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Herman Miller



Besthul Radius black mesh back task chairs £130+VAT 24 in stockBlack Sedus Crossline task chair £175+VAT 3 in stockGraphite fabric Sedus Crossline task chair £175+VAT 4 in stockSidiz T550 Task chair CE £145+VAT 114 in stockTC Vista charcoal 24 hour task chairs £75+VAT 37 in stockOrangebox ARA black task chair with arms £120+VAT 51 in stockRoyal Blue Steelcase Please v2 task chair £215+VAT 33 in stockMushroom leather ICF Una Executive task chairs £225+VAT 14 in stockMobili Nero grey mesh back task chairs £135+VAT 30 in stockBlack Steelcase Please task chairs £155+VAT 66 in stockLight blue Summit Ergonomic Operator chairs £55+VAT 200 in stockRH Logic 400 task chairs £210+VAT 15 in stockOken Neko task chair in grey technical finish £140+VAT 35 in stockBlack leather Humanscale Freedom chair £160+VAT 5 in stockSteelcase Think mesh back black task chair £140+VATEames replica Aluminum executive leather chair £80+VAT 2 in stockHumanscale Liberty mesh back task chairs in various colours £145+VAT 11 in stockMid back black operator chair with arms £55+VAT 1 in stockBene B_Run black mesh back task chairs £120+VAT 5 in stockTecho SCIO burgundy/brown mesh back task chairs £100+VAT 6 in stockBlack Orangebox Go task chair with arms £75+VAT 42 in stockHaworth Comforto BL black task chairs £85+VAT 19 in stockVerco Salt & Pepper terracotta task chair £85+VAT 14 in stockBlack Knoll Generation task chairs £220+VAT 3 in stockLight grey Komac Move task chairs £85+VAT 1 in stockSenator Agitus executive chair with headrest £225+VATBlack 3 lever high back operator chairs £65+VAT 1 in stockBlack leather high back executive chair £120+VAT 17 in stockElite Opula black leather executive chair with headrest £125+VAT 6 in stockForma 5 Sentis black/mesh task chairs £145+VAT 3 in stockSenator Ecoflex blue/black mesh task chair £95+VAT 1 in stockBestuhl J1 Task chair in light grey £120+VAT 1 in stockGirsberger blue and grey task chair with arms £95+VAT 12 in stockDark chocolate brown Orangebox Joy chair £85+VAT 6 in stockRecovered black Boss NEO task chair £135+VAT 1 in stockBlue Goose 3 lever operator chairs £60+VAT 1 in stockSenator Clipper black mesh back task chair with arms £120+VAT 16 in stock



