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New vs. Used Office Furniture: Which is Best for Your Home?


The home office is something we are confident has become a staple in many Brits' homes over the last year, not to mention the added home-schooling for our working parents out there. Working from home has taken over our lives in ways we could only imagine; creating a makeshift desk was something that most office-workers and beyond had to do.

However, as we find ourselves working from home more than ever, and with it becoming more the 'norm,' creating a comfortable desk and working environment in the house is of importance. No more zoom calls at the dining table surrounded by the leftover bowls from breakfast! Today, you need quality office furniture, and many individuals are turning to companies like ours and their range of used office furniture.

If you find yourself in the position where you are overhauling your home working environment, you have probably considered the different office furniture and décor that you will need. That is where we come in with our range of quality used office furniture to buy.

We have created a blog comparing used office furniture and new office furniture so that you can decide which solution will work best for your home. Keep reading for some inspiration!

Used Office Furniture

Used furniture is certainly something that most of us should consider using or looking into when creating a working space in our homes. It is no mystery that certain furniture brands, both for the home or the office, can make a noticeable dent in our bank accounts. For a lot of us, this cannot be warranted, both within and outside of a pandemic. Many people have been impacted financially by the pandemic and are sure to be looking for cost-friendly ways of finding quality second-hand office furniture, such as office desks and office chairs, to create a home office. By browsing selections of used office furniture from businesses such as Recycled Business Furniture, you are sure to find a wide range of quality used office furniture to buy that will suit the space that you are looking to fill.

Refurbished office furniture is designed to save you money and give you the quality second-hand office desks, office chairs and other office items that you need at a fraction of the cost of new products. You can buy a range of used furniture items online and browse our range of quality products.

Not only is this a cost-effective way of finding office furniture, but you are also lowering the carbon emissions that you are creating by purchasing second-hand office furniture. New office furniture that has been thrown out will make excess amounts of carbon emissions, whereas, if you purchase something from a second-hand store like that of RBF, you are eliminating these emission levels. Help the planet while helping your bank account!

New Office Furniture

While some people will be happy to purchase used office furniture for their homes, some would prefer to buy their office furniture from new. New office furniture has the advantage over second-hand office furniture of not being used beforehand, so you can rest assured that you will be the first person to christen that chair or desk. Compared to the likes of used office furniture warehouses, you don't have to worry about how you will collect your new item of furniture. That's because, as in both cases, warehouse/business owners or the furniture manufacturers will make sure that the furniture is delivered to your home in a safe manner.

For some, purchasing new office furniture instead of second-hand office furniture is purely based on creating a particular atmosphere or aesthetic in a room. Suppose you have selected to have a specific colour scheme in your home's office. In that case, it can be challenging to guarantee that a used office furniture business will have the exact colour or item you are looking for to decorate your home. By purchasing to order online or in-store – when allowed – you can be sure that the aesthetic you are searching to create will be fulfilled as best as possible.

So, What Is the Best: Second Hand Office Furniture Or New Items?

It can be challenging to determine what is best for your home without purchasing and trying different furniture items, both used furniture and new items. For those wanting to create a home office, using second-hand office furniture is an excellent way of going about your project. You will be making a different working environment in your home, further increasing your productivity and comfort while ensuring that you do not break the bank to achieve this.

As the current lockdown restrictions are upon us, and with uncertainty regarding when workers will be returning to the office workplace – if they are returning at all – nothing is stopping you from splurging on either new or used office furniture. By choosing the right products, you will make sure that you are as comfortable as possible about your day-to-day duties as an employee or employer.

If you are finding yourself in the position where you will need to purchase used furniture for your home or workplace, now or shortly, consider using the services of businesses like ours to fulfil your needs. Providing everything you will need to run an office successfully – desks, chairs, coffee tables and chairs, filing cabinets, and more – you can rest assured that you will have everything you need to conduct your business. What's more, you won't be spending too much money on the furniture, leaving you to either save the leftover funds or invest it into a different part of your business moving forward.

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