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Boardroom tables

Large walnut boardroom table £2500+VAT 1 in stockWalnut boardroom table £1950+VAT 1 in stockWalnut boardroom table £500+VAT 1 in stockTraining table £95+VAT 4 in stockVitra Segmented oak veneer tables 1800 to 2130mm long £300+VAT 6 in stock8000x3200mm Luke Hughes maple veneer boardroom table £2500+VAT 1 in stock3300x2500mm Luke Hughes maple veneer triangular table £1400+VAT 3 in stock2000mm diameter Luke Hughes maple veneer table £600+VAT 1 in stock1100x1100mm Luke Hughes maple veneer table £150+VAT 1 in stock5800x2400mm oak veneer table £3500+VAT 1 in stock4200x2400mm oval oak veneer table £1600+VAT 1 in stock4200x2100mm Luke Hughes walnut veneer table £1500+VAT 1 in stock4200mm white Vitra Eames Segmented boardroom table £2250+VAT 1 in stock4000x1250mm dark walnut boardroom table £900+VAT 1 in stock2100x1250mm dark walnut boardroom table £600+VAT 1 in stock5000x1500/1100mm Sven maple barrel shape boardroom table CE £1600+VAT 1 in stock3000 x 1600mm brown leather top barrel shape boardroom table (CE) £600+VAT 1 in stock2800x1400mm glass oval boardroom table £450+VAT 1 in stockSolid ash 2790x2800mm boardroom table £750+VAT 1 in stock2600 x 2200mm maple/cherry nearly round boardroom table (CE) £1400+VAT 1 in stock2200x1200mm bow end walnut veneer table £350+VAT 1 in stock2400 x 1350/900mm Tula maple veneer barrel shape table £750+VAT 2 in stock2000 x 1000/700mm Tula maple veneer boat shaped table £550+VAT 11 in stock1500 x 750mm Tula rectangular flip top table £175+VAT 1 in stock2800 x 1350/900mm Tula maple veneer boat shaped table £500+VAT 1 in stock

Booths & Pods

Herman Miller

Metal Cupboards


Conference tables

Metal Tambours


Bench systems

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Designer seating


Steelcase Lets B task chair £115+VAT 7 in stockBlack Boss Design Move task chair £80+VAT 74 in stockOrangebox DO black mesh task chair £120+VAT 45 in stockLexy Black Leather Seat & Chrome Back £110+VAT 14 in stockRH Mereo Adjustable Chair £200+VAT 5 in stockOrangebox X10 Black Fabric Chair £105+VAT 14 in stockHaworth Dark Grey Leather Seat Light Grey Arm rests £280+VAT 11 in stockBlack Leather Executive Chair Chrome Base £120+VAT 6 in stockGlenside Graphite Fabric Chair £50+VAT 4 in stockKomac operator chair £80+VAT 91 in stockDynamobel task chair £100+VAT 7 in stockPledge task chair £50+VAT 4 in stockMesh back chair £65+VAT 12 in stockOperator chair - Buster air seating £80+VAT 7 in stockHumanscale black chair grey frame £150+VAT 3 in stockBestuhl black mesh adjustable chair £125+VAT 2 in stockBene black mesh back chair £110+VAT 6 in stockKomac black adjustable chair £80+VAT 4 in stockBlack height adjustable chair £40+VAT 3 in stockBlack mesh back chair chrome base £75+VAT 3 in stockBlack high back operator chair £65+VAT 6 in stockBlack mesh back chair £50+VAT 20 in stockBlack Giroflex G64 task chairs with arms £110+VAT 4 in stockBMA Axia high back task chair (CE) £135+VAT 1 in stockBlack mesh back 2 lever operator chairs £40+VAT 4 in stockPosturite Positiv Plus High Back Ergonomic chair - XXL Seat £200+VAT 1 in stockRH Logic 100 Extend task chair £225+VAT 13 in stockOrangebox ARA black task chair (CE) £120+VAT 29 in stockBlack Sedus task chair £110+VAT 20 in stockBlack Orangebox Go chair with loop arms £70+VAT 66 in stockBlack Orangebox Go chair with adjustable arms £95+VAT 237 in stockBlack Nomique Pepi Upholstered task chair £85+VAT 33 in stockBlack leather Comforto task chair with headrest £175+VAT 4 in stockBurgundy Connection My task chair £75+VAT 37 in stockLight blue Summit Ergonomic Operator chairs £65+VAT 148 in stockSteelcase Let's B blue & black task chair £115+VAT 7 in stockMobili Nero grey mesh back task chairs £135+VAT 4 in stockOken Neko task chair in grey technical finish £50+VAT 16 in stockPurple DS Ergonomic task chair £65+VAT 17 in stockOrangebox Workday Lite Work Armchairs £85+VAT 2 in stockHumanscale Liberty mesh back task chairs £145+VAT 2 in stockHaworth Comforto BL black task chairs £85+VAT 4 in stockVerco Salt & Pepper  beige task chairs £85+VAT 4 in stockBlack mesh back operator chair £55+VAT 4 in stock

