5 tips to using your standing desk correctly

standing desk

The rising popularity of the standing desk

As we become more aware of the impact sitting and slouching have on our bodies, the standing desk has slowly increased in the workplace. But what is a standing desk, and is it as good as it sounds? A standing workstation is a type of ergonomic workplace explicitly designed to promote the practice of standing at work. A standing desk is a desk that allows you to stand up comfortably while working. Standing desks are often adjustable, allowing users to adjust the desk's height to accommodate different sizes. Some models will enable the user to alternate between standing and sitting.

Research suggests that using a standing desk may help reduce back pain, fatigue and stress. Studies also suggest that it may increase productivity. Standing desks have become increasingly popular in recent years. Standing at your desk all day may not be ideal, but there are many reasons why you should consider using a standing desk. This month, Recycled Business Furniture looks at how a standing desk could help you and your physical health in the workplace.

How to use your standing desk correctly

Whether you are thinking about getting yourself a standing desk or already have one, it's essential to know how to set it up and use it correctly so your body doesn't suffer. RBF has given you their top five tips below on using your standing desk correctly to make the most of your newfound office life.

Adjusting your standing desk

Just like adjusting your desk correctly when sitting, you should take some time to ensure your standing desk offers you the same level of support. Your desk should be at elbow height to allow you the proper support. Keeping your wrists straight and parallel to your desk surface will give you the right room to work comfortably.

Standing correctly whilst at your desk

We all know that standing for too long can get tiresome, so it's important to adopt the correct posture when working at a standing desk. Keep your neck tall and your shoulders relaxed whilst at the desk, but don't lock your knees into place, or this could cause issues further down the line.

Screen positioning for comfort

As you can use your standing desk as a traditional sitting desk, it's vital to get your screen level correct for sitting and standing. Your screen should always be at eye level when standing so you are not straining your neck to look up, and you avoid looking down constantly. While sitting at your desk, your screen should also be at eye level to ensure a comfortable working area.

How long should you stand for?

Evidence suggests that we spend far too much time sitting throughout the day. This can have an adverse effect on our bodies and minds, and the standing desk aims to combat this. As you can alternate your standing desk between sitting and standing, it is recommended that for every two hours you spend sitting, you should spend at least one-hour standing. Simply use the controls on your desk to adjust your height easily.

Purchasing the right equipment

Do you need extra equipment to support you at your standing desk? When purchasing things like a mouse mat and keyboard, you may also wish to consider an anti-fatigue mat. These mats are great for those who are working with a standing desk and would like to stay feeling motivated. For those unfamiliar with these mats, they work to improve blood circulation and keep your muscles from locking up.

The health benefits of using a standing desk

According to the NHS, 'studies have linked being inactive with being overweight and obese, type 2 diabetes, some types of cancer, and early death. Sitting for long periods is thought to slow the metabolism, which affects the body's ability to regulate blood sugar and blood pressure and break down body fat'. Combatting these rising concerns is the introduction of standing desks into your workplace.

Health benefits of a standing desk

  • Lowers risk of weight gain and obesity
  • Lowers blood sugar levels
  • Lowers risk of heart disease
  • Reduced back pain
  • Improve mood and energy levels
  • Boost productivity in the workplace

Not only can the introduction of a standing desk help you in the workplace, but if you are looking for ways to remain active and productive during your working hours, it is just as essential to take regular breaks away from your computer screen. Walking and pacing can also support your active lifestyle. Recycled Business Furniture recommends introducing your standing desk slowly, don't suddenly go from sitting all day to suddenly standing - this is likely to cause backache and definitely some foot pains! Instead, introduce your new way of working slowly, starting with 30 minutes at a time and gradually increasing as your body is happy to do so.

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Choose the perfect standing desk with Recycled Business Furniture

At Recycled Business Furniture, we know the importance of ensuring you remain comfortable and motivated in the workplace. That's why we stock hundreds of standing desks and ergonomic chairs to help you and your workforce during those office hours. For decades, we have been supporting offices with their furniture fit-outs, and as our furniture is secondhand, our prices are always more cost-effective.

If you are looking for a great introduction to a standing desk, get in touch with Recycled Business Furniture today and see how we can help!

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5 ways you can refresh your office space in 2022

refresh your office

Refresh your office walls with a touch of colour

When you and your staff first come into the office on a Monday morning, you don't want to be greeted with shabby wallpaper, peeling paint and a general feeling of a run-down area. This is likely to negatively affect your team's work output and make you all clock watch until 5 pm comes around. Refreshing your office space allows you to bring colour and light into your room. It also provides an excellent opportunity to invite team members to discuss what they would like to see in their working environment.

When you refresh your office space, the first thing you should think about is the colour. Sprucing up the walls with a lick of paint and bringing in decorative and colourful touches can make a massive difference to your room. If you lack ample space, why not keep your walls neutral and use wall hangings and plants to add colour? Don't forget to add your awards, team achievements and mission statement to the decoration of your room. This will impress clients when they come to visit, but it will motivate your team to keep working to their full potential!

Are you making the most of the space you have?

If you have a team of people working in your office, it can often be easy to dump the desks in the easiest space to fit your team in. You may then suddenly find that your office space looks cluttered and a little out of shape. Sometimes all you need to do is move things around to refresh your office space and make it feel larger than it is. Start by removing all your office equipment and cleaning your room. Then think logically about where you would like staff to sit and how this would look. Do some staff work closely together so need to have desks together? Do you need a small reception area where you can greet clients and make them a coffee before bringing them in?

Once you have planned your office space perfectly, bring your furniture back in slowly to be sure everything fits well as you are repositioning. Be aware when you bring in furniture of any trip hazards across the floor that will need to be safely taped down or tucked away. You should also ensure that staff are not sitting too close to the toilets or kitchen area - this can often make for disruptions and unhappy teams!

