these but hopefully this will help get you most of the way there.

One of the most common questions is which hand do they need. Its best to go backwards to explain. Originally desks were rectangles then typewriters came in and they were put on a smaller desk called a return which stuck out at 90 degrees. If it was on the left of the desk it was a left hand return. So with most desks its the bit that sticks out from the main part of the desk. On an L-shape this is often where the drawers (pedestal) goes.

Its a set of drawers. Why it is called a pedestal (or ped)? we don't know.

rbf 1765
These are also known as radial desks and sometimes crescents. Basically they are L-shape! They are also the most popular as you get loads of space to spread out all of your stuff and as we know, people like to fill all available space.

One of the benefits of a radial desk is that you get a little extra space that you cannot really use for walking around. When you plan a desk space you have to allow for someone to sit behind the desk, so the space used by the return cannot really be used for walk space. So you can use it for desk. Brilliant.

The standard desks are 1600x1200mm. This means that the main desk is 1600mm wide and the return is 1200mm. You normally have to add about 400mm to the return for the drawers which gives a total footprint of 1600x1600mm.
The main body of the desk is normally 800mm deep with the return shallower at 600mm. Often we would show this as 1600/800 x 1200/600mm. Sometimes they are 800mm on both the body and the return. These are normally the only ones that we show this for as they are the unusual sizes.

rbf 1765
These are a sort of hybrid of a rectangle and a radial workstation. They came about when flat screens started arriving. They are good way of giving you a little extra space where your keyboard goes without filling the room with too much wood.

If the fat/deep end is on the left, that is a left hand. The desk shown on the here is a left hander.

Generally the shallow end is the standard 800mm deep then the bubble is either 1000 or 900mm deep.

rbf 1765
The original style of desk that is making a come back. If you are tight on space or don't need tons of room for paper they are ideal. And as we are now in paper-free offices.....

The standard size for these are 800mm deep. The most common widths are 1600 and 1800mm but we also get smaller ones too.

Sometimes they are also sold in blocks where they have shared legs. These are known as bench desks. Typically they will be blocks of 2 to 6 desks.

rbf 1765
These are really only designed to work in pods of 3 but can be standalone. They work particularly well in long, thin rooms when they are combined into rows multiple pods. The size that we give is from the centre of the pod to the outside but it is tough to give an obvious measurement so it is probably best to ask us and we can email you a plan so that it is clearer.

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Tables - Boardroom, meeting, circular, conference, cafe

Tables really do as they say on the tin so there is not a huge amount to say here. There are a few things that are worth knowing and being aware of.

These are the nicest tables and are generally boardroom type tables. They are made with real wood veneer so have a deep lustre. The key thing to remember is that it is a natural finish. This means that unlike MFC (plastic) finishes they will change colour with exposure to light and pick up knocks and scratches more easily. The upside is that there can be some stunning pieces of furniture out there.

Most veneered tables are not off the peg so there can be a lot of variation in the details. Some of them

rbf 1767
Reverse chamfer edge: Here the edge is cut back underneath the table edge.

rbf 1767
Bullnose edge: Here the edge is a semi circle.

rbf 1767
Aerofoil edge: Its similar to an aircraft wing. This one's squared off.

Square edge: You really need a photo? !!

There are loads and loads of variations when it comes to the details of finishes. Here are some inlays:
rbf 1767
rbf 1767

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Seating - operator, task, management, meeting and reception

Possibly the most important part of the office as this is what you are connected to all day. There are a couple of main types of seating, meeting and operator.

teal meeting chair
red meeting chair
There is not a lot to say here. There are two main types of legs, cantilever which give some spring so can be more comfortable if you are in them for a long time and 4-leg which don't have that give. It doesn't mean that they are uncomfortable but obviously don't have the bounce.

operator chair
There are lots of things to go through here but we will try and keep it as simple as possible. What we are talking about here is desk chairs that you will work at a desk on. They are also known as secretarial chairs, task chairs, managerial chairs and executive chairs. Really they are all pretty similar but as a rule of thumb, secretarial chairs are generally more lightweight and only really useable for a few hours a day. Operator chairs are your standard desk chairs. Task chairs are generally a bit heavier and harder wearing with more features. Then Managerial and Exec chairs are more high backed.

The most important thing when sitting at a desk is to be at the right height. All of these chairs do this and the standard range is about 420-530mm. Not many go higher than this unless specified.

After this you add features. Almost all will have adjustable back angle and back height. On the cheaper chairs this is done by screw handles. More expensive ones use levers and ratchets.

Here is a rough guide to the terms and they are roughly in order of price too:

1-lever mechanism: This lever does the gas lift. The rest of the functions are done with hand screws and normally limited to the seat back angle and height which are not able to 'float'. (Sometimes more expensive chairs only have one lever but it can operate a few mechanisms.)
2- lever mechanism: The second lever will lock and unlock the backrest angle.
3-lever mechanism: The third lever will normally work the seat base angle.
Permanent Contact Back (PCB): This is the first of the 'floating' features. This means that you can release the back rest and then adjust the tension so that as you lean back the back goes with you. This is a great feature as no one sits in one position all day so that you are supported all the time. The tension is adjusted to match your weight so that when you lean back the chair goes back taking your weight but not pushing you so hard that you feel like you are sat in an ejector seat. Remember these chairs are designed for people from 7-20 stones so there is a big range of tension.
Synchronous Action: This is the next step up from the PCB as both the back and the base adjust for angle. Normally the base moves half as much as the back.
Seat Slide: This means that the base can be slide back and forward. This means that you can get the seat base to support you all the way along the underside of your leg. This is normally of most interest to taller people.
Pump up lumbar support: This is one of the most played with but least specified toys. Rather like a blood pressure machine you pump up a bladder in the back to give you more lumbar support.

Other bits and pieces:
Arms: Everyone wants arms but have a look around your office and see how many people actually use them. We are not totally convinced that they are necessary and our chairs without them are normally around £10 cheaper.
Colour: Chairs in blacks and blues are the most popular and most expensive so if you can consider another colour it is well worth it as you will save a few quid. At the end of the day its behind you so you cannot see it!!

updated: 4 years ago