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Bench systems

Techo Platform white 1600mm bench desks £120+VAT 72 in stockHerman Miller Layout Studio white 1200 & 1600mm bench desks £140+VAT 90 in stockHerman Miller Abak white 1400mm bench and single desks £125+VAT 11 in stockKnoll Plateau 8 person oak bench desks £1200+VAT 3 in stockHerman Miller Sense white 1600x800mm bench desks & screens £130+VAT 70 in stockHerman Miller Sense v1 1600x800mm white bench desks £135+VAT 12 in stockImperial iBench white 1400x800mm bench desks £100+VAT 24 in stockImperial iBench white goal post leg 1400x800mm bench desks £110+VAT 28 in stockSenator Freeway 1200x800mm grey bench desks £100+VAT 19 in stockSenator Core Highland Oak bench & single desks £110+VAT 35 in stockBespoke designer bench desks, per person £120+VAT 16 in stockKoleksiyon Partita white bench desking, per user £120+VAT 26 in stockBlack 1600x1600mm 4 person bench desks £350+VAT 8 in stockBlack plywood 8 person bench desk £600+VAT 1 in stockSedus Temptation four walnut team tables, per person £150+VAT 10 in stockTask Unity white sliding top 1600x800mm bench desks £100+VAT 18 in stockMobili Vega white 1150mm bench desks £100+VAT 24 in stockMobili Vega black 1200mm block of 8 bench desk, per person £75+VAT 1 in stockCompact 600mm deep white bench desks, per user £75+VAT 36 in stockBalma G4 white bench desks in various sizes £125+VAT 12 in stockMaple 1600mm Senator Crossover bench desking, per position £105+VAT 10 in stock3200mm wenge 4 person bench desk, per user £90+VAT 4 in stock


Desk frames with various tops