Increase the natural light in your office

Having access to natural light throughout the day not only improves our mood but can keep us healthy, thanks to the vitamin D we get. If your office has multiple windows, take advantage of this by letting in the light that keeps your staff happy. Be aware of monitors and screens facing into the sunlight, which could affect your team's ability to see the screen. You can avoid any screen glare by planning your office carefully and still giving your team the natural light they deserve.

Create a breakout area where your staff can relax

One of the things which is a bit of a problem with the current office trend is that people are sitting at their desks for too long. An excellent way to mitigate this problem is to create a breakout area where staff can gather, chat, and take a break. Breakout areas can be used for short meetings and where staff can relax. Breakout areas are also a good way to get people to talk to each other.

Your breakout space is where your staff can come when they need five minutes away from work to get creative and keep them motivated. Ask your team what they would like to see in their breakout area. Perhaps some comfortable chairs, a large table and maybe a coffee machine?

Refresh your office furniture for a brighter look

The workplace has become the world's most prominent office, with most employees spending over 8 hours per day in their workplace. Not to mention that the average worker spends about 1/4 of their life in the workplace. As such, it's no surprise that employers are looking for ways to design their offices in a way that not only attracts top talent but also helps employees be more productive (and thus more profitable). One way they can do this is by investing in refurbished office furniture.

Upgrading your office furniture doesn't have to be an expensive task. Visiting Recycled Business Furniture will give you access to all the office furniture you need at a fraction of the price because it's high-quality secondhand furniture. Choose from matching ergonomic chairs, adjustable height desks and breakout furniture to give your team the comfortable break space they deserve. We can even deliver and build your items onsite!

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Recycled Business Furniture has the perfect office furniture for you

There is a lot of talk around the world about the topic of recycling and reuse. We know that old furniture doesn’t belong in a landfill. We also know that plenty of people could benefit from recycled and reused office furniture. Our aim at Recycled Business Furniture is to provide savvy employers and business owners with the opportunity to purchase high-quality top of the range office furniture for a much smaller cost.

If you are looking to refresh your office in 2022, why not start by paying a visit to the RBF showroom based in High Wycombe? Take a look at our available products and start planning an office upgrade to increase your teams' output and keep them motivated for the rest of the year.

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The interesting history of High Wycombe chair making

chair making

An introduction to the history of chair making in High Wycombe

When you look at the town of High Wycombe today, you may not be aware of the rich history the town has in the furniture-making business and, in particular, chair making. High Wycombe, however, was once incredibly famous for chairmakers - known as turners - who had the ability to create and send out beautiful chairs in record time. Many of the disused factories in High Wycombe today were once home to chair making teams. The earliest records of the Windsor chair appears in church records in 1732. This month, RBF take a look at the history of High Wycombe chair making and what happened to this popular industry.

During the 1700s, many chairmakers lived in the town that is now known as High Wycombe, with many more living in neighbouring parishes. Among these early chairmakers, William Treacher was known for his fancy chairs. Focusing on creating chair pieces from the local woodland, these pieces were manufactured before being sent to London, where the frames were put together to be sold. Within 50 years, however, landowners made premises available to take on the creation of the chair pieces as well as the chair frames so the projects could be housed under one town roof.

The use of Chiltern Hills wood for chair making

During the 1800s, the chair making trade grew from strength to strength, and by 1860, the number of workshops around the town had grown to 150, with an estimated output of 4700 chairs per day! High Wycombe and the surrounding areas became the largest producer of chairs in the country, and this grew the population and the economy.

One of the most beautiful parts of the surrounding Chiltern Hills is the abundance of trees and wood types. During the 19th Century, this wood came in very useful to local wood artisans, known as bodgers, who would use the local wood from the Chiltern Hills to create beautiful chairs. Often purchasing stands of trees from auction houses that were then felled and converted into chair pieces, bodgers worked in sheds close to their homes and used manual tools to create the desired effect.

The Chiltern Hills timber used for crafting chairs:

  • Beech
  • Elm
  • Cherry
  • Yew
  • Ash

High Wycombe Chair Museum

Nestled in High Wycombe, you will find the High Wycombe Chair Museum, holding all the history of furniture making throughout the town since its humble beginnings. Here you will learn more about the history of the town and its connection to furniture-making, as well as be able to view the early chair types, including the Windsor chair. This museum has a curation of photos, art pieces, and information about families related to High Wycombe's chair-making history. Set in a beautiful grade II listed building and surrounded by gardens where you can take your family to run off some steam, this museum is worth a visit.

The decline in High Wycombe chair making

After the war, many furniture making companies saw frustrating changes, including the utility scheme, which was set to last ten years. Although the demand for domestic furniture and chairs was on the rise, fuel and materials had a supply issue. This left factories having to follow the utility range for chair making. Although the shortages and controls lifted eventually, furniture workers were depleted, and many companies were forced to relocate due to the rising housing prices in the local area. This was due to London companies initially moving to High Wycombe during the war and giving the market a considerable boost.

Although there were still furniture companies within High Wycombe, many were now located in the surrounding villages, including Stokenchurch. With advances in machinery and wood treatment, fewer employees were needed to offer the same output, and employment steadily fell throughout the 1990s. Buckinghamshire New University, based in High Wycombe, still has strong links with furniture making and timber work and has gained an excellent reputation for training with woodwork.

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Recycled Business Furniture offers chairs a new lease of life

From ancient beginnings to functional and practical design, chair making has seen massive changes since the rise of High Wycombe furniture factories. Whilst Recycled Business Furniture does not make its own chairs, we are proud of being able to give secondhand office furniture a new lease of life. Our vast showroom based in High Wycombe offers businesses and domestic clients the chance to find their perfect office furniture for a fraction of its retail price.

