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Recycling: Office Furniture Clearance

used office furniture

Buckinghamshire Recycling Centres hit the headlines in January. Councillors agreed to the closure of the Bledlow Ridge site, near High Wycombe in a bid to cut costs. Other Buckinghamshire recycling centres in Burnham, Chesham and Aylesbury will be closed on two days per week and Buckinghamshire County Council are reviewing charges for commercial waste.

If you are a Buckinghamshire charity, school, retailer or business owner, you also need to apply for a trade waste permit before you can take any used furniture or other items for recycling. There’s also transportation to consider.

Bulky office furniture, which is excess to requirements, can get in the way. You want items removed, but with current charges standing at £55.87 for up to 250kilos of waste, the cost of disposing of your second-hand desks, chairs and related pre-owned office furniture can soon add up. You may also need to factor in van hire. Is there another option?

Buckinghamshire Recycled Business Furniture Clearance

Based in High Wycombe, Recycled Business Furniture is keen to help local organisations. Our philosophy is to actively prevent reusable items from heading for landfill and discourage fly tipping. Our solution is to offer a used office furniture clearance service to save you the cost and headache of furniture removal.

Our clearance team are on hand if you need to clear an office of used office desks before you relocate to new premises. We can simply remove that stack of second-hand conference chairs or take the hassle out of getting rid those filing cabinets now that you’ve gone paperless.

What’s more, the items will be cleaned and prepared for display in our pre-owned office furniture showroom. Your old stock might be just what another Buckinghamshire organisation is looking for. As such we promote office furniture reuse and prevent hundreds of items from heading into landfill.

If changes to the Buckinghamshire Recycling Centre opening times have made it less convenient to dispose of used desks and chairs, or you simply want someone else to handle the office clearance, you can rely on the Recycled Business Furniture team.

Pre-owned Office Furniture Showroom

Equally, if you want to fit out your workspace, whilst avoiding paying the full price, come and visit our pre-owned office furniture showroom in High Wycombe. There’s free parking outside the door and an extensive range of quality used office chairs, canteen stools, reception seating and desks to choose from.

updated: 5 years ago