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How Much do Used Office Chairs Cost?

How Much do Used Office Chairs Cost

Equipping a workspace can be costly, with good quality, office chairs setting you back around £500 apiece. The alternatives options are to either buy budget range office chairs or consider recycled office chairs which can easily half your bill.

Top of the range office chairs are designed to provide years of ergonomic comfort. They are built to last, so the fact that they are pre-owned does not mean that you are getting an inferior product. In fact, recycled office chairs can be of a far superior quality than new, budget options.

If you visit a reputable used office chair supplier, it is likely that you can purchase multiple units of the same brand, design and colour. Companies such as Recycled Business Furniture are selective in the office furniture that they purchase. They give thorough checks of all the parts, to ensure they are fully adjustable and in an excellent condition and all items are cleaned.

Used Office Furniture for Contemporary Workspaces

When shopping for second-hand office chairs, there is no need to compromise on creating a stylish office interior, in fact with leading brands such as Herman Miller and Vitra task chairs, you can make a great impression. Once seated in these ergonomic designer chairs, none of your team or visitors will aware that they are sitting on anything but the best office chairs.

As a sole trader, or start-up business, you may only need one or two chairs, so there will be an even greater selection to choose from. Recycled Business Furniture has around 3,500 different chairs in stock, so you can find a style, colour and comfort level to suit your budget.

What are the Environmental Benefits of Buying Used Office Chairs?

The financial cost is one consideration, but buying second-hand office furniture also helps to reduce environmental costs. According to the Wrap ‘Benefits of Reuse: Office Furniture’ document, reuse is one of the most effective strategies for reducing CO2 emissions. The report states that around 14% of used office chairs are reused, saving around 12 tonnes of CO2 in comparison to buying new.

The report estimates that the purchase of around 295,000 second-hand office chairs a year saves UK businesses approximately £6 million. As chairs are typically constructed from a range of materials, they are more challenging to recycle, so if they are not reused, there is a high chance that they will end up in landfill, even if they are fully functional.

As we have all become more aware of our impact on the planet, more businesses are changing their suppliers, packaging and processes to boost their green credentials. The purchase of pre-owned office chairs is just one of the steps organisations can take to further benefit the environment.

Where can I Buy Recycled Office Chairs?

You may be fortunate enough to spot unwanted office furniture on sites such as freecycle. If you can’t wait, or you have a particular brand, style or colour in mind, the Recycled Business Furniture showroom in High Wycombe, Buckinghamshire, has an extensive range for you to try out. We’re a short drive from the M40 and ideally located if you are searching for used office chairs, Slough, Reading or London.

Visit us Monday to Friday during office hours to take a close look at the quality and test our second-hand office chairs out for comfort. If you need a large quantity of one chair, give us a call on 01494 801066 and we’ll let you know what we have in stock.

updated: 4 years ago