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Where can I Buy Recycled Chairs?

Where can I Buy Recycled Chairs

Do you usually arrive at work, head to your desk, sit down in your chair and log on without a second thought? Things have changed. We’ve been forced to adapt workspaces, work patterns and processes to reduce potential risks to our health. Never before have so many businesses been focused on their office furniture and interior layout.

Many businesses have fast-tracked work from home options. Technology has made this a viable option for years, yet it took a pandemic to make it happen. As business owners realise that home working is viable, it could spell change. Are you considering downsizing to a smaller office for a core team, whilst encouraging employees to operate from home offices?

If the new office plans mean you have an excess of furniture, what are the options for clearing the space? The skip might be an obvious choice, but that is incredibly wasteful. Those office desks and chairs could be given a new home.

Recycling Office Chairs

Task chairs are complex designs, consisting of a mix of materials. Plastics, stainless steel, aluminium, foam and rubber are cleverly combined to provide comfort for those sitting for long periods. Whilst they are ergonomic delights, it is difficult to separate this combination of materials, therefore office chair recycling rates are very low. In the UK alone, around 1.8million office chairs end up in landfill every year*.

Recycled Office Furniture offers an alternative. Our professional team is registered with the Environment Agency to collect excess office furniture. Our policy is ‘zero to landfill’.

Approximately 14% of used office chairs are currently collected or donated for reuse. This small figure is estimated to save 12,000 tonnes of CO2-eq every year*. In addition to reducing the carbon footprint, there are considerable cost savings for the companies that purchase recycled chairs instead of buying new.

Recycled Business Furniture wants to play a part in boosting those environmental and financial savings.

Office Furniture Collection Service

Our team visits companies that are relocating, upgrading their interior design or closing down. We safely disassemble bulky office furniture and carefully remove all items for free. Our team is experienced and efficient, so they operate in ways to minimise disruption, such as arriving after office hours.

All office furniture is brought back to our warehouse. Other members of the team undertake thorough checks, including:

  • Do adjustable features, rolling chair castors and other functional elements work?· What is the condition of the materials?
  • Is any refurbishment required?
  • Is this office chair still under warranty?

Surprisingly, only around 10% of all second-hand office chairs need refurbishment. They are built to last and most are in excellent working order, especially when it comes to the leading brands such as Herman Miller and Vitra.

Used Office Furniture Warehouse, Buckinghamshire

When cleaning and any necessary repairs are made, these recycled items join the stock in our extensive used office furniture store.

We have thousands of used office desks, chairs, storage and screens, in a range of styles and colour options to choose from. Other organisations can select exactly what they need to fit out their office interior. From supplying task chairs and office desks for home workers to fitting out company headquarters with used office reception furniture, Recycled Business Furniture can deliver.

Our services have saved hundreds of thousands of high-quality office furniture from being needlessly wasted. We have saved the donor companies the costs of disposal. Recipient companies can afford quality office furniture at an affordable price and the environmental impact is greatly reduced.

When items are beyond repair, we take the time to disassemble the parts. Some are used for replacement parts and all recyclable materials are processed accordingly.

Where to Source Recycled Office Chairs

Whether you are looking for a simple way to clear your office or need a trusted supplier of high quality used office furniture, we can assist. Give Recycled Business Furniture a call on 01494 801066 to discuss your requirements, or take a look at some of the current stock on our website.

In a bid to protect our employees and customers, our used furniture showroom is currently open but by pre booked appointments only. We can also take orders by phone or email. Items purchased can be delivered to your premises, alternatively, we can arrange a time for collection from our High Wycombe warehouse.

*data from WRAP Report.

updated: 3 years ago