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Secondhand tables to give your office a fresh look

Secondhand tables

There always seems to be something we need to fix in our offices. The lights keep tripping, the chair is starting to rip, and your table isn't quite suitable for your needs anymore. Unfortunately, these repairs and replacements cost us money and with the Christmas period fast approaching; we don't always have the funds to spare in doing up our office space.

This month, RBF looks at how you can save money and still have a great new look for your office with our secondhand tables as good as new. Check out the benefits of choosing secondhand tables over new ones below and get in touch if you need the help of RBF to upgrade your office.

Choosing the best secondhand tables for your style

Your office desk is the pinnacle of the work you do. Many of us sit for up to 9 hours a day at our desks, and for this reason, it's imperative that you choose a comfortable desk that works for you, your space and helps to get those creative juices flowing. Amazingly, around 46.6% of us worked from home at some point during the pandemic, and with 32% of businesses stating they are not sure about the future of homeworking - this option does seem set to increase as we move forwards.

Yet, most of us do not have the correct setup at home, with only 28% of working adults having access to a home office. Many of us have worked from our dressing tables, kitchen worktops, or even the sofa leading to pressure on our spines, legs and necks, and long waits to speak to the doctor. For this reason, having an office desk and office chair that supports your body and your working posture is crucial to high work output and comfort.

Office desks don't have to be ugly or take up a lot of space (a necessity if you are home working). This is where Recycled Business Furniture can help! You can find a secondhand table that is perfect for your needs and becomes an excellent addition to your home rather than an eyesore you try to hideaway.

Don't forget about comfort and practicality!

Your new table should offer you complete practicality so you can work comfortably and effectively whilst sitting at it. Don't just choose a secondhand table because it looks good and fits perfectly in your private office. Ensure you will have enough space to fit your desktop or laptop, space to design if you are in the creative industry and office storage space in the form of a pedestal that could save you space elsewhere.

When choosing a secondhand table, you don't just have to think about the space you need to work from or the style you want. Consider your current office chair as well. If you are not looking to replace your chair, you will need to take into consideration its height and measurements before finding the right secondhand table. Ensure your chair will fit comfortably under the desk and meet all your needs once you have found the suitable desk for you.

At RBF, we stock a wide variety of secondhand tables in our showroom, ready and waiting for you to come and choose the perfect one for your office space. Whether you are looking for adjustable desks, executive desks or general office ideas, RBF have the ideal solution for you and your office.

The benefits of choosing secondhand tables over brand new ones

There are many incredible benefits when you decide to select a secondhand table for your office space:

Environmentally friendly - do your part for the environment by choosing to purchase a secondhand table that would otherwise go to a landfill site.

Cost-Effective - it can be costly to buy the desk you want, so save money and time by finding your perfect secondhand table with Recycled Business Furniture.

More expensive models - if you are looking for the perfect expensive desk, you may well find this in the showroom with RBF. Get an excellent looking desk for your office space that looks incredibly expensive but doesn't break the bank.

Mix and match to find the perfect size - found the perfect desk but don't like the legs? Have the ability to mix and match when you choose to shop with RBF. We can create the ideal secondhand table for you.

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RBF has a great range of secondhand tables for your fresh office look

At Recycled Business Furniture, we have a vast range of secondhand tables, office desk chairs and general office furniture available to see in our showroom. We believe that kitting your office space out with the ideal furniture shouldn't leave you out of pocket or out of style. Choose from hundreds of pieces to get a completely new look no matter what size your office is.

As one of the leading UK suppliers of used office furniture, our customers are always at the top of our priority list. Let us know what you are looking for, and we will be able to tell you whether we have it in stock or are planning for it to come in soon. Our furniture solutions fit every budget, and our excellent customer service keeps our clients coming back time and time again.

To get in contact or come and visit our showroom, give RBF a call today and be confident that you won't walk away empty-handed!

updated: 2 years ago