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Ghosts of furniture past - recycle your old office furniture

Old office furniture

You walk into your office on a Monday morning only to be met with a frightful sight. Scuffed and damaged desk legs, chairs that are ripped and falling apart, tired-looking pedestals and a sofa that has definitely seen better days. Don't put it to the back of your mind or add it to your to-do list for next week. If you have decided to get rid of your old office furniture and need to find some cost-effective replacements, speak to RBF. We can support you to remove your old office furniture - either for recycling or reselling - and we have a huge warehouse full of nearly new office equipment just ready to take its place in your office.

In this months blog, we look at the damage your old furniture could be doing to your business and how we can support you to get rid of your ghosts and walk into a comfortable friendly space on a Monday morning.

The damage your old office furniture could be doing to your business

Unfortunately, if you are still working with outdated and damaged equipment - particularly in an office where you frequently invite potential clients to meet you - this could be doing damage to your company in a variety of ways.

Staff morale and retention can be seriously affected by older and broken down furniture and equipment. If they are expected to continue working with furniture that is broken or run down and potentially hazardous to them, it may leave them feeling undervalued and embarrassed of their workplace.

Visitors and potential clients - if they are visiting your offices - could leave thinking that you don't take care of the furniture in your offices, so why would you take care of them? Office furniture is a very visual representation of your business so ensure you always have your best foot forward when trying to impress the visitors and clients who come through your door.

That's why we suggest getting rid of your outdated equipment and looking into purchasing some new furniture to make your office shine again.

Out with the old and in with the new!

If you have decided to rid yourself and your office of your old, worn-out furniture you will surely be looking for new and practical furniture to take its place. Did you know that Recycled Business Furniture can support you with both your recycling needs and sourcing your new equipment?

We provide a range of services to help you reduce the environmental impact of your workplace, including:

Office Furnishings - We can supply all types of office furnishings from desks, chairs, filing cabinets, storage units, shelving etc... as well as complete office refurbishment packages.

Furniture Re-use – Our re-usable products are made with recycled materials or have been designed using eco-friendly manufacturing processes.

The benefits of recycling your old office furniture

Recycling your older office furniture can give you a whole host of benefits that you had never even considered before - check out our top benefits below:

  • Reduce your carbon footprint by reducing energy consumption during transport and storage
  • Save money on buying new products or hiring additional staff
  • Help protect the environment by preventing unnecessary production of virgin resources
  • Improve employee morale by providing them with updated furniture that makes them feel valued and gives them more space
  • Increase productivity by allowing employees to use recycled material instead of purchasing new equipment

The benefits of recycling your old furniture really are endless and when you choose to part with these ghosts, it can only ever bring a new lease of life to your office. When you recycle with RBF, you can be sure that your old furniture is going to be disposed of correctly using our own recycling facilities. If your furniture can be updated and renewed, we will take care of this and it will then be moved to our warehouse where it will support someone else looking to give their own office a new lease of life. Rest assured, whether your furniture is being sold on or sent to the recycling centre, we will always ensure we are our processes are efficient and environmentally friendly.

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Choose Recycled Business Furniture to rid yourself of furniture ghosts

As well as offering a wide range of products that include desks, tables, storage units, shelving systems and more, here at RBF, we also specialise in providing efficient office furniture recycling solutions. Our team work closely with clients to ensure they receive the most suitable service at the right price.

Whether it's a small or large scale project, we'll take care of everything so there’s no need to worry about anything else. RBF has been working with businesses looking to remove their old furniture and replace it with something newer for many years, so we have all the experience and knowledge you need when it comes to furniture removals and replacements. For more information on our services or to take a look around our showroom to pick out your own new furniture pieces, get in touch with us today.

updated: 2 years ago