Wooden Tambours

Café style tables



Grey 2 tone Connection Kala armchairs £180+VAT 2 in stockBoss Design Dipi Chair Suite Set £300+VAT 1 in stockPurple Lyndon Design modular breakout seating £275+VAT 3 in stockLight grey Boss Design Shuffle chairs £325+VAT 3 in stockGraphite leather Hitch Mylius hm25 armchairs £250+VAT 1 in stockHerman Miller Tub Chairs £140+VAT 4 in stockLight Blue Fabric Tub Chair £90+VAT 2 in stockSwedese Blue & Green Soft Seating £350+VAT 2 in stockB&B Italia Cream Leather Easy Chair £350+VAT 3 in stockOffecct Cream Leather Chair £150+VAT 12 in stockTurquoise Modular Sofa Units £55+VAT 2 in stockLyndon Design Modular Sofa Units £90+VAT 4 in stockOrangebox Multi-Colourway Chairs £90+VAT 4 in stockAllermuir Black Leather Armchair £250+VAT 4 in stockOcee Henray Curved Sofa £380+VAT 1 in stockFritz Hansen JEHS+LAUB Space Age Lounge Chair £800+VAT 4 in stockHitch Mylius corner sofa £1750+VAT 1 in stockPurple two toned corner sofas £125+VAT 2 in stockOrangebox pink 2 seat sofa £350+VAT 1 in stock2 seater leather sofa £195+VAT 2 in stockVitra Alcove Plume ice blue 2 seater sofas £950+VAT 5 in stockVitra Alcove Love Seat ice blue chair £650+VAT 1 in stockBrown leather 3 seater sofa £350+VAT 1 in stockJonas Ihreborn Filip brown sofa and armchair set £450+VAT 1 in stockBrown leather arm chair £200+VAT 2 in stockHitch Mylius hm46 Abbey red 3 seater sofa £500+VAT 2 in stockMarelli Joy mushroom leather swivel armchair £350+VAT 2 in stockB&B Italia Tulip Sixty mushroom leather swivel tub chairs £350+VAT 1 in stockBlack faux leather tub chairs £75+VAT 12 in stockMaxalto Acanto leather armchair £300+VAT 1 in stockFabric tub chairs £80+VAT 4 in stockAllermuir Pause black leather sofa/love seat £300+VAT 1 in stockBlue and grey modular sofas £150+VAT 1 in stockSingle arm 2 seater grey sofa £150+VAT 1 in stockFritz Hansen Rin upholstered arm chair £190+VAT 3 in stockMinotti cream leather 2 & 3 seater sofas £350+VAT 3 in stockBoss Design Layla leather suite £1200+VAT 1 in stockBrown fabric 3 seater sofas £285+VAT 3 in stockSiren Furniture black leather 3 seater sofa £285+VAT 1 in stockHerman Miller orange/red two tone 2 seater sofa £250+VAT 1 in stockChrome wire frame brown modular sofas £120+VAT 4 in stockGrey modular seating £125+VAT 3 in stockBlack leather 3 seater sofa £250+VAT 1 in stockGrey/pink 2 seater tub sofas £100+VAT 3 in stockBlack leather sofa and armchairs suite £350+VAT 1 in stockFunky high seating breakout sofas and armchairs £200+VAT 14 in stockGreen OCEE Dorchester armchairs £75+VAT 4 in stockHitch Mylius hm85 Solo tan leather armchair £450+VAT 6 in stockArper Catifa 80 Brown Leather Lounge Chairs £275+VAT 1 in stockArper Catifa 80 Brown Leather Skid Base Lounge Chairs £275+VAT 1 in stockGrey Ikea armchairs £35+VAT 1 in stockConnection red/pink 3 seater sofas £350+VAT 1 in stockDwell Oslo grey armchairs £100+VAT 2 in stockFlecked brown Hitch Mylius HM86 breakout chairs £145+VAT 10 in stockBright red leather sofa £285+VAT 1 in stockPledge Aries black 3 seater sofa £325+VAT 1 in stockHerman Miller purple/pink sofa  (CE) £265+VAT 2 in stock

