Recycled Business Furniture




Lime green Julian Bowen stacking plywood chairs £35+VAT 12 in stockDuck egg blue stools £55+VAT 2 in stockIkea black wooden spinning stool £20+VAT 5 in stockPlywood stacking armchair £25+VAT 4 in stockGrey mesh stool £45+VAT 4 in stockBlack vinyl Z stools £30+VAT 6 in stockBlack stools with woven back £25+VAT 2 in stockHerman Miller Casper in cream £85+VAT 4 in stockLight grey Talix style metal café chairs £35+VAT 12 in stockBlack plastic Allermuir Lip stacking chair £40+VAT 10 in stockConnection white/lime green plastic armchair £55+VAT 24 in stockArper Catifa 46 shell white/colour trestle stools £75+VAT 2 in stockGreen fabric stools £45+VAT 4 in stockMulti coloured Talix metal stacking chairs £40+VAT 21 in stockDark metal wire stools £55+VAT 4 in stockTalix red metal dining chair £40+VAT 8 in stockTalix bare metal dining chair £40+VAT 15 in stockVitra DSW look-a-like black gloss dining chair £45+VAT 12 in stockVitra DAW black look-a-like armchair £45+VAT 12 in stockFixed canteen seating & tables £125+VAT 10 in stockDorigo Designs COVE breakout chair £65+VAT 10 in stockBench seating £45+VAT 4 in stockRetro cafe/school chairs £45+VAT 14 in stockSchool style mahogany/black chairs £45+VAT 4 in stockFrovi Jig white plywood cafe chairs £45+VAT 4 in stockBamboo 4 leg cafe chairs £40+VAT 9 in stockVerco beech plywood stacking chairs £25+VAT 4 in stockNowy Styl Zeta black and chrome stool £35+VAT 2 in stockMulti-coloured plywood stacking cafe chairs £20+VAT 15 in stockOrangebox Spring stools £55+VAT 9 in stockWhite Ikea Erland stacking chair £15+VAT 10 in stockConnection stacking meeting chairs £30+VAT 4 in stockWilkhahn white mesh stacking chairs £45+VAT 4 in stockArper Catifa 46 white/colour shell stacking canteen chairs £40+VAT 21 in stockPatra Icon black plastic stacking chairs £40+VAT 10 in stockHumanscale Cinto in green £55+VAT 5 in stockAllermuir Scoop dark walnut stacking chairs £45+VAT 4 in stockAllermuir Scoop walnut stacking chairs £45+VAT 8 in stockRabami Cafe chair £25+VAT 2 in stock