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What to consider when buying recycled/second hand desks

Are you thinking of getting some second hand or recycled desks for your workplace? It’s a good idea, and it can be a great way to cut costs and help the environment. But there are always some things that ought to be considered when you are buying used office desks in High Wycombe, Buckinghamshire. Read on to learn more about each of these things.


Different businesses will have different budgets for things like this. You don’t want to spend more than you can afford to because that could leave your business in a perilous position. But at the same time, you often get what you pay for. By opting for second hand or recycled office desks, you will be able to ensure that you don’t pay huge prices. It’s the main reason why people choose used options over the brand new office desks that are on the market today. However, not all used deals represent bargains, so be careful when making your choice/


No one wants to buy desks that are well past their best. Instead, you want desks that are fit for purpose and able to withstand whatever your business is going to put them through in the years ahead. Make sure you assess the desks in person before committing to buying them. In instances where that’s not possible, make sure you see accurate photos before making your final decision. It could be the difference between getting strong desks in great condition and desks that are well past their best. This is the issue that should take up most of your attention when browsing the options.

Location and Delivery

Where are those second hand office desks located? If they’re on the other side of the world, how much is it going to cost to have them delivered to you? It’s worth keeping issues like these in mind when you’re browsing second hand desks. You don’t want to spend as much on delivery costs as you spent on the desks themselves because that will eradicate the money you saved by opting for used over new options. It’s possible to find solutions that are close to where you’re currently located, so try to look into that if you can.


You’re going to need to get your hands on these new desks at some point. And if you’re opening a new office on a certain date, you can’t afford to miss out. There would be nothing worse than everyone turning up for work in the new office only to find that there are still no desks for them to use. That’s why you need to think about availability. When will those desks be available to you? Can you get them right now? Or does the owner need to hang onto them until a particular date has passed? Don’t rush into a purchase without finding out about this.

Buying recycled or second hand desks for your office is definitely a good idea. But don’t rush into the process without considering each of the above variables first.

updated: 6 years ago