Whether you are looking to revamp your office or you need to purchase a new set of chairs for your boardroom, you are sure to find everything you are looking for at Recycled Business Furniture. Give us a call today and book an appointment to come and find your perfect recycled office furniture.

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Choosing the right office chair for your physical and mental health

office chair

Choosing the right office chair to support your mental health

Many of us who work from a laptop spend at least 8 hours a day in front of our screens. We work from our desks, often eat at our desks and may even spend some break times at our desks. When it all adds up, a great portion of our working week involves sitting, and it's for this reason that your office chair could be the most important piece of equipment you own.

It is clear that the wrong office chair can have a detrimental effect on our bodies which could then affect our mental health. Aches and pains, weight gain and brain fog are just a few of the issues you can expect if you're chair is not right for you, so it's no wonder your mental health will be affected by these issues.

This month, RBF help you find the perfect used office chair for you, that not only supports your working week but also benefits your physical and mental health. As an experienced recycled office furniture company, we have the knowledge and expertise to help you find the chair that fits in with your lifestyle and supports your body.

How can the wrong office chair affect you?

It was reported in 2019 by the British Heart Foundation, that office workers typically spend 75% of their waking hours sitting down. From the commute to work, sitting at a desk, sitting to eat lunch and the commute back home again, it's easy to see how this percentage has come about. So what does this mean for your body and mind if your chair is not supporting you properly during your sitting hours?

Poor blood circulation

Believe it or not, your chair and positioning can greatly affect the blood flow within your body. Sitting incorrectly or not using the right office chair could affect blood flow to your neck, back, legs and shoulders. This lack of blood flow can lead to serious issues such as DVT and blood clots. Whilst exercise can alleviate some blood flow concerns, if you are spending a great deal of time sitting at a desk, then chances are your chair sitting will take its tolls eventually.

Digestive issues

Digestion plays an important role in keeping your body fit and healthy. Food will only reach your cells if it is dissolved properly in the bloodstream. When you are seated for long periods of time, however, your digestion is slowed down and this can lead to indigestion and stomach issues.

Weight gain

You may have been told that sitting down for too long will make you put on weight and this is the unfortunate truth. Moving your muscles releases molecules that help to process the fats and sugars that you eat. When you are sitting at a desk for long periods, however, your muscles don't move as much and the molecules are not released, so weight gain occurs.

Decreased concentration and fatigue

We have all been trying to go to sleep at night, only to struggle as we cannot get comfortable. It is a similar thing when you are sitting in an uncomfortable chair. If you cannot get comfortable, you are likely to get distracted and your work output will be reduced. It is also thought that if your spine is not aligned to the rest of your body, you will overcompensate, leaving you and your muscles feeling fatigued and foggy.

Body aches and pains

Probably the most common issue, when you use the wrong office chair, is aches and pains, particularly in your back, shoulders and neck. Many of us will have experienced these pains before and may have even seen a professional to ease the pain. According to Unison, around 12 million days are lost every year due to sickness through back pain and it is one of the biggest causes of work absence. These aches and pains are often a result of working in uncomfortable positions or for long periods of time without a break.

Office chairs and ergonomic designs for your body

Ergonomics is a field of study that looks into how we use things. It studies how people interact with products and technology. This includes how people sit, stand, walk, sleep, etc. When we look at ergonomics in office chairs, we are focusing on the way we sit, in relation to our desks and screens, how long we are sitting in our chairs and how they can benefit our bodies.

Before you buy a used office chair, consider these questions to help you find the perfect solution:

  1. Do you currently have any pain in your body or have you had any operations?
  2. What is the current setup for your desk and screen?
  3. How high is your desk?
  4. How long will you be sitting in your chair each day?
  5. What adjustments would you like your chair to include?

At Recycled Business Furniture, we will look at all these questions prior to finding the perfect chair for you and your office. Everyone is unique and therefore you cannot just assume that what works for someone may work for you. We will take you through the chairs we have available, their different functions and how they could work for you.

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Your office chair is as important as the work you are doing. After all, if you aren't comfortable, your work output will reduce and you will end up facing the consequences. Avoid the issues we discussed above and consider getting a new chair for your desk today that supports you and your work. At RBF, we think your work is as important as your health and that's why we won't just sell you any chair, we will work with you to find the best fit for you.

As a reputable secondhand furniture company, not only do we work with you to find the perfect furniture, we can do this at cost-effective prices and with the environment in mind. The secondhand furniture we have in our large Wycombe showroom is of the very best quality and could suit your office perfectly. Visit our showroom or call us to find out more about how we can help you find the perfect office chair.

her than Recycled Business Furniture. Conveniently located in High Wycombe with close links to the M40, our showroom is open and ready for you to pick out some great recycled statement pieces for your environmentally conscious business.

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The environmental benefits of using secondhand office pieces

Secondhand office pieces

The benefits of buying secondhand office pieces to the environment

Unbelievably, over 3 million tonnes of office furniture get sent to various landfill sites across the world every year. More often than not, the furniture that gets sent to landfills goes unnecessarily and creates extra pressure on the environment when it could have been cleverly upcycled and used in offices elsewhere.

Due to its components and materials, Office furniture often takes many years to break down in a landfill site, which results in extra energy used in trying to decompose it. Air pollution is created when new office furniture is manufactured. This all has a detrimental effect on our environment and goes against many corporate environmental strategies that businesses have put together in recent years.

This month, RBF look at the environmental and economic benefits of using recycled office furniture in your home or business office and the positive impacts of recycling your current furniture to companies like Recycled Business Furniture.