Wooden Cupboards

Coffee tables



Senator Trillipse black plastic back meeting chairs £55+VAT 2 in stockSenator Trillipse black fabric stacking chair £55+VAT 4 in stockBlack Orangebox X10 stacking cantilever chairs £50+VAT 24 in stockBlack Boss Design Flex stacking chairs £65+VAT 30 in stockBlack Lammhults Spira stacking chairs £80+VAT 16 in stockBlue Torasen Maximus stacking chairs £40+VAT 99 in stockGreen Offecct Cornflake stacking meeting chairs £55+VAT 6 in stockKusch & Co Ona Plaza stacking chairs £80+VAT 365 in stockPledge Black Mesh Back Fabric Seat Stackable Chair £80+VAT 13 in stockBlack Fabric Stackable Meeting Chair £10+VAT 3 in stockGrey Fabric Meeting Chair £10+VAT 3 in stockBlack Fabric/Mesh Meeting Chair Chrome Legs £40+VAT 6 in stockDark Grey Mesh Back Fabric Seat £35+VAT 4 in stockGreen/Aqua Fabric Meeting Chair £10+VAT 4 in stockCasala Grey Fabric Meeting Chair £75+VAT 4 in stockBoss Mars Cantilever Chair £85+VAT 12 in stockElite White Back Blue Fabric Chair £40+VAT 8 in stockHumanscale Diffrient Occasional Meeting Chair £100+VAT 8 in stockBlack Fabric Back & Seat Meeting Chair £50+VAT 12 in stockStackable chair royal blue/black £40+VAT 10 in stockWooden frame meeting chairs £30+VAT 9 in stockMeeting chair £65+VAT 6 in stockGrey Hay Armchair £75+VAT 4 in stockPledge Black Chrome Cantilever Meeting Chair £75+VAT 16 in stockPledge Round Black Cantilever Meeting Chairs £50+VAT 2 in stockBoss Design Stacking Black Stacking Cantilever Chairs £85+VAT 6 in stockDauphin Cantilever chair £70+VAT 7 in stockStackable blue chairs £35+VAT 6 in stockBlack fabric Sedus Open UP stackable meeting chair £60+VAT 3 in stockMushroom leather ICF Una Executive meeting chairs £225+VAT 2 in stockRed leather Brunner Finasoft cantilever chair £150+VAT 10 in stockCream leather Brunner Finasoft closed arm chair £200+VAT 6 in stockSenator Trillipse black plastic back stacking chairs £55+VAT 6 in stockSteelcase Think black meeting chairs £60+VAT 5 in stockPledge Vibe white stacking conference chairs £60+VAT 124 in stockRed/black stacking meeting chairs £40+VAT 8 in stockSenator Trillipse black leather arm chair £75+VAT 3 in stockRed Brunner stacking chairs £35+VAT 15 in stockHaworth Very black meeting chair on wheels £70+VAT 8 in stockBlack Koleksiyon Tristan mesh back meeting chairs £55+VAT 4 in stockLight blue Steelcase Player meeting chairs £40+VAT 12 in stockConnection light purple stacking chairs £45+VAT 8 in stockConnection Is brown stackable meeting chairs £55+VAT 8 in stockOrangebox X10 stacking chair in orange £55+VAT 3 in stockBlack Orangebox X10 mobile meeting chairs £40+VAT 4 in stockOrangebox X10 mobile chocolate brown meeting chairs £40+VAT 4 in stockCastelli Rainbow DSC106 purple stacking chairs with arms £125+VAT 29 in stockEames look-a-like black mesh meeting chairs £110+VAT 6 in stockArper Catifa 46 leather trestle base chairs £80+VAT 5 in stockLight blue leather Poltrona Frau Liz armchairs £120+VAT 1 in stockRed leather Poltrona Frau Liz chairs £110+VAT 1 in stockGreen leather Poltrona Frau Liz chairs £110+VAT 3 in stockChocolate brown leather meeting chairs £75+VAT 6 in stockKnoll Brno black leather cantilever meeting chairs £100+VAT 1 in stockModus skid base meeting chairs £30+VAT 14 in stockKnoll Spoleto black leather chairs £195+VAT 4 in stockBlack leather Verco Focus meeting chairs £80+VAT 5 in stockBlack leather square mobile meeting chairs £125+VAT 14 in stockTonon Italia stackable mushroom meeting chair £25+VAT 17 in stockICF Una black mesh meeting chair £115+VAT 3 in stockFunky faux leather meeting chairs £30+VAT 12 in stockBlack leather cantilever meeting chairs £75+VAT 2 in stockBoss Design Skoot nesting meeting chair £65+VAT 18 in stockSteelcase Think brown/black meeting chairs £85+VAT 3 in stockArper Catifa 46 blue stacking meeting chair £55+VAT 3 in stock




