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Circular tables

Selection of circular tables and bases from £75.00+VAT

Selection of circular tables and bases from
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Selection of circular tables and bases from
Selection of circular tables and bases from



Selection of circular meeting tables.

Different bases available.

Picture is an example, may be supplied with different legs.

W25Unknown 25mm thick MFC, legs?Maple1000dia
W21Unknown 4 silver legsMaple1000dia
W21Unknown Cheap O baseOak1000dia
W21Herman MillerAbak4 graphite abak legsWalnut1000dia
AB1Unknown Frosted glass, Chrome X baseGlass1000dia
BH1Unknown MFC, 25mm thick. Ofset cut outPale maple1000dia
BH1Unknown MFCCherry1000dia
BH2Unknown Veneer, 18mm thick, reverse chamferMaple veneer1000dia
BH1Unknown MDF, plywood edgeWenge1000dia
BH1Unknown Reverse chamfer, 38mm thickBlack ash1000dia
BH2Unknown MFCWhite1000dia
BH1Unknown MFCBeech1000dia
BH1MobiliVega4 Silver taper legsBlack1000dia
AB1Techo Black column O base, black edge, 18mm thickWhite1000dia
BH1Unknown Black edge, MFCWhite1100dia
BH1Unknown MFC 25mm thick, 80mm dia cut outMaple1200dia
BH3Unknown MFCBeech1200dia
BH2Unknown MDF, exposed edgeWhite1200dia
BH1Unknown MFC, 38mm thickPale oak1200dia
BH1Techo 18mm thick, 80mm dia cutoutWalnut1200dia
BH1Senator Veneer, 38mm thickMaple veneer1200dia
BH3Unknown MFCBeech1200dia
BH1Unknown Circular veneer, 800dia cutoutWalnut veneer1200dia x 38
BH1Unknown MFC, flapWhite1400dia
BH1Unknown Circle, MFC, centre holeBeech1400dia x 25
W21Unknown Reverse chamfer, Cut out, base?White1600 dia
BH2Howe 2 pc circular, flap, legs?White1600dia
BH1Unknown 2 pcs, MDF, reverse chafer black edgeWhite1600dia x 25
BH1Howe 2 pc circular, flap, legs?White1800dia
W22Unknown Reverse chamfer, 2 pieces, base?White2200 dia
BH1Unknown MDF, exposed edgeWhite700dia
BH1Unknown GraniteGraphite700dia
BH3Allermuir MDF, reverse chamfer. circularWhite750dia
BH1Allermuir Trespa, black edgeWhite750dia
BH1Unknown Metal edge, reverse chamferWhite750dia
W21Unknown Circular, legs?Maple800dia
W21Boss Aluminium X baseWalnut800dia
AB1Senator Silver metal O base, wood reverse chamfer edgeWhite800dia
BH1Unknown MFCBeech800dia
BH1Unknown VeneerAsh veneer800dia
BH3Unknown Veneer, 30mm thick, cut outOak veneer800dia
BH2Unknown WerzalitSilver800dia
BH1Unknown Veneer, 38mm thickOak veneer800dia
BH2Nowy Styl MFCScottish oak800dia
BH1Isotop WerzalitBeech800dia
BH1Nowy Styl WerzalitBeech800dia
BH1Unknown Veneer, nails in outside edgeMaple veneer800dia
BH2Unknown MFCGraphite800dia
BH1Herman Miller MFCBeech800dia
BH1Unknown MDF, square edge, 18mm thickWhite800dia
AB1Unknown Gloss white, scratched, white column base, reverse chamferWhite800dia
BH1Unknown MFC 25mm thickBeech900 dia
W21Unknown 18mm thick, black edge, legs?White900dia
BH1Unknown MDF, exposed edgeWhite900dia
BH1Allermuir MDF, reverse chamfer. circular. chipped edgesWhite900dia
BH1Unknown Hardwood like a chopping board, 40mm thickLight wood900dia
BH2Dynamobile MFCWenge900dia
BH3Allermuir MDF edgeWalnut900dia
BH1Unknown Plywood edge, 18mm thickWhite900dia
BH1Unknown MFC, 18mm thickMaple900dia
BH1Senator MFC, grey baseGrey900dia

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