The economic benefits of using secondhand office pieces

With the ever-increasing costs of new office furniture, many companies turn to the secondhand market as a more cost-effective option. But how do you know that used office furniture is a good idea? As long as you're willing to put in some time to find the right pieces, you could be saving your company a lot of money. There are some great benefits to using secondhand office furniture. Not only will you be helping the environment, but you'll also save your company money, which will, in turn, allow you to be more efficient with it.

One of the most apparent economic benefits of using secondhand office furniture is that it costs you much less! Generally, clients can save up to 50% by purchasing secondhand, and they don't compromise on the quality of your purchases. By increasing our secondhand purchases, we could be reducing greenhouse gas emissions by up to 4 million tonnes in the UK alone (

Often, in reputable recycled office furniture companies like RBF, you will be able to get your hands on big brands, such as Herman Miller and Kusch & Co, for a fraction of the price you would pay if you bought new. As discussed earlier in this article, the manufacture of new furniture creates further air pollution by sourcing and creating raw materials to packaging and shipping the furniture to your location.

Gone are the days when people used to fret over the quality of purchasing secondhand! When you buy secondhand furniture from a business that specialises in recycled furniture, you can be sure that the quality is very high. Recycled furniture goes through standards and expectation checks before being added to the showroom or website, and anything that needs fixing or replacing will be done before a sale is made.

Recycling your old office furniture to support the environment

One significant way you can help the environment is by recycling your old office furniture. This has several advantages for your business, as well as the environment. The benefits of recycling office furniture include:

Reducing waste

Recycling office furniture reduces waste in landfills and protects the environment. With so many new office pieces being made each year, it can be hard to dispose of old furniture. As previously mentioned, many of our office furniture pieces end up in a landfill each year. It results in a build-up of debris from the materials being unable to break down and decompose efficiently.

Staying green

Recycling old office furniture is a great way to reduce the amount of waste your business produces. By recycling your furniture, you can help your business to become greener. If you have an environmental strategy in place, recycling your old furniture and purchasing secondhand furniture will support your strategy and reduce your business carbon footprint.

Saving money

By recycling your office furniture, you can save money. If you have office furniture that you would like to refresh but don't want to throw it away, get in contact with Recycled Business Furniture today. We specialise in large offices who have a lot of office furniture they would like to get rid of. We will collect your unwanted furniture and bring it back to our factory where it will be assessed and either repaired and placed on the showroom floor or recycled in an environmentally-friendly way.

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Recycled Business Furniture provide secondhand office pieces for your home and office

As a company that cares about the environment, we want to help our customers make environmentally-friendly decisions. We've been doing that for years — since the beginning, we've made it our mission to reduce the amount of waste created by the office furniture industry. In our earlier years, we offered used office furniture from companies upgrading their office spaces or that had gone out of business. We have a much more extensive selection of used office furniture for sale in our warehouse. We're also committing to the environment by offering our customers used office furniture made from recycled materials.

If you are looking to recycle your current office furniture or looking for high-quality secondhand office pieces, look no further than Recycled Business Furniture. Conveniently located in High Wycombe with close links to the M40, our showroom is open and ready for you to pick out some great recycled statement pieces for your environmentally conscious business.

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Ergonomic furniture from RBF is the only way forward in 2022 | Recycled Business Furniture

Recycled Furniture

Ergonomic furniture from RBF is the only way forward in 2022

Choose ergonomic for your office team in 2022

Do you have a workforce who always seem to be complaining of back pain or RSI? If you're spending more on staff sickness and injuries than anything else, it may be time to consider the furniture you have in your office and how this could be doing more damage to your staff than you realise.

This month, RBF look into the benefits of ergonomic furniture and the importance of workstation comfort that will increase productivity and reduce staff sickness.

Your office furniture could be doing more damage than you think

Many of us who work in an office will spend prolonged periods sitting in an office chair, typing at a desk and using technology to support us in our roles. These 3 elements can put huge pressure on our bodies and if we have poor posture, can lead to health complications both immediately and in the future. Neck pain, high blood pressure, DVT and heart disease can all be attributed to sitting incorrectly as many of us do.

A study in 2019 by Contour of 2000 UK professionals shows that 78% of non-manual office workers suffer from RSI, backache and neck pain (to name but a few) as a result of sitting incorrectly. This number seems only set to increase as many of us opt to work from home where our desk space isn't monitored. For this reason, it's important to ensure your staff have comfortable and body-friendly workstations where they can sit in a position that will support their bodies and health.

Ergonomic furniture that is better for your mind and body

Ergonomic furniture is a great way of supporting your staff to reduce the stress on their bodies whilst they are at work. Ergonomic chairs provide support and comfort and far from being a luxury in the workplace, should be a necessity.

Reasons you should be upgrading your office furniture to an ergonomic design:

Support - traditional chairs, due to their lack of support, can often leave your body feeling unsupported and will put unnecessary strain on your spine. This will lead to bad posture as a result of having to overcompensate to avoid pain. Ergonomic chairs have an adjustable lumbar, meaning your staff members can align them perfectly to their comfort and workstation whilst ensuring they remain supported.

Back pain - nearly half of the participants of the Contour study reported lower back pain as a result of sitting incorrectly at work. Office chairs that have ergonomic design support your spine with a backrest that (unlike traditional chairs) go all the way up the spine offering support throughout.

Neck pain - Whilst this is more optional, modern designs of ergonomic chairs feature head support. Supporting your neck and head whilst you work will relieve and reduce the risk of neck pain and stiffness in the neck and shoulder region.

Hip pressure - We all know how it feels to sit on a hard chair for a prolonged period. Your hips, the bottom of your back and your coccyx ache, you feel stiff and this pain doesn't alleviate immediately after standing. An ergonomic chair has the padding and depth needed to support your hips and reduce pressure.

