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Tables - Boardroom, meeting, circular, conference, cafe

Tables really do as they say on the tin so there is not a huge amount to say here. There are a few things that are worth knowing and being aware of.

These are the nicest tables and are generally boardroom type tables. They are made with real wood veneer so have a deep lustre. The key thing to remember is that it is a natural finish. This means that unlike MFC (plastic) finishes they will change colour with exposure to light and pick up knocks and scratches more easily. The upside is that there can be some stunning pieces of furniture out there.

Most veneered tables are not off the peg so there can be a lot of variation in the details. Some of them

rbf 1767
Reverse chamfer edge: Here the edge is cut back underneath the table edge.

rbf 1767
Bullnose edge: Here the edge is a semi circle.

rbf 1767
Aerofoil edge: Its similar to an aircraft wing. This one's squared off.

Square edge: You really need a photo? !!

There are loads and loads of variations when it comes to the details of finishes. Here are some inlays:
rbf 1767
rbf 1767

updated: 6 years ago