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The Herman Miller Chair - a truly famous piece of furniture

Miller Chair

Miller Chair

If you're in the market for a new office chair and you are not sure what to buy, this handy guide will definitely give you an insight into the god of all chairs - the Herman Miller. With a hefty price tag to purchase new, why not consider purchasing your latest office chair from Recycled Business Furniture? For great quality and even better prices, speak to our team today.

Herman Miller Chairs - do they seem familiar to you?

Ah, Herman Miller. Without a doubt the godfather of office chairs. Sleek in design, ultra-comfortable to sit in on those long office days, and oddly familiar... yes you may have seen it before. Remember the Simpsons episode featuring god working at his desk in a comfortable chair? That's a Herman Miller Aeron he is lounging in. Actually, the Simpsons programme wasn't the only place a Herman Miller has been featured - they are actually rather famous in the world of TV and film. Fraiser, Will & Grace, even Bond in Casino Royale got his own Herman Miller.

Known for the understated design, meant to be appreciated by those who know what a Herman Miller chair is and how sought after they are - particularly the 1994 model which is now considered a classic. Let's delve into the world of these famous chairs a little deeper and see why they are becoming increasingly popular in any office taking their comfortable and design seriously.

Why Herman Miller Chairs are serious business

Over 100 years old with a complete outlook on creating impeccable design and protecting the environment, Herman Miller created a vision to look after both its staff and customers whilst designing beautiful furniture.

Aeron Chairs The ergonomic masterpiece as modelled by God in the Simpsons and various other films and TV series. This chair was created specifically for the office and those who spend long working hours at their desks. The latest models have been created for a range of body types in order to provide the best for a wide range of clients and have also now been upgraded in an environmentally friendly way to include an ocean plastic backing.

Sayl Chairs Belonging to a Sayl family of side tables and stools, the Sayl range was created to offer a minimalistic yet stylish option for an office chair. Still taking on the ergonomic values and principles Herman Miller is known for whilst having fun with the design and shape of the chair to create a unique focal point in the office.

Mirra 2 Chairs Mirra 2 is the design choice that responds to you and your movements effortlessly, so you don't even have to think about it. Available in 2 main back choices - TriFlex or Butterfly - depending on the movement and comfort you are looking for. As always with any Herman Miller Chair, design and style are still high on the list and these chairs are no exception.

Benefits of a Herman Miller chair

Secondhand Herman Miller chairs keep their value and design

As you may have guessed, the price tag of a new Herman Miller chair is going to be out of many price ranges for offices who have to stick to a budget when buying furniture. That's where Recycled Business Furniture can save the day.

Purchasing a Herman Miller chair shouldn't break the bank and when you visit our showroom of beautiful secondhand furniture it won't. we have a huge range of Herman Miller chairs, just waiting for you to try out and fall in love with, and as its secondhand but still incredible quality, the money you spend on your new chair with us will hold its value and design for years to come.

Herman Miller is a household name for many and as such, the brand name and awareness has created classic masterpieces that continue to hold their value over time. For an investment piece that's comfortable for hours, Herman Miller is the only office chair choice you need to make.

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Recycled Business Furniture - home of the secondhand Herman Miller

Recycled Business Furniture, based conveniently in High Wycombe just off the M40 is the home to many pieces of beautiful office furniture that has been recovered from office moves and closures. The aim for RBF is simple, reduce our waste production and provide businesses and individuals with quality furniture pieces at affordable prices.

We have a huge range of stock, both in our showroom and adjoining warehouse and encourage everyone to give us a call to book an appointment for a walk around, where you will be able to source the perfect furniture for your office check it for yourself before purchasing. We are proud of the furniture we can provide our clients and of the hard work we do every day to ensure that the office furniture is not just sent to landfills or to the dump.

If you're looking for great quality furniture, including that perfect Herman Miller Chair, give us a call today and book some time to look around our endless stock!

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