Blood circulation - by adjusting your seat to a 90-degree angle, you will get proper circulation in your legs which will prevent swelling, numbness and tingling - another big injury featured in the Contour report.

Key health benefits of ergonomic office furniture

As an employer, you should want to provide the most supportive office furniture to your staff that will increase their productivity, provide a comfortable space to work and ultimately save on costs relating to staff sickness due to injury in the workplace. Here are some top benefits to replacing your furniture with ergonomic designs:

Posture support - as discussed above, posture support is paramount to a healthy workforce and having ergonomic office furniture can support this. With a full-length design, aimed at supporting your whole body, your posture is corrected and enhanced, leading to fewer workplace health issues.

Increased productivity - your staff's workstation is where they spend up to 8 hours each day. It makes sense, therefore, that if this is a comfortable well-designed space they are likely to work more productively and more successfully.

Reduced pain - With an ergonomic chair, bodies are correctly supported throughout the day and this will lead to reduced pain as pain points will be supported and corrected. No manager wants their staff members to be in pain whilst they are working and an ergonomic position will work to reduce this.

Staff retention - If your staff feel taken care of whilst in the workplace, they are more likely to stay with you and your company. Incorrectly designed office furniture leads to workplace injuries, time off sick and a workforce that doesn't feel comfortable returning to work.

Cost-effective - Similarly to the above point, it costs employers millions of pounds every year in staff sickness due to health issues. Make sure your furniture is not the cause of this by providing the correct support to your workforce.

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At RBF, we believe that the support and comfort of your workforce are paramount to your business success. For this reason, we have a huge stock of ergonomic chairs and supportive desks all designed to provide reduced pressure and increased comfort to your staff. We guarantee you will find a design that fits perfectly with your office and team in our large warehouse based in High Wycombe, just off the M40.

RBF has been supplying offices and teams with well designed secondhand furniture for over 18 years and during this time has helped over 5000 customers with their office spaces. From standing desks to breakout furniture and conference tables, RBF has the perfect solution for your workspace.

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A recycled furniture year in review 2021 | Recycled Business Furniture

Recycled Furniture

A recycled furniture year in review 2021 | Recycled Business Furniture

This year has been a great one for giving advice and guidance as businesses look into various ways to support their staff and the environment. Recycled furniture is a flexible option to not only create a working space at home for those of us that could go into the office due to Covid, but it also supports the environment by reducing carbon emissions and reusing where possible.

This month, Recycled Business Furniture looks back over the year at some of the unique tips and tricks we gave our customers.

Getting ready for home working with your recycled furniture

This year saw a rise in working from home, with many turning their spare home areas into an office space with affordable prices at Recycled Business Furniture. As many of us didn't know how long we would be working from home, it made sense that we purchased recycled furniture rather than buying brand new off the shelf pieces only for them to gather dust in the corner eventually.

Used furniture is certainly something that most of us should consider using or looking into when creating a working space in our homes. It is no mystery that certain furniture brands can make a noticeable dent in our bank accounts, both for the house and the office. For many of us, this cannot be warranted, both within and outside of a pandemic.

Many people were impacted financially by the pandemic and needed to look for cost-friendly ways to find secondhand office furniture in excellent condition, such as office desks and chairs, to create a home office. By browsing selections of used office furniture from businesses such as Recycled Business Furniture, you are sure to find a wide range of quality recycled furniture to buy that will suit the space that you are looking to fill.

Recycling your office furniture to declutter and refresh your look

Not only are businesses looking to add recycled furniture to their offices this year, but they are also looking to have a clear out. Rather than throw good quality office furniture away, savvy businesses are turning to the recycling services offered by Recycled Business Furniture.

Recycling your older office furniture can give you a whole host of benefits that you had never even considered before - check out our top benefits below:

  • Reduce your carbon footprint by reducing energy consumption during transport and storage
  • Save money on buying new products or hiring additional staff
  • Help protect the environment by preventing unnecessary production of virgin resources
  • Improve employee morale by providing them with updated furniture that makes them feel valued and gives them more space
  • Increase productivity by allowing employees to use recycled material instead of purchasing new equipment

The benefits of recycling your old furniture are endless, and when you choose to part with these ghosts, it can only ever bring a new lease of life to your office. When you recycle with RBF, you can be sure that your old furniture will be disposed of correctly using our recycling facilities. If your furniture can be updated and renewed, we will take care of this, and it will then be moved to our warehouse, where it will support someone else looking to give their own office a new lease of life. Whether your furniture is being sold on or sent to the recycling centre, we will always ensure efficient and environmentally friendly processes.

Recycled furniture to boost your teams' morale

With many of us paying more attention to the impacts we and our businesses are having on the environment, many business owners chose recycled furniture to reduce their carbon footprint this year.

The reception area is the first thing your clientele and suppliers will see when they walk into your building. Kitting this out with the most stylish furniture products you can find will be sure to give you a memorable entrance. However, finding your ideal reception furniture may be a costly exercise and leave you feeling like you have to spend a lot of money to create the perfect space.

Believe it or not, recycled furniture is a good choice for business owners who want to make environmentally-friendly choices and eliminate a few of the things on their gigantic checklist. It is pretty easy to do so when looking for secondhand furniture since more and more companies are moving towards making recycling the new thing! Recycled Business furniture has a complete range of beautiful pieces that are perfect for your office.

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A very merry Christmas 2021 from all of us at Recycled Business Furniture

Its been a hectic time for us at Recycled Business Furniture this year, and we are grateful to all the clients that work closely with us. From recycling unwanted office furniture to providing contemporary furniture items to a range of businesses at reasonable prices, we are proud to be bringing in 2022 with our recycled materials and reductions in carbon emissions.

To all, we wish you a very merry Christmas and a happy new year - we hope that 2022 is successful for you all. If you would like to get in touch to purchase recycled furniture, give us a call or visit our showroom.