Cassina Caprice Chair Philippe Starck Style £240+VAT 6 in stockRed Breakout Fabric Chair £120+VAT 6 in stockNon-stacking Chair Green, Blue & Red £30+VAT 4 in stockVitra DAR Replica Chair £60+VAT 2 in stockBrown Stackable Plastic Chairs £10+VAT 10 in stockDark blue / light blue stacking chairs £50+VAT 10 in stockPink Tolix style metal café chairs £35+VAT 1 in stockBlue Tolix style metal café chairs £35+VAT 1 in stockOrange Tolix style metal café chairs £35+VAT 2 in stockPurple Tolix style metal café chairs £35+VAT 2 in stockRed Tolix style metal café chairs £35+VAT 2 in stockBare metal Tolix metal café chairs £55+VAT 4 in stockPlywood stacking chairs £30+VAT 4 in stockBare metal Tolix metal café chair £55+VAT 4 in stockWhite stackable chairs £25+VAT 16 in stockLow black mesh chairs £45+VAT 4 in stockDark green folding meeting chairs £15+VAT 58 in stockFixed canteen seating & tables £125+VAT 2 in stockConnection white/lime green plastic armchair £55+VAT 29 in stockBlue Allermuir Casper plastic stacking chairs £30+VAT 8 in stockLime green Julian Bowen stacking plywood chairs £35+VAT 12 in stockHerman Miller Caper in cream £85+VAT 4 in stockLight grey Tolix style metal café chairs £35+VAT 8 in stockTolix style bare metal dining chair £35+VAT 8 in stockTolix style red metal dining chair £35+VAT 2 in stockSteelcase Westside beige plastic stacking chairs £45+VAT 11 in stockPatra Icon black plastic stacking chairs £40+VAT 10 in stockBlack vinyl stacking shell chair £15+VAT 4 in stockBlack plastic Allermuir Lip stacking chair £40+VAT 10 in stockVitra DAW black look-a-like armchair £45+VAT 5 in stockWhite plastic shell swivel armchairs £50+VAT 1 in stockDorigo Designs COVE breakout chair £65+VAT 4 in stockJean Prouve for Vitra style Standard plywood chairs £45+VAT 7 in stockBamboo 4 leg cafe chairs £40+VAT 9 in stockLight green Connection stacking meeting chairs £30+VAT 4 in stockBlack Connection stacking meeting chairs £30+VAT 4 in stockArper Catifa 46 white/colour shell stacking canteen chairs £60+VAT 23 in stockAllermuir Scoop dark walnut stacking chairs £45+VAT 4 in stockAllermuir Scoop walnut stacking chairs £45+VAT 8 in stock



