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About RBF

RBF: Quality used office furniture at great prices delivered & installed.

Just some of our 1200 chairs
WHY RECYCLED BUSINESS FURNITURE? IT IS ACTUALLY QUITE SIMPLE! We save YOU money! We clear furniture out from offices, and sell it on to companies that want great quality, but don't want to pay top price. Just because you are buying second hand furniture doesn't mean that you have to compromise on QUALITY.

Whether you are a multi-national or a one-man-band we have dealt with similar clients and are flexible enough to work to your requirements. We must be doing something right; We have been trading for twenty years now and have over 6000 satisfied customers.

Why don't you find out what other people have found out already?

We were interviewed for Business Info Magazine. Why don't you have a look and see for yourselves.

updated: 1 year ago