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Secondhand tables to give your office a fresh look

Secondhand tables

There always seems to be something we need to fix in our offices. The lights keep tripping, the chair is starting to rip, and your table isn't quite suitable for your needs anymore. Unfortunately, these repairs and replacements cost us money and with the Christmas period fast approaching; we don't always have the funds to spare in doing up our office space.

This month, RBF looks at how you can save money and still have a great new look for your office with our secondhand tables as good as new. Check out the benefits of choosing secondhand tables over new ones below and get in touch if you need the help of RBF to upgrade your office.

Choosing the best secondhand tables for your style

Your office desk is the pinnacle of the work you do. Many of us sit for up to 9 hours a day at our desks, and for this reason, it's imperative that you choose a comfortable desk that works for you, your space and helps to get those creative juices flowing. Amazingly, around 46.6% of us worked from home at some point during the pandemic, and with 32% of businesses stating they are not sure about the future of homeworking - this option does seem set to increase as we move forwards.

Yet, most of us do not have the correct setup at home, with only 28% of working adults having access to a home office. Many of us have worked from our dressing tables, kitchen worktops, or even the sofa leading to pressure on our spines, legs and necks, and long waits to speak to the doctor. For this reason, having an office desk and office chair that supports your body and your working posture is crucial to high work output and comfort.

Office desks don't have to be ugly or take up a lot of space (a necessity if you are home working). This is where Recycled Business Furniture can help! You can find a secondhand table that is perfect for your needs and becomes an excellent addition to your home rather than an eyesore you try to hideaway.

Don't forget about comfort and practicality!

Your new table should offer you complete practicality so you can work comfortably and effectively whilst sitting at it. Don't just choose a secondhand table because it looks good and fits perfectly in your private office. Ensure you will have enough space to fit your desktop or laptop, space to design if you are in the creative industry and office storage space in the form of a pedestal that could save you space elsewhere.

When choosing a secondhand table, you don't just have to think about the space you need to work from or the style you want. Consider your current office chair as well. If you are not looking to replace your chair, you will need to take into consideration its height and measurements before finding the right secondhand table. Ensure your chair will fit comfortably under the desk and meet all your needs once you have found the suitable desk for you.

At RBF, we stock a wide variety of secondhand tables in our showroom, ready and waiting for you to come and choose the perfect one for your office space. Whether you are looking for adjustable desks, executive desks or general office ideas, RBF have the ideal solution for you and your office.

The benefits of choosing secondhand tables over brand new ones

There are many incredible benefits when you decide to select a secondhand table for your office space:

Environmentally friendly - do your part for the environment by choosing to purchase a secondhand table that would otherwise go to a landfill site.

Cost-Effective - it can be costly to buy the desk you want, so save money and time by finding your perfect secondhand table with Recycled Business Furniture.

More expensive models - if you are looking for the perfect expensive desk, you may well find this in the showroom with RBF. Get an excellent looking desk for your office space that looks incredibly expensive but doesn't break the bank.

Mix and match to find the perfect size - found the perfect desk but don't like the legs? Have the ability to mix and match when you choose to shop with RBF. We can create the ideal secondhand table for you.

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RBF has a great range of secondhand tables for your fresh office look

At Recycled Business Furniture, we have a vast range of secondhand tables, office desk chairs and general office furniture available to see in our showroom. We believe that kitting your office space out with the ideal furniture shouldn't leave you out of pocket or out of style. Choose from hundreds of pieces to get a completely new look no matter what size your office is.

As one of the leading UK suppliers of used office furniture, our customers are always at the top of our priority list. Let us know what you are looking for, and we will be able to tell you whether we have it in stock or are planning for it to come in soon. Our furniture solutions fit every budget, and our excellent customer service keeps our clients coming back time and time again.

To get in contact or come and visit our showroom, give RBF a call today and be confident that you won't walk away empty-handed!

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Ghosts of furniture past - recycle your old office furniture

Old office furniture

You walk into your office on a Monday morning only to be met with a frightful sight. Scuffed and damaged desk legs, chairs that are ripped and falling apart, tired-looking pedestals and a sofa that has definitely seen better days. Don't put it to the back of your mind or add it to your to-do list for next week. If you have decided to get rid of your old office furniture and need to find some cost-effective replacements, speak to RBF. We can support you to remove your old office furniture - either for recycling or reselling - and we have a huge warehouse full of nearly new office equipment just ready to take its place in your office.

In this months blog, we look at the damage your old furniture could be doing to your business and how we can support you to get rid of your ghosts and walk into a comfortable friendly space on a Monday morning.

The damage your old office furniture could be doing to your business

Unfortunately, if you are still working with outdated and damaged equipment - particularly in an office where you frequently invite potential clients to meet you - this could be doing damage to your company in a variety of ways.

Staff morale and retention can be seriously affected by older and broken down furniture and equipment. If they are expected to continue working with furniture that is broken or run down and potentially hazardous to them, it may leave them feeling undervalued and embarrassed of their workplace.

Visitors and potential clients - if they are visiting your offices - could leave thinking that you don't take care of the furniture in your offices, so why would you take care of them? Office furniture is a very visual representation of your business so ensure you always have your best foot forward when trying to impress the visitors and clients who come through your door.

That's why we suggest getting rid of your outdated equipment and looking into purchasing some new furniture to make your office shine again.

Out with the old and in with the new!

If you have decided to rid yourself and your office of your old, worn-out furniture you will surely be looking for new and practical furniture to take its place. Did you know that Recycled Business Furniture can support you with both your recycling needs and sourcing your new equipment?

We provide a range of services to help you reduce the environmental impact of your workplace, including:

Office Furnishings - We can supply all types of office furnishings from desks, chairs, filing cabinets, storage units, shelving etc... as well as complete office refurbishment packages.

