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Redesign with Used Office Reception Furniture

Redesign with Used Office Reception Furniture

In many companies, the first port of call for staff, customers and deliveries is the reception area. Get things off on the right foot by making sure that your business delivers a strong and welcoming first impression.  

The reception area (and the employees working in it) must portray the right image. You can add the wow factor by including branding, colour and personality, yet the priority should be to keep the area clean and uncluttered. In light of the pandemic, these core essentials are now even more imperative.

When designing a reception area, pay attention to lighting, acoustics and temperature. They all play a part in creating the right ambience. Consideration should also be given to stylish, yet durable, reception furniture. With a potentially high footfall, this area of the business needs to be functional, as well as looking the part.

High Quality Reception Furniture

For years, Recycled Business Furniture has been helping companies across the UK to fit out their lobbies in sustainable and cost-effective ways. Our pre-owned reception furniture has been used to fit out company headquarters, council offices, agencies and banks.

We collect, check and clean pre-owned office furniture and re-sell quality items online and through our used office furniture warehouse. With a wide range of desirable brands and colours, we can provide stylish options to match the interior design and company branding at a budget-friendly price.

Customer-focused Reception Areas

Whilst the design of the reception area should be reflective of the company and the values it wants to promote, the best layouts are those which are customer-focused. Let’s consider how it feels to enter your premises for the first time.

  • Is the reception area light and welcoming?
  • Does clear signage help the visitor to know where to go?
  • Does everyone need to come to the reception desk or are there other options?
  • Is reception seating provided for visitors who need to wait for appointments?
  • Does the layout offer easy access to the reception desk and other facilities?
  • Can staff undertake customer service tasks at the reception desk?

It is hard to see a familiar place with fresh eyes, so feedback from customers can provide valuable insight into what they like and where improvements can be made.

Returning to Work as Restrictions are Lifted

Redefining the workspace has become an essential consideration as employees return to work. To help keep everyone safe and healthy, office desks and chairs will be spaced out. Dividers will be erected in factories and plans will be made to limit contact between staff. Split shifts and other working patterns may see more people continue to operate from home offices and personal protective equipment may become part of the uniform.

In addition to protecting the team, consideration has to be given to anyone visiting your premises. From delivery drivers dropping off supplies to customers, there is an obligation to encourage them to keep their distance.

Reception Areas: Making the Right First Impression

As your company prepares to reopen the doors, what changes are needed to manage the flow of people and social distancing measures?

We know that we all make judgements based on first impressions. At the moment, we need to help visitors to feel safe and build their trust. Coming into your premises may be one of their first trips out of the house in months. How can you make them feel reassured that you have controls in place?

  • Markings on the floor will help to guide people on where to stand whilst queuing
  • Customers could be directed to separate areas to reduce queues
  • Hand sanitiser might be available at the entrance or when visitors reach the reception desk
  • Chairs in the waiting area should be moved apart (this may reduce the number of seats available, or you may wish to swap reception sofas for individual chairs)

With attention to detail, you can put minds at rest and help your customers to feel comfortable about doing business with you.

Supplier of Recycled Office Furniture

If you require additional office furniture, Recycled Business Furniture can assist. Located in High Wycombe, we have an extensive stock of refurbished office chairs and soft seating, along with desks, used office cabinets and meeting room furniture. We can also supply second hand office chairs and desks to employees who will now be working from home on a more regular basis.

In adhering to Government guidelines, our used office furniture showroom is currently closed to the public. We are, however, taking orders by phone or email. CAll us on 01494 801066 to discuss your requirements. These orders of quality used office furniture can be delivered or collected from our warehouse, at an agreed time. If you are ordering bulky used reception desks or soft seating, our UK delivery service may be more convenient that collection.

updated: 4 years ago