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Top great uses for secondhand pedestals in your space

Pedestals. We at RBF think they are a brilliant piece of furniture. With so many uses, this versatile storage facility can transform any area into a space-saving genius. So many people believe that a pedestal is just for office space, but we are here to tell you, you can do so much more with this furniture. Our blog gives you ten uses for pedestals that could inspire you, whether it's for your shed or your office.

Extra filing space for the documents you need to protect

The bottom drawer of a desk pedestal is perfect for storing your confidential documents. With built-in rails for suspension files and a quality locking system, a pedestal is brilliant for storage files, particularly those that need to be protected.

A Desk Caddy that doesn't take up floor space

Where it all began, a pedestal is the ultimate answer for your desk caddy. A great storage space, particularly for those with limited floor space, your pedestal has all the basic functionalities to provide a secure storage space leaving you room for other necessities.

Mobile seating for visitors and employees

Not many people are aware that many pedestals come with a cushioned top, making it a great seating area. What makes using a pedestal as a seat even better is that because your pedestal is on wheels, it can be moved to suit your arrangements at any time.

Tool storage for the Home 'DIYer'

Many pedestals are used for office and desk storage, but they make great storage units for tools due to their sturdiness and versatility. Whether you are a mechanic or a handyman, you need somewhere to store your devices in your workshop or onsite and what could be better than a mobile, lockable system that doesn't take up too much space but still has enough room to store your much-needed equipment.

Personal Item protection whilst you are at work

Desk pedestals are great for storing your items, whether you are at work or home. Lock away your valuable belongings and be comfortable with knowing they will be there when you get back. Don't forget to lock away those biscuits as well, as in an office they tend to disappear quickly!

Bedside tables with a unique difference

If you have an eye for unique furniture that is practical and sure to be a conversation starter? In that case, why not consider a pedestal as a bedside table option? With plenty of storage space with drawer options for all your needs and a variety of colours that are sure to match your room, utilising a pedestal as a bedside table could be a great choice.

Shed drawers for seasonal items that tend to disappear

If you're constantly losing the extensions to garden hoses, the cap for your paddling pool or the ties to your parasol, you could require a pedestal for your shed. Store all the small seasonal items that always get lost in one place, and you never need to worry when summer comes around again.

Van storage for fiddly screws and materials

With limited space in your van, a pedestal could be a great option to store both your little 'bits and pieces' such as screws and cable ties in the top drawers, leaving space for your more significant tools in the bottom drawer. In addition, the lockable cabinet will provide you with peace of mind that your tools will be safe and won't open surprisingly when you are moving.

Desk support to extend your working space

Pedestals were initially used as desk support, removing the need for one of the legs. This provides excellent storage space and can often claw back some much-needed floor space in your office. But, of course, office desks always benefit from extra space, mainly if you are working from 2 screens and still need a landline phone and an intray!

RBF can transform your space with secondhand pedestals in stock now

Here at Recycled Business Furniture, we have a great range of used pedestals in stock, ready for you to come and take a look at before utilising it in your space. We can guarantee you won't be disappointed with our high-quality furniture, so come and look around our showroom to see just how big our stocklist is! Conveniently located in High Wycombe, we are easily accessed from any part of Buckinghamshire.

updated: 2 years ago