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Trends in the market for October

Trends in the market for October

The second-hand furniture market is a dynamic one. Companies are continually shedding furniture (perhaps because of refits or insolvency), which opens up opportunities for other organisations to grab a bargain.

This October, the situation is no different. We’ve seen a plethora of new second-hand office furniture hit the market, much of it at bargain-basement prices.

Recycled Business Furniture (RBF) is a firm that’s committed to providing business customers with the latest second-hand furniture that comes through its doors every month. In October, we’ve seen an explosion in the number of items available with some clear trends emerging. Take a look at some of the things that are now in stock.

Second Hand Office Stools Made Of Bamboo

Bamboo is fast becoming the office furniture material of choice. The reason for this has to do with sustainability. Bamboo furniture is made of the bamboo plant, a species that can grow incredibly quickly with large yields per hectare. It’s become a must-have for any companies interested in protecting the environment.

Right now, RBF has bamboo leg stools in stock. These chairs are ideal for meeting tables, kitchens and other office seating arrangments where people regularly come and go. The chair has a bamboo plywood base and back with a beech wooden frame.

Second Hand Office Furniture Including Metal Cupboards

Companies need safe storage facilities for their archives and products. Offices, in particular, need lockable cabinets to put sensitive, paper-based information about their financial position or customers. It’s vital to keep data safe.

This October, RBF has two varieties of metal cupboards features, both offering ample secure storage space.

The first of the two is a glass-topped metal cupboard painted in white that is ideal for practically any office environment. The great thing about this table is that the glass on top is removable, meaning that you can easily use the cabinet in heavy-duty situations too. The cabinet measures 1080 mm x 1000 mm by 470 mm.

The other cupboard is a slightly smaller Bisley-made metal cabinet. The cabinet measures 1020 mm x 920 mm x 460 mm and comes in goose grey with two adjustable shelves.

Just like the larger counterpart, the cupboard is lockable, using a single, central key, again offering additional security.

Second Hand Office Chairs

A week rarely goes by without companies needing to gather people in a large space and communicate a message. What’s more, many of these meetings occur in areas that businesses use for other things, such as the canteen. There’s often a need, therefore, for stacking chairs. That’s why RBF has gone ahead and featured them this October. Stacking chair allows firms to neatly and inexpensively store their chairs in a small volume until they’re required. Then it’s just a matter of unstacking them and laying them out at the desired location. It’s incredibly simple when you think about it.

Right now RBF has a range of stackable Gresham chairs in stock. The great thing about these chairs is that they look like professional business chairs, owing to their light grey fabric and chrome frame. While they are stackable, they certainly don’t look cheap and nasty. They’re the sort of chairs that you could use with confidence in any setting, even reception areas.

RBF is also has a range of black and blue Orangebox Joy stacking chairs for companies who need incredibly high volumes of stackable seating at low cost. Orangebox’s priority is comfort, so its chairs come with plenty of padding and built-in armrests for employees during long meetings or presentations.

Used Bar Stools

The restaurant and hospitality sector is enormous and home to many thousands of companies, just in the UK alone. The trend in stocks this October is towards colourful bar stools that can help those in the industry generate exciting interior spaces for their customers.

RBF currently has a range of vinyl bar stools in stock in a variety of colours, including blue, red, orange and green. The seats are robust to spillages and other issues, making them ideal for any location in which companies serve food and drink.

Second Hand Swivel Chairs

Swivel chairs have always been a mainstay of the office environment, and this October, it’s no different. RBF currently has a range of featured swivel chairs designed for a variety of settings and interior design themes.

The Orangebox Workday Lite work armchairs, for instance, have an attractive and flexible mesh back, providing comfort for workers all today long. They also feature a coloured felt-like fabric base that is luxuriously soft to the touch.

With the rise of hotdesking, chairs like the Orangebox Workday have become increasingly trendy. Offices want chairs that meet the ergonomic needs of the widest variety of people possible so that anyone can theoretically rock up to a desk, sit down, and not have to make any adjustments to their seating environment. The Orangebox Workday swivel chairs come with a height-adjustable base, enabling you to pair it with a range of desks.

Used Graphite Desk Frames

This October, companies are looking for customisable second-hand office furniture. They want desks that meet the precise needs of their interior spaces and don’t want to be shoehorned to accepting specific designs, just because that’s what the manufacturer specified.

Herman Miller understands this, which is why they’re one of RBF’s featured products for October. The company has designed a graphite desk frame that is suitable for a variety of tops. This feature means that firms get all of the benefits of a table frame while at the same time, allowing them to change the tops that they use.

The number of second-hand tops available to go with the Herman Miller frame is considerable again providing companies with plenty of options. RBF will also offer additional tops if required.

So what have we learned this October? What are the trends for used office desks and used office chairs? Primarily, we see a movement towards the following: sustainability, furniture that protects data, and items that make it easier to customise the office. After all, no two companies are the same, so their second-hand furniture needs are different.

updated: 4 years ago