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What Happens to Used Office Chairs?

used office chairs

Every office needs to offer employees and visitors a place to sit, but what happens to those office chairs when the interior is redesigned or they become surplus to requirements?

You might be pleased to know that around 295,000 pre-owned office chairs are donated or sold to charities, start-ups and more established businesses every year. This saves the original owner the waste disposal costs, as well as providing the new owner with a considerable saving in comparison to buying new.

Let’s face it, new office furniture isn’t cheap, so it’s satisfying if you can purchase high quality used office chairs, which are still fully functional. The other benefit is environmental. The Waste Resource Action Programme (WRAP) reports that reusing this volume of chairs prevents 12,000 tonnes of CO2 being released into the atmosphere.

This is all very positive, yet 86% of all used office chairs are still sent to landfill. Whilst some may be truly redundant, there is considerable scope for businesses to embrace the opportunities offered by office chair re-use.

Plastic Free Status for Maidenhead and Windsor

We’ve just learnt that communities in Maidenhead and Windsor have signed up to a Plastic Free initiative. Individuals and businesses are taking action to minimise single-use plastics, whilst considering other aspects of their waste management.

Building on the good practice of eliminating plastic cups, straws and bottles, we invite you to consider other plastics within the workplace. This includes office chairs.

Office chairs are typically formed from a variety of materials including plastic, metal and textiles. It’s simply not viable to separate the materials, so taking them apart for recycling isn’t an option. If you are really looking to become a sustainable Maidenhead or Windsor company, the purchase of used office chairs would support your agenda.

Recycled Business Furniture

The great news is that just a short drive from Maidenhead and Windsor is a large showroom stocked with high quality pre-owned office chairs, desks and related items. Based in High Wycombe, with free parking outside the door, Recycled Business Furniture offers a convenient and affordable means of sourcing exactly what you need.

Our used office chair and seating selection includes:

  • Task Chairs
  • Canteen Stools
  • Meeting Room Seats
  • Reception Sofas

The stock of second hand office chairs is constantly changing, but we always offer a great selection of colours and styles, so you can find a suitable match for your requirements. We may also offer the chance to buy a premium brand for a bargain price.

You can check out the Recycled Business Furniture Facebook page for recent acquisitions. This will provide you with examples of our quality stock before you make the journey from Maidenhead or Windsor.

We look forward to helping you adopt a sustainable approach to all aspects of your business.

updated: 5 years ago