Furniture Re-use – Our re-usable products are made with recycled materials or have been designed using eco-friendly manufacturing processes.

The benefits of recycling your old office furniture

Recycling your older office furniture can give you a whole host of benefits that you had never even considered before - check out our top benefits below:

  • Reduce your carbon footprint by reducing energy consumption during transport and storage
  • Save money on buying new products or hiring additional staff
  • Help protect the environment by preventing unnecessary production of virgin resources
  • Improve employee morale by providing them with updated furniture that makes them feel valued and gives them more space
  • Increase productivity by allowing employees to use recycled material instead of purchasing new equipment

The benefits of recycling your old furniture really are endless and when you choose to part with these ghosts, it can only ever bring a new lease of life to your office. When you recycle with RBF, you can be sure that your old furniture is going to be disposed of correctly using our own recycling facilities. If your furniture can be updated and renewed, we will take care of this and it will then be moved to our warehouse where it will support someone else looking to give their own office a new lease of life. Rest assured, whether your furniture is being sold on or sent to the recycling centre, we will always ensure we are our processes are efficient and environmentally friendly.

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Choose Recycled Business Furniture to rid yourself of furniture ghosts

As well as offering a wide range of products that include desks, tables, storage units, shelving systems and more, here at RBF, we also specialise in providing efficient office furniture recycling solutions. Our team work closely with clients to ensure they receive the most suitable service at the right price.

Whether it's a small or large scale project, we'll take care of everything so there’s no need to worry about anything else. RBF has been working with businesses looking to remove their old furniture and replace it with something newer for many years, so we have all the experience and knowledge you need when it comes to furniture removals and replacements. For more information on our services or to take a look around our showroom to pick out your own new furniture pieces, get in touch with us today.

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Secondhand Conference tables - Let RBF help you meet in style

Secondhand Conference tables

Conference tables are essential in any boardroom or meeting place, and finding the perfect one can sometimes be challenging. But you don't have to always buy new to get something that you'll love. There are plenty of secondhand tables out there, and here we will discuss why you should consider a secondhand one and how to choose the perfect one from Recycled Business Furniture for your business.

Why do people even use conference tables?

A conference table is a vital component of any conference room. It is the point of convergence, where all stakeholders can come together to discuss business, share ideas and more importantly, make decisions. While a conference table is an excellent asset to a company, buying a new conference table can be a costly affair. As a result, many businesses turn to the alternative option of purchasing a secondhand conference table.

Conference tables are valuable tools in the facilitation of meetings, but how did this piece of furniture get to the point of being such a significant part of the business world? And how did it become one of the essential pieces of office furniture in the world? Conference tables are used in every boardroom in the world, in every office to assist businesses in their decision-making processes. It has been said that if two people are in a room, there should be a conference table in the room to help them make decisions.

This furniture item is available in a range of styles to suit any business. For example, if you are in the process of redesigning your boardroom, or if you require a replacement conference table to make your business stand out, consider the option of purchasing a used conference table to create a more effective and efficient work environment.

Designs and styles of conferences tables

When choosing the best style of table that will suit your office or boardroom, it is crucial to consider your floor space, your height requirements and what you will be using the table for. Here at Recycled Business Furniture, we have many different table styles available to choose from, including round, square and rectangle, so there is sure to be something to suit your needs. Our range includes modern, traditional, and executive tables to help you find your ideal boardroom table. We also carry various finishes, so if you are looking for a modern, sleek table to match your decor, we have an excellent selection for you to choose from.

Herman Miller Circular Table

Kusch and Co Square table

Luke Hughes Maple Veneer

Large walnut Boardroom Table

The benefits of secondhand conference tables

There are plenty of benefits to purchasing secondhand conference tables, but the most common one is the cost. Every business is looking to save money, but sometimes buying secondhand can be a costly mistake. It’s important to know the differences between purchasing secondhand and buying new, as well as what to look out for when purchasing used furniture.

Buying secondhand conference tables can save you a lot of money on the overall price of the furniture. A cheaper price tag isn’t the only benefit to buying used; there are some drawbacks. One of the main drawbacks of purchasing used is that you don’t know what condition the furniture is in. Some secondhand furniture is in great shape, but some furniture is not.

You need to know what you’re getting, which can be hard to do when buying online. It’s always best to inspect the furniture yourself, but sometimes that isn’t possible. There are also some other hidden costs of buying secondhand conference tables, such as delivery charges. You need to know what you’re getting, but you also need to know what you’re getting yourself into.

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RBF providing secondhand conference tables with style

You've heard a lot about second-hand conference tables being a sustainable and cost-effective way to furnish your business, but would you know how to go about selecting the right table to suit your needs? When you choose to work with RBF, our expert team will provide advice and support to choose a second-hand conference table that adds style to your boardroom and supports your meetings every time.

When choosing conference tables for your meeting rooms, you need to make sure you choose the right size and shape for your space and the correct type of material for your conference room. You will also need to consider the table's location and how easy it will be to manage and keep clean. Recycled Business Furniture is here to support you through all your furniture choices, making your office as good as new for a fraction of the cost. Give us a call today to arrange a visit to our High Wycombe Showroom.

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The Herman Miller Chair - a truly famous piece of furniture

Miller Chair

Miller Chair

If you're in the market for a new office chair and you are not sure what to buy, this handy guide will definitely give you an insight into the god of all chairs - the Herman Miller. With a hefty price tag to purchase new, why not consider purchasing your latest office chair from Recycled Business Furniture? For great quality and even better prices, speak to our team today.

Herman Miller Chairs - do they seem familiar to you?

