Recycled Business Furniture




Black Steelcase Please v2 task chair £185+VAT 98 in stockBlack leather mesh back Sedus Open Up task chair £240+VAT 14 in stockBlack leather Comforto task chair with headrest £175+VAT 24 in stockBlack mesh back Boss Design Felix chairs £125+VAT 28 in stockBlack mesh back Boss Design Felix chairs £125+VAT 3 in stockBesthul Radius black mesh back task chairs £130+VAT 5 in stockBlack Steelcase Please task chairs £145+VAT 24 in stockBlack Orangebox Go task chair with arms £95+VAT 357 in stockLight blue Summit Ergonomic Operator chairs £55+VAT 306 in stockSidiz T550 Task chair CE £145+VAT 1 in stockOrangebox ARA black task chair with arms £120+VAT 9 in stockBlack Steelcase Please task chairs with headrest £145+VAT 43 in stockSteelcase Let's B blue & black task chair £115+VAT 8 in stockMobili Nero grey mesh back task chairs £135+VAT 23 in stockBlack Interstuhl Hero 172 mesh back task chair £150+VAT 12 in stockInterstuhl Goal black task chair £120+VAT 12 in stockRH Logic 400 task chairs £210+VAT 10 in stockBlack Sedus Crossline task chair £175+VAT 1 in stockOken Neko task chair in grey technical finish £140+VAT 26 in stockBlack leather Humanscale Freedom chair £160+VAT 12 in stockOrangebox Workday Lite Work Armchairs £85+VAT 3 in stockHumanscale Liberty mesh back task chairs in various colours £145+VAT 6 in stockVela Tango 200 Electric Lift Chair £750+VAT 1 in stockHaworth Comforto BL black task chairs £85+VAT 9 in stockVerco Salt & Pepper terracotta & beige task chairs £85+VAT 10 in stockBlack Knoll Generation task chairs £220+VAT 3 in stockBlack leather high back executive chair £120+VAT 3 in stockSenator Ecoflex blue/black mesh task chair £95+VAT 1 in stockGirsberger recovered task chair with arms £120+VAT 12 in stockBlack mesh back operator chair £55+VAT 9 in stockMid back black operator chair with arms £55+VAT 4 in stockDark chocolate brown Orangebox Joy chair £85+VAT 6 in stock