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Choosing the right office chair for your physical and mental health

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Choosing the right office chair to support your mental health

Many of us who work from a laptop spend at least 8 hours a day in front of our screens. We work from our desks, often eat at our desks and may even spend some break times at our desks. When it all adds up, a great portion of our working week involves sitting, and it's for this reason that your office chair could be the most important piece of equipment you own.

It is clear that the wrong office chair can have a detrimental effect on our bodies which could then affect our mental health. Aches and pains, weight gain and brain fog are just a few of the issues you can expect if you're chair is not right for you, so it's no wonder your mental health will be affected by these issues.

This month, RBF help you find the perfect used office chair for you, that not only supports your working week but also benefits your physical and mental health. As an experienced recycled office furniture company, we have the knowledge and expertise to help you find the chair that fits in with your lifestyle and supports your body.

How can the wrong office chair affect you?

It was reported in 2019 by the British Heart Foundation, that office workers typically spend 75% of their waking hours sitting down. From the commute to work, sitting at a desk, sitting to eat lunch and the commute back home again, it's easy to see how this percentage has come about. So what does this mean for your body and mind if your chair is not supporting you properly during your sitting hours?

Poor blood circulation

Believe it or not, your chair and positioning can greatly affect the blood flow within your body. Sitting incorrectly or not using the right office chair could affect blood flow to your neck, back, legs and shoulders. This lack of blood flow can lead to serious issues such as DVT and blood clots. Whilst exercise can alleviate some blood flow concerns, if you are spending a great deal of time sitting at a desk, then chances are your chair sitting will take its tolls eventually.

Digestive issues

Digestion plays an important role in keeping your body fit and healthy. Food will only reach your cells if it is dissolved properly in the bloodstream. When you are seated for long periods of time, however, your digestion is slowed down and this can lead to indigestion and stomach issues.

Weight gain

You may have been told that sitting down for too long will make you put on weight and this is the unfortunate truth. Moving your muscles releases molecules that help to process the fats and sugars that you eat. When you are sitting at a desk for long periods, however, your muscles don't move as much and the molecules are not released, so weight gain occurs.

Decreased concentration and fatigue

We have all been trying to go to sleep at night, only to struggle as we cannot get comfortable. It is a similar thing when you are sitting in an uncomfortable chair. If you cannot get comfortable, you are likely to get distracted and your work output will be reduced. It is also thought that if your spine is not aligned to the rest of your body, you will overcompensate, leaving you and your muscles feeling fatigued and foggy.

Body aches and pains

Probably the most common issue, when you use the wrong office chair, is aches and pains, particularly in your back, shoulders and neck. Many of us will have experienced these pains before and may have even seen a professional to ease the pain. According to Unison, around 12 million days are lost every year due to sickness through back pain and it is one of the biggest causes of work absence. These aches and pains are often a result of working in uncomfortable positions or for long periods of time without a break.

Office chairs and ergonomic designs for your body

Ergonomics is a field of study that looks into how we use things. It studies how people interact with products and technology. This includes how people sit, stand, walk, sleep, etc. When we look at ergonomics in office chairs, we are focusing on the way we sit, in relation to our desks and screens, how long we are sitting in our chairs and how they can benefit our bodies.

Before you buy a used office chair, consider these questions to help you find the perfect solution:

  1. Do you currently have any pain in your body or have you had any operations?
  2. What is the current setup for your desk and screen?
  3. How high is your desk?
  4. How long will you be sitting in your chair each day?
  5. What adjustments would you like your chair to include?

At Recycled Business Furniture, we will look at all these questions prior to finding the perfect chair for you and your office. Everyone is unique and therefore you cannot just assume that what works for someone may work for you. We will take you through the chairs we have available, their different functions and how they could work for you.

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RBF work with clients to find the best office chair for their health

Your office chair is as important as the work you are doing. After all, if you aren't comfortable, your work output will reduce and you will end up facing the consequences. Avoid the issues we discussed above and consider getting a new chair for your desk today that supports you and your work. At RBF, we think your work is as important as your health and that's why we won't just sell you any chair, we will work with you to find the best fit for you.

As a reputable secondhand furniture company, not only do we work with you to find the perfect furniture, we can do this at cost-effective prices and with the environment in mind. The secondhand furniture we have in our large Wycombe showroom is of the very best quality and could suit your office perfectly. Visit our showroom or call us to find out more about how we can help you find the perfect office chair.

her than Recycled Business Furniture. Conveniently located in High Wycombe with close links to the M40, our showroom is open and ready for you to pick out some great recycled statement pieces for your environmentally conscious business.

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