Flip top tables


Poseur tables

Soft Seating & Reception


2 drawer pedestal £30+VAT 8 in stockDesk high pedestal £35+VAT 11 in stockBeech 3 Drawer Mobile Pedestal £35+VAT 19 in stockMetal Grey Slimline Pedestal £40+VAT 66 in stockSilver metal pedestal with red cushioned top £45+VAT 11 in stockAsh wood pedestal £35+VAT 91 in stockGraphite wood pedestal £35+VAT 8 in stockGraphite metal pedestal £40+VAT 21 in stockCream metal slimline pedestal £40+VAT 22 in stockCherry wood pedestal £30+VAT 41 in stockCherry wood slimline pedestal £35+VAT 62 in stockMaple wood pedestal £35+VAT 5 in stockLight grey wood pedestal £35+VAT 3 in stockLight grey slimline metal pedestal £40+VAT 15 in stockWhite pedestal £40+VAT 6 in stockGrey metal pedestal £40+VAT 5 in stockGrey metal slimline pedestal £40+VAT 9 in stockBlack metal pedestal £40+VAT 15 in stockGrey metal bow fronted pedestal £40+VAT 385 in stockGrey metal bow fronted slimline pedestal £40+VAT 17 in stockGrey slimline metal pedestal £35+VAT 19 in stockGrey slimline metal pedestal £40+VAT 6 in stockBlack metal pedestal £40+VAT 21 in stockLight grey metal pedestal £40+VAT 21 in stockWhite wood pedestal £30+VAT 12 in stockGrey metal surround beech wood top £35+VAT 11 in stockGraphite metal pedestal £40+VAT 28 in stockGrey metal pedestal £35+VAT 14 in stockGraphite metal pedestal £35+VAT 14 in stockLight grey metal pedestal £40+VAT 23 in stockMaple wood pedestal £35+VAT 9 in stockGrey metal pedestal £40+VAT 95 in stockGrey slimline metal pedestal £35+VAT 35 in stockGrey metal gloss finish pedestal £40+VAT 8 in stockGrey slimline metal pedestal £40+VAT 57 in stockGrey slimline metal pedestal £40+VAT 86 in stockWhite metal pedestal with blue cushioned top £45+VAT 38 in stockGrey slimline metal pedestal £40+VAT 36 in stockWhite metal pedestal £40+VAT 10 in stockGrey metal TASK pedestal £40+VAT 30 in stockGrey TECHO metal pedestal £40+VAT 20 in stockGrey TECHO metal pedestal £40+VAT 10 in stockSilver metal bene pedestal £40+VAT 12 in stockWhite metal pedestal £40+VAT 9 in stockWhite / walnut metal pedestal £35+VAT 10 in stockWhite MDF slimline pedestal £35+VAT 1 in stockCream metal slimline pedestal £40+VAT 18 in stockWhite metal pedestal £40+VAT 20 in stockGrey slimline metal pedestal £40+VAT 27 in stockMobile Desk Pedestals £40+VAT 81 in stockLight grey slimline metal pedestal £40+VAT 7 in stockGrey metal pedestal £35+VAT 5 in stockGrey Hawarth metal pedestal £40+VAT 14 in stockGrey metal pedestal £40+VAT 18 in stockWalnut & White Metal Pedestal £45+VAT 39 in stockBow fronted grey metal pedestals £45+VAT 30 in stockWhite metal pedestal £45+VAT 12 in stockGraphite Pedestal Metal £45+VAT 45 in stock


Desk & Chair

Desk frames with various tops

Display Stand


Hat and Coat Stands

Monitor Riser

Presentation Stands


Recycling bins



Sit Stand Desks