Sedus Crossline graphite mobile meeting chair £75+VAT 4 in stockBlack leather mesh back meeting chairs £45+VAT 5 in stockBlack Kusch and Co stacking chairs £55+VAT 8 in stockBesthul Radius black mesh back meeting chairs £60+VAT 60 in stockOrangebox Workday swivel black meeting chair £85+VAT 10 in stockMushroom ICF Una mesh meeting chair £150+VAT 53 in stockMushroom leather ICF Una meeting chairs £180+VAT 4 in stockGraphite leather Brunner Finasoft high back cantilever meeting chair £135+VAT 9 in stockRed leather Brunner Finasoft cantilever chair £150+VAT 10 in stockGraphite leather Brunner Fina Quilt stacking meeting chair £135+VAT 15 in stockCream leather Brunner Finasoft closed arm chair £200+VAT 12 in stockPledge Vibe white stacking conference chairs £60+VAT 233 in stockBlack Senator Fuse mesh meeting chair £45+VAT 9 in stockRed Brunner stacking chairs £35+VAT 62 in stockSystems Seating International black stacking chairs £40+VAT 16 in stockPledge Quintessential purple meeting chairs £50+VAT 11 in stockConnection light purple stacking chairs £45+VAT 8 in stockBene green stacking meeting chairs £40+VAT 6 in stockBlack ribbed Frovi Sand Sled £55+VAT 20 in stockArper Catifa 53 swivel chairs in matching fabric £80+VAT 6 in stockOrangebox X10 stacking chair in orange £55+VAT 9 in stockBlack Orangebox X10 mobile meeting chairs £40+VAT 7 in stockOrangebox X10 mobile chocolate brown meeting chairs £40+VAT 4 in stockTecho SCIO burgundy/brown cantilever chairs £55+VAT 6 in stockCastelli Rainbow DSC106 purple stacking chairs with arms £125+VAT 29 in stockEames look-a-like black mesh meeting chairs £110+VAT 6 in stockHerman Miller Keyn meeting chair £100+VAT 2 in stockHaworth Very black meeting chair on wheels £70+VAT 19 in stockBMA Axia Visit chairs in grey leather £80+VAT 6 in stockArper Catifa 46 leather trestle base chairs £80+VAT 9 in stockLight blue leather Poltrona Frau Liz armchairs £120+VAT 9 in stockRed leather Poltrona Frau Liz chairs £110+VAT 3 in stockGreen leather Poltrona Frau Liz chairs £110+VAT 5 in stockMesh Vitra-look-a-like Eames meeting chairs £85+VAT 1 in stockBlack cantilever meeting chairs £30+VAT 4 in stockGrey stacking meeting chairs £35+VAT 23 in stockSenator Trillipse 2 tone blue stacking chairs £55+VAT 4 in stockChocolate brown leather meeting chairs £75+VAT 6 in stockKnoll Brno black leather cantilever meeting chairs £100+VAT 7 in stockKnoll Spoleto black leather chairs £195+VAT 4 in stockBlack leather Verco Focus meeting chairs £80+VAT 5 in stockCharcoal stacking chairs £30+VAT 4 in stockBlack leather square mobile meeting chairs £125+VAT 14 in stockPurple/mesh Pledge AIR meeting chair £40+VAT 8 in stockBlue Verco Focus meeting chairs £45+VAT 6 in stockAllermuir Kirkos in white £105+VAT 6 in stockBlack HAG stackable meeting chairs £45+VAT 4 in stockTonon Italia stackable mushroom meeting chair £25+VAT 17 in stockBlack and green cantilever meeting chair £55+VAT 8 in stockBlack mesh meeting chair (CE) £115+VAT 4 in stockFunky faux leather meeting chairs £25+VAT 16 in stockGrey Arper Catifa 53 chair £85+VAT 1 in stockSenator Black Trillipse cantilever meeting chair £65+VAT 7 in stockBlack leather cantilever meeting chairs £75+VAT 3 in stockRM22C mesh back black meeting chair (CE) £65+VAT 3 in stockBoss Design Skoot nesting meeting chair (CE) £65+VAT 18 in stockSteelcase Think brown/black meeting chairs £85+VAT 4 in stockSteelcase black plastic stacking chair £40+VAT 7 in stockArper Catifa 46 blue stacking meeting chair £55+VAT 14 in stockBurgundy striped stackable meeting chair £45+VAT 6 in stockBurgundy chrome frame folding chairs £25+VAT 10 in stock


Lime green Julian Bowen stacking plywood chairs £35+VAT 12 in stockPlywood stacking armchair £25+VAT 4 in stockHerman Miller Casper in cream £85+VAT 4 in stockLight grey Talix style metal café chairs £35+VAT 12 in stockTolix bare metal dining chair £40+VAT 15 in stockTolix red metal dining chair £40+VAT 8 in stockMulti coloured Talix metal stacking chairs £40+VAT 21 in stockBlack plastic Allermuir Lip stacking chair £40+VAT 10 in stockConnection white/lime green plastic armchair £55+VAT 24 in stockPhilippe Starck for Kartell Louis Ghost Chair £50+VAT 8 in stockVitra DSW look-a-like black gloss dining chair £45+VAT 12 in stockVitra DAW black look-a-like armchair £45+VAT 12 in stockFixed canteen seating & tables £125+VAT 10 in stockDorigo Designs COVE breakout chair £65+VAT 10 in stockBench seating £45+VAT 2 in stockJean Prouve for Vitra style Standard plywood chairs £45+VAT 17 in stockSchool style mahogany/black chairs £45+VAT 4 in stockFrovi Jig white plywood cafe chairs £45+VAT 4 in stockBamboo 4 leg cafe chairs £40+VAT 9 in stockVerco beech plywood stacking chairs £25+VAT 4 in stockMulti-coloured plywood stacking cafe chairs £20+VAT 15 in stockWhite Ikea Erland stacking chair £15+VAT 6 in stockConnection stacking meeting chairs £30+VAT 4 in stockWilkhahn white mesh stacking chairs £45+VAT 4 in stockArper Catifa 46 white/colour shell stacking canteen chairs £40+VAT 21 in stockPatra Icon black plastic stacking chairs £40+VAT 10 in stockHumanscale Cinto in green £55+VAT 5 in stockAllermuir Scoop dark walnut stacking chairs £45+VAT 4 in stockAllermuir Scoop walnut stacking chairs £45+VAT 8 in stockRabami Cafe chair £25+VAT 2 in stock


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