Ah, Herman Miller. Without a doubt the godfather of office chairs. Sleek in design, ultra-comfortable to sit in on those long office days, and oddly familiar... yes you may have seen it before. Remember the Simpsons episode featuring god working at his desk in a comfortable chair? That's a Herman Miller Aeron he is lounging in. Actually, the Simpsons programme wasn't the only place a Herman Miller has been featured - they are actually rather famous in the world of TV and film. Fraiser, Will & Grace, even Bond in Casino Royale got his own Herman Miller.

Known for the understated design, meant to be appreciated by those who know what a Herman Miller chair is and how sought after they are - particularly the 1994 model which is now considered a classic. Let's delve into the world of these famous chairs a little deeper and see why they are becoming increasingly popular in any office taking their comfortable and design seriously.

Why Herman Miller Chairs are serious business

Over 100 years old with a complete outlook on creating impeccable design and protecting the environment, Herman Miller created a vision to look after both its staff and customers whilst designing beautiful furniture.

Aeron Chairs The ergonomic masterpiece as modelled by God in the Simpsons and various other films and TV series. This chair was created specifically for the office and those who spend long working hours at their desks. The latest models have been created for a range of body types in order to provide the best for a wide range of clients and have also now been upgraded in an environmentally friendly way to include an ocean plastic backing.

Sayl Chairs Belonging to a Sayl family of side tables and stools, the Sayl range was created to offer a minimalistic yet stylish option for an office chair. Still taking on the ergonomic values and principles Herman Miller is known for whilst having fun with the design and shape of the chair to create a unique focal point in the office.

Mirra 2 Chairs Mirra 2 is the design choice that responds to you and your movements effortlessly, so you don't even have to think about it. Available in 2 main back choices - TriFlex or Butterfly - depending on the movement and comfort you are looking for. As always with any Herman Miller Chair, design and style are still high on the list and these chairs are no exception.

Benefits of a Herman Miller chair

Secondhand Herman Miller chairs keep their value and design

As you may have guessed, the price tag of a new Herman Miller chair is going to be out of many price ranges for offices who have to stick to a budget when buying furniture. That's where Recycled Business Furniture can save the day.

Purchasing a Herman Miller chair shouldn't break the bank and when you visit our showroom of beautiful secondhand furniture it won't. we have a huge range of Herman Miller chairs, just waiting for you to try out and fall in love with, and as its secondhand but still incredible quality, the money you spend on your new chair with us will hold its value and design for years to come.

Herman Miller is a household name for many and as such, the brand name and awareness has created classic masterpieces that continue to hold their value over time. For an investment piece that's comfortable for hours, Herman Miller is the only office chair choice you need to make.

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Recycled Business Furniture - home of the secondhand Herman Miller

Recycled Business Furniture, based conveniently in High Wycombe just off the M40 is the home to many pieces of beautiful office furniture that has been recovered from office moves and closures. The aim for RBF is simple, reduce our waste production and provide businesses and individuals with quality furniture pieces at affordable prices.

We have a huge range of stock, both in our showroom and adjoining warehouse and encourage everyone to give us a call to book an appointment for a walk around, where you will be able to source the perfect furniture for your office check it for yourself before purchasing. We are proud of the furniture we can provide our clients and of the hard work we do every day to ensure that the office furniture is not just sent to landfills or to the dump.

If you're looking for great quality furniture, including that perfect Herman Miller Chair, give us a call today and book some time to look around our endless stock!

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Second hand furniture Birmingham

Secondhand furniture

Secondhand furniture

Stress-free furniture removal in Birmingham

There are many reasons why you may be looking for a furniture removals team and Recycled Business Furniture can provide a bespoke solution to clear your unwanted office furniture. Whether you are downsizing, redecorating or relocating, RBF have the experience and expertise to clear your unwanted furniture efficiently and effectively.

Recycled Business Furniture specialise in the removal and clearance of large offices. Our team of clearance experts will handle all furniture removal from bulky items such as filing cabinets, to reception furniture and desks. If you need your office environment clearing out and don’t know where to start, give RBF a call today to see how they can help you and your office.

Not only do RBF support you to clear you offices, we will purchase items from you that are in good condition and we can also recycle office items at our own facilities that have reached the end of their shelf life.

Speak to RBF about your Birmingham clearance needs

Purchase recycled Business furniture for your Birmingham office

Your office furniture doesn’t have to be new to ooze style, quality and comfort. There are many quality furniture pieces available that have been previously loved and are still in perfect condition. Furnishing your office shouldn’t cost you the earth and you should be able to enjoy the luxury and support that comes with purchasing good quality pre-owned office furniture.

At RBF, we have an extensive showroom full of quality office furniture in perfect condition just waiting to become the latest edition to your office space. From Herman Miller chairs offering incredible back support, to extendable electric desks offering you the ability to work standing, speak to RBF today.

If you are looking for the perfect desk space that you can work from comfortably, RBF have a great range of second-hand office desks that will suit you style and requirements. If you find the perfect desk for you that doesn’t quite match your ideal measurements, just let us know - most of our desks are customisable for you and we can cut your desk to the size you need.

Take a look at RBF online shop

High Quality second hand furniture from RBF

At Recycled Business Furniture, we guarantee and extensive range of quality office furniture items where you will find the perfect items for you to make your office stand out. We believe that our customers should get the highest quality office items without breaking the bank and when you shop with RBF, we will provide expert advice and guidance including to adopt the correct seating position and correct desk posture to make sure you not only have the best quality furniture at the lowest price, but that you can use it properly to promote your physical health and wellbeing.

Visit our vast showroom, conveniently based just off the M40, or take a look at our online shop to see what pre-loved office furniture we currently have in stock. Once you have chosen your perfect furniture items, either arrange to collect or have your items delivered by our team.

Visit the RBF showroom

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