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Is Buying Used Office Furniture Cost-Effective?

Is Buying Used Office Furniture CostEffective
When moving into a new Luton office or adding office furniture as the company expands, the budget may be limited. Pre-owned office furniture is going to be cheaper to buy than new, but does it offer long term value? We explore the value of cheap used office furniture.

Office Furniture and Employee Productivity

Selecting ergonomic task chairs and workstations can make a significant impact on the health and productivity of your workforce. Our bodies are not designed to sit for long periods and we can suffer from back pain, headaches and fatigue by the end of a working day.

Research has shown that the physical effects can be reduced if our workspaces are ergonomically designed. Ideally, workers will be provided with adjustable office furniture, including sit-stand desks and variable height chairs.

If the budget is tight, then it can be tempting to buy cheap office furniture. This keeps the initial spend to a minimum, but cheap office furniture is not going to include the best design and features. You may end up losing money every day if your team are uncomfortable and not performing at their best or off-sick.

Considering Second hand office chairs

The other issue with cheap office furniture is that it isn’t built to last. Whilst top-quality used operator chairs may last for decades, you could be needing to replace a bargain range after a couple of years. As such, that initial cost-cutting can actually result in a far higher long-term spend.

Used Office Furniture Provides the Solution

One way around this dilemma is to buy second-hand office furniture. This offers the opportunity to purchase those highly desirable brands. Second-hand office furniture enables you to fit out your office with durable, ergonomic operator chairs, used office desks and stylish acoustic pods, for less. It could mean that your budget stretches to include pre-owned office storage solutions or reception chairs.

If you go to a trusted local supplier of recycled office furniture, you will find used office chairs that look as though they have never been sat on. Gathered from office clearance when companies move, upgrade or go bust, they may have had very limited use. The condition is near immaculate and in some cases, top brand office chairs are still in warranty.

Recycled Business Furniture has supplied Milton Keynes, Slough, Reading and Luton offices. We undertake thorough checks on all items of used office furniture before they feature on our website or make their way to our used office furniture showroom. We are confident that any item will sell can last longer than the cheapest range of new furniture.

What’s more, in a time when we are all encouraged to embrace sustainability, recycling is the environmental choice. It saves plenty of top-quality used office chairs and desks from ending up in landfill, as well as the resources needed to create new furniture.

Do I need eBay to Source Second Hand Office Furniture?

So, you are open to the idea of fitting out your office with pre-owned ergonomic chairs and desks, but does that mean hours spent searching and bidding on eBay?

If you rely on eBay, Free-cycle and the like, this could be a very time-consuming process, which isn’t at all cost-effective. What’s more, you are likely to end up with a mixed bag of items and the full range of quality. If shabby chic isn’t your interior design choice, there is a better way.

Recycled Office Furniture sources quality used office furniture from across the country. We are picky; selecting the best quality items and undertaking checks and cleaning. We check details such as whether chair heights can be adjusted and that filing cabinets are lockable.

Where possible, we purchase multiple volumes of each item, so you can have identical brands and styles for the whole team.

Used Office Furniture Showroom

In a single visit to our Recycled Business Furniture website, you could equip the entire office! With free parking outside the door, it’s easy for Slough or Luton business owners to visit our Buckinghamshire used furniture showroom.

If you spot the style and quantity of used office furniture you want on our website, you could give us a call on 01494 801066 to reserve these items, ready for collection. Visiting the showroom means you can check over the items for yourself. Then load the van and drive away with everything you need.

Alternatively, we offer a nationwide delivery and installation service.  We will arrange a convenient time to arrive at your Luton office with your order.

So, if you are looking for an affordable, sustainable and convenient way to equip your workplace, high quality used office furniture is hard to beat. As specialists, make Recycled Business Furniture your first port of call.

updated: 4 years ago