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Top 10 Tips for Buying Second Hand Office Furniture

Top 10 Tips for Buying Second Hand Office Furniture

Buying second-hand furniture for your workplace can reduce your costs, enhance your eco credentials and enable you to create a bespoke working environment. To get the most from second hand office furniture, check out our top 10 tips now…

1. Plan your interior design with second hand office furniture

When people are buying second hand office chairs or used office desks, they sometimes panic buy and purchase what’s available at the time. However, there is plenty of variety in the used furniture market, so there’s no need to rush your purchase. Plan your interior design in advance and you’ll have a clear idea of exactly what you’re looking for.

2. Consider workplace safety around second-hand office furniture

When you purchase used furniture or second-hand office chairs, it’s vital that you confirm everything is in good working order. This will ensure you to meet your health and safety obligations, whilst still enabling you to redesign and redecorate your office with stunning second-hand furniture.

3. Use varying used office desks

Buying second hand office furniture gives you the freedom to choose varying designs and facilities. Instead of opting for uniform desks, try switching things up with added choice. As well as standard desks, try hot desks and standing desks for your employees.

4. Try out used office chairs

Workers routinely spend upwards of 8 hours at their desks, so it’s important their furniture is comfortable. Before you buy, try out second-hand office chairs to ensure they provide support and comfort.

5. Consider breakout areas using second hand office furniture

Don’t just focus on used office desks when you’re refurbishing the workplace. Second hand office furniture can include soft seating in breakout areas, meeting room furniture and seating for your reception area too.

6. Find second hand storage

Many workplaces spend a significant amount of their budget on storage facilities. When you buy second hand storage units, cabinets and tambours, however, you can access the best quality at a budget-friendly price.

7. Try a statement piece of second hand office furniture

Enhancing your office with a statement piece of furniture enables you to showcase your corporate personality and liven up the workspace. Whether you opt for bright, designer seating, bench desks or contemporary café-style tables, you can use second-hand office furniture to create a bespoke environment.

8. Remember ergonomics when buying used office chairs

Choosing used office chairs which are well-known for their ergonomic shape can enhance workplace health. Office furniture is often designed with safety in mind, so take the opportunity to find second-hand office chairs which minimise the risk of back pain, joint discomfort and headaches.

9. Find a reliable supplier of second hand office furniture

Searching for top-quality used office furniture shouldn’t take up an inordinate amount of time. With a reliable and trusted supplier, you can ensure you have consistent access to a wide range of second hand office desks, used office chairs and a variety of additional workplace furniture.

10. Measure your office before buying second hand office furniture

This one might sound straightforward, but you’d be surprised how many people forget to measure their workspace before ordering office furniture! Before you purchase second-hand office furniture, be sure to take detailed measurements of the intended workspace. This will enable you to maximise the space available and will ensure you get the most from your second-hand office furniture.

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updated: 4 years ago