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Get Productive with a Used Electric Adjustable Desk

used electric adjustable desk

Whether working from home or back in the office, sitting in a stationary position all day is not good for your health or productivity. It isn’t often possible to take regular breaks, but a height adjustable office desk can provide the solution.

What are the Benefits of Sit / Stand Desks?

Our bodies are designed to move. Regularly changing position and using different muscles helps to circulate oxygen around our bodies, retains flexibility, benefits our posture and keeps us alert.

When we remain seated for prolonged periods, our posture, energy levels and concentration slump. We get stiff, with back and neck pain being a common side effect. Whilst ergonomic office chairs are designed to alleviate some aches and circulatory issues, what we really need is to get moving.

Whilst it would be great to head out for a walk or to the gym, this is not viable in most working arrangements. The great news is that you can improve your health and productivity simply by standing up!

Sits-stand desks make it possible to alter the height of your office desk, so you can continue working whilst switching position. Just operating from the standing position for a couple of 20-minute slots a day can help reduce backache and improve productivity.

Sit-stand Office Desk Options

There are two main options when it comes to adjustable office working; the full electric desk and the adjustable platform.

Full Electric Desk

These are full-sized office desks. They offer plenty of space to work, with the entire desk table rising or lowering into your chosen position. Unless you are fitting out a new home office or workplace interior, these are a replacement for your existing desk.

Adjustable Desk Platform

If you prefer to keep your current desk, another option is the adjustable platform. These sit/stand solutions are portable, which can be ideal for employees who work from multiple locations. Designed to fit a monitor, mouse and keyboard, they are a compact. The limited space works well for some but is a challenge for others.

Best Standing Desks

In July, the Independent reviewed the leading brands to shortlist the ten best standing desks. The ‘best buy’ was the Flytta 2 Desk. It is described as stable, elegant and versatile, but with the price tag of £731.94, it isn’t going to be within every company’s budget.

Cheap Height Adjustable Office Desks

An adjustable desk platform is lower cost than a full-sized electric desk, but these can still set you back several hundred pounds. Fortunately, Recycled Business Furniture offers an affordable solution: used electric height adjustable desks.

Our team is waste registered to provide sustainable office clearance services when companies are relocating, rebranding or closing down. Our zero waste to landfill ethos means that we take time to identify quality used office furniture that is suitable for resale.

All office chairs and desks are cleaned, checked to ensure they are fully functional and undamaged. When they are looking as good as new, they head to our used office furniture showroom.

Second-hand Office Furniture Showroom

Our stock is constantly changing, but as I write, we have 6 YoYo Classic 90 adjustable height platforms available to purchase. We also have 5 full-sized black sit-stand desks from this best-selling brand. You can check the current desk stock on our website. With prices starting from £85+VAT, we offer cheap sit-stand desks from leading brands.

If these take you fancy, you can order online and collect from our warehouse or arrange delivery. If you would prefer to visit our showroom to see our extensive range of used office furniture, we request that you call 01494 801064 to arrange a viewing time.

updated: 3 years ago