Recycled Business Furniture




Herman Miller Setu Studio White Edition £150+VAT 10 in stockBlue Pledge Arena stacking conference chairs £35+VAT 45 in stockVerco Focus stacking chairs £40+VAT 6 in stockBlack leather cantilever meeting chairs £75+VAT 8 in stockBlack mesh meeting chair (CE) £115+VAT 4 in stockBlack Senator Trillipse meeting chair £60+VAT 6 in stockBlue cantilever frame meeting chairs   (CE) £55+VAT 8 in stockOrangebox Joy meeting chair £60+VAT 9 in stockVitra .03 stacking chair by Maarten Van Severen £110+VAT 113 in stockBlack Connection Function meeting chair with arms (CE) £55+VAT 8 in stockHAG H09 black Antigo leather meeting chairs £155+VAT 4 in stockSitland black fabric meeting chair £65+VAT 4 in stockSedus Open 233 meeting chair £95+VAT 2 in stockGreen Orangebox Joy stackable meeting chairs £40+VAT 8 in stockBlack and green cantilever meeting chair £55+VAT 8 in stockBlack leather Senator Trillipse stacking chairs £80+VAT 14 in stockVerco V Smart blue fabric meeting chair £85+VAT 9 in stockEames DAR chair by Vitra (CE) £175+VAT 16 in stockGisberger blue & grey stacking chairs £35+VAT 8 in stockRM22C mesh back black meeting chair (CE) £65+VAT 3 in stockStackable meeting chairs (CE) £55+VAT 3 in stockSteelcase Think brown/black meeting chairs £85+VAT 10 in stockBlack leather cantilever stacking chairs £55+VAT 6 in stockBlack mesh back cantilever meeting chairs £45+VAT 4 in stockSenator Black Trillipse cantilever meeting chair (CE) £65+VAT 14 in stockLight grey Rapid meeting chair (CE) £45+VATWilkhahn meeting chair (CE) £50+VAT 6 in stockBoss Design Skoot chair (CE) £65+VAT 18 in stockSedus conference chair CE £50+VAT 18 in stockGresham stacking chair (CE) £40+VAT 160 in stockBoss PRO-4 meeting chair (CE) £86+VAT 14 in stockPerry chair by KI £58+VAT 6 in stock