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Secure Storage with Used Office Cabinets

Secure Storage with Used Office Cabinets

The idea of a paperless office is not realistic in many organisations. Even with the advantages of digital documents, many companies like to keep physical records of important data. To protect business information and comply with GDPR, these documents must be kept in lockable filing cabinets.

Not Quite a Paperless Office

Technology has made it possible for companies to create and store any document online. This makes it straightforward for remote working employees to access paperwork. It becomes simple to share information via email and it reduces the operating costs associated with printing and paper supplies.

Despite the many advantages of digital documents, few companies have gone completely paperless. Legal and financial documents, signed employment contracts and compliance paperwork are some of the items that are typically retained as both digital and paper records.

These documents typically contain important and valuable information. To mitigate the risk of them getting lost, damaged or stolen, it is important to store them in lockable filing cabinets.

Other paper documents include those idea-generating planning meetings, where employees share inspiration for future products, services, marketing campaigns and customer engagement initiatives. Not all will be immediately actioned, but you want to keep a record for when the time is right.

Storing Financial Records

You may have invested in accounting technology, but remember that limited companies need to retain financial records for 6 years after submitting accounts. Keep hold of relevant paperwork that was collated before you went digital.

Lockable Cabinets to Comply with GDPR

If the documents contain any information that is classed as identifiable personal data, secure storage is also a GDPR requirement. This includes health information, appraisal or grievance records, home addresses and financial information. As such, any paper invoices that your business receives need to be filed.

If you have old filing cabinets with broken locks, missing keys or damage that makes them easy to force open, it is time for an upgrade, but there is no need to buy new!

As many organisations have reduced their requirement for paper document storage, you can buy high-quality second-hand filing cabinets. This is where Recycled Business Furniture comes in.

Second-hand Office Filing Cabinets

Our experienced and authorised team provide office clearance services when companies are relocating, rebranding or closing down. With an eye for quality and a commitment to zero waste to landfill, we identify quality used office furniture that is in good as new condition.

We clean, ensure that there is no damage and check that all parts are fully functional. This includes testing that lockable filing cabinets have working locks. If the keys are missing, we use a trusted company, Fast Key, to provide a replacement.

Any items that meet our high standards are moved to our used office furniture showroom. We also photograph items to display the latest stock on our website and the Recycled Business Furniture Facebook page.

If you take a look at the office storage section on our website, you will see that we have a variety of different size and colour filing cabinets on offer. If you are looking for a smaller option, lockable pedestals that sit under your office desk or Tambour cupboards might fit the bill.

You will notice that we also stock large cabinets and employee lockers, along with office chairs, height-adjustable used office desks and other 2nd hand office furniture.

Supplier of Quality Used Office Cabinets

Whether you are a sole trader or a large corporation, a well-organised filing cabinet makes it easy to locate the necessary paperwork when you need it. Let us provide an affordable way to get that paperwork in order and under lock and key.

To protect the health of our employees and customers, our Buckinghamshire second-hand office furniture showroom is open by appointment only. You can order online and collect from our warehouse, or we can arrange delivery, but if you prefer to try before you buy, please call 01494 801064 to arrange a viewing time.

updated: 3 years ago