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Health Tips for Home Working in the Covid-19 Outbreak

Health Tips for Home Working in the Covid19 Outbreak
The roads are quiet, the schools are closing and health authorities are advising social distancing and self-isolation. The Coronavirus is having unprecedented effects on us all. As we try to retain some sense of normality as confirmed cases rise, the current circumstances mean that many office workers will now be advised to stay at home. If you have no prior experience of being home-based, it can take a little adjustment. Recycled Business Furniture has collaborated with freelance workers to gather tips on being productive when working from home.

Creating a Home Office

The first step is to ensure that you are well-equipped for the essential tasks. In addition to a laptop and mobile phone, you need a suitable desk and chair. Sitting at the kitchen table is not ideal, especially as you may be home working for months. With thousands of desks and chairs in stock, Recycled Business Furniture can assist. We can supply affordable second-hand home office furniture to get you up and running in the next 24 hours. The need for social isolation is all about protecting our health. Health is also an important factor when it comes to your workspace. Ergonomic task chairs are designed to provide lumbar support, this greatly reduces the risk of back pain and muscle strain. Ergonomic chairs are also designed to promote circulation. They are height adjustable, reclining and on castors. These enable natural movement. Coupled with an office desk, they will ensure you remain comfortable when seated for long periods. It is advised that any office desk and chair are adjusted so that you can type on the keyboard with your forearms and wrist parallel to the floor.

Second Hand Office Furniture Supplier

Recycled Business Furniture undertakes thorough checks on the condition of every item in our High Wycombe showroom. We test all operational features as well as appearance. Only ‘good as new’ chairs are sold. We know that our task chairs will provide comfort as you work. We can supply you with a suitable desk and top-condition ergonomic chair; second-hand does not mean inferior quality. We have a standard and executive home office furniture package on offer. This includes top-condition second-hand office chairs and desks. They will help you to remain comfortable and productive. As pre-owned office furniture, you can also save yourself a fortune compared to buying new. Take a look at our current stock and packages online. If you spot what you are looking for, give us a call on 01494 801066. We can reserve items for collection from our High Wycombe used office furniture showroom. Our team also offers a home delivery service.

Getting into the Right Mindset

With your workspace set up, the next challenge is to get into the right mindset for work. Get up at a set time, get showered and dressed before you log on. The routine will help you to remain focused. Stick to set hours of work and take a lunch break away from your desk. It is a good idea to remove any distractions. Keep unnecessary items out of the room if possible. This way it is easier to avoid temptation. Fresh air and exercise are great for the mind and body. Try to include an hour walk, run or gardening session within your day. You may initially feel guilty about not working, but activity will help you retain productivity over a long period. The lack of interaction will be difficult for many. Although you are away from colleagues and customers, stay in touch. Maintaining communication with phone calls or Skype conversations is good for business and reduces the sense of isolation.

Managing Children whilst Working from Home

The Coronavirus outbreak has led to school closures. This means that many people will be trying to work from home, whilst also home-schooling children. If you have this added responsibility, expect it to be challenging. Remember, homeworking does allow you greater flexibility. You may find it useful to:

  • Get up early and complete a couple of hours of work before the children wake.
  • Communicate a designated slot of time where you are not to be disturbed – they can focus on homework or watch a film whilst you work.
  • Get outside with them each day for everyone’s benefit.
  • Consider whether it is possible to share childcare with another local parent. They might take care of your children in the morning and you have their children in the afternoon.
  • Plan your priorities every evening, this will help to keep you focused the next morning.
  • Speak to your employer about what you can achieve; your full-time role may have to become part-time in the short term.
  • If they are old enough, encourage the children to help out with jobs such as preparing meals and washing to reduce other pressures on your time.
  • Remember, however frustrating, this is not your children’s fault.

Disease Control and Prevention

To help minimise the number of Covid-19 cases, please follow the advice on thorough hand washing, even when remote working. Avoid unnecessary trips or contact with those at greatest risk (at present, this is the Over 70’s, those with pre-existing health care concerns and anyone who has tested positive for Covid-19. Recycled Business Furniture hopes that these tips will help you to cope with the current disruption and uncertainty. Our aim is to retain our usual levels of customer service throughout this situation, so if we can assist, please get in touch.

updated: 4 years ago