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Buy Quality and Affordable Second Hand Office Furniture in High Wycombe



High-quality office furniture for a fraction of the price.

In the UK, we throw away plenty of office waste that is perfectly usable. From desks to chairs and shelves, offices throw away thousands worth of high-quality furniture that can be fixed up and reused by other companies.

At Recycled Business Furniture, our aim is to provide startups and small businesses with a green solution in obtaining the furniture and gear they need to get started. We provide some of the best second-hand office furniture in the whole of Buckinghamshire, and there are plenty of advantages to using our services instead of buying directly from big-name brands.

  • Far cheaper than buying retail - New office furniture can cost far more than you’d be willing to pay. Most entrepreneurs and new business owners scoff at the idea of paying several hundred or even thousands for basics like chairs and desks, yet they don’t want to rely on cheaper options from budget furniture stores. This is why second-hand furniture is such a great alternative; it’s priced modestly but is great in quality.

  • Guaranteed quality you can rely on - Our second-hand furniture is sourced from businesses, meaning that all of the furniture we supply was once used in a busy and bustling office. This gives you peace of mind that our recycled furniture is made to be used on a regular basis and in a busy environment. You won’t find ornamental pieces here that are all form and no function.

  • A green option for environmentally friendly businesses - More and more businesses are starting to keep track of their carbon footprint. Being approved by the public as an eco-friendly business is a great honour, and there are some people that would choose you over competitors just because you’re friendly to the environment. Recycling helps you knock out two birds with one stone; not only do you get cheaper furniture, but you’re also doing good for the planet and improving your green credentials.

  • Limitless options and endless choice - Our second-hand furniture is collected from various businesses, meaning we have a huge selection on offer. You’d be surprised at how many high-quality recycled chairs, desks and shelves we have. No matter what make or model you’d like, or even if you just need a few extra chairs to keep the theme consistent in your office, we probably have it in stock at our High Wycombe warehouse.

  • Used furniture gets a bad reputation, we’ll show you otherwise - Far too many people believe that recycled furniture means ripped upholstery and broken bits of wood. That’s far from the truth! The reality is, many businesses are shut down for financial reasons or because they’re relocating. Instead of trying to haul all of the stuff and sell it on eBay, they’ll work with us and we’ll get rid of their furniture for them. In many cases, the second-hand furniture we sell to other offices has barely been used, and you won’t be able to tell the difference.

Call us now at our Buckinghamshire location and we’ll provide you with some of the best-quality second-hand furniture that you’ve ever seen. You’ll save plenty of money, get guaranteed quality and be considered an eco-friendly business by using our services.